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Can A Felon Become a Flight Attendant?

Can A Felon Become a Flight Attendant

Felons have a desire to make their name in friendly skies. Hence, they choose an opportunity to become a flight attendant. The actual question however is whether felons can become flight attendants.

Let’s examine this question very closely through this article.

  • Define a Flight Attendant
  • Essential Requirements for Becoming a Flight Attendant
  • Earnings for a Flight Attendant
  • Background Check
  • Felony Type Influences Career Opportunity for Felons
  • Career Opportunity for Felons

Define a Flight Attendant

Every passenger receives routine assistance through a flight attendant during their journey in an airline. Flight attendants ensure keeping passengers safe and secure. Felons can demonstrate the use of safety and emergency equipment.

can felon become flight attendant

Felons serve meals, snacks, and beverages to passengers while on the flight. They facilitate passengers to evacuate the aircraft during an emergency. Felons can achieve a rewarding career opportunity as a flight attendant.

Essential Requirements for Becoming a Flight Attendant

  • Flight attendants require a high school diploma or a basic college degree to qualify for a flight attendant training program.
  • The minimum age is 18 years.
  • Felons require appropriate experience to work as a flight attendants.
  • They can also gain relevant experience for 2 years in any service occupation.
  • Felons require physical fitness which means the height of flight attendants must be between 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches or more so that they can reach overhead bins easily.
  • The eye vision should be 20 by 40.

can felon become flight attendants

  • Felons learn emergency evacuation procedures for the airline they join.
  • They also learn the use of emergency equipment and first aid during a flight.
  • Felons as flight attendants undergo a rigorous training program for 6 weeks to 3 months in a flight training center.
  • Felons undergo a proficiency test along with an employer’s training program.
  • This permits flight attendants to get ready and take the flight.
  • Flight attendants continuously receive on-the-job training to attain their career aspirations in the long run.

Earnings for a Flight Attendant

1 There are 1,19,000 flight attendants in the USA with annual earnings of 56,640 dollars.

2 The career path of flight attendants has experienced a slow down due to rising health concerns.

3 The earnings of flight attendants depend upon the geographic location where felons live and work.

4 Flight attendants who work from east to west coast earn a higher salary than other regions in the country.

Background Check

  • Background checks in the aviation industry play a critical role.
  • The transport security administration conducts a background verification check for flight attendants thoroughly.
  • There are 2 types of background checks for felons.
  • The first one relates to the airline felons apply for.
  • This checks the criminal record for the past 7 years along with a drug test and credit report check.
  • There are specific guidelines every flight attendant must adhere to, to clear background verification checks.
  • The flight attendant undergoes a 10-year background check along with a credit report check and fingerprint analysis.

can felons become flight attendant

  • For felons to qualify, records of 7 years must be clean with a credit report which talks about the finances of the person.
  • Flight attendants undergo a specific drug and alcohol test which is conducted randomly.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse prohibit felons to become flight attendants.
  • Flight attendants with more than 1 felony record do not qualify the eligibility criteria to become flight attendants with any airline.
  • As per Canadian law, any US or Canadian citizen who gets convicted cannot enter or cross the borders between the US and Canada without completing the rehabilitation program in Canada.
  • Felons in Canada require a waiver to become eligible for becoming a flight attendant.

Felony Type Influences Career Opportunity for Felons

  • Every felony creates a difference and decides whether a felon can become a flight attendant or not.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) started a flight attendant certification to ensure everyone can work as flight attendants.
  • Flight attendants need to pass the certification program to qualify for a job as flight attendants.
  • If felons fail this test, they are not eligible to become flight attendants with any airline in the US.
  • The FAA lists down specific crimes which disqualify felons to become flight attendants.
  • Violent crimes or drug and alcohol abuse prohibit felons to join the aviation sector as flight attendants.

Career Opportunity for Felons

Felony conviction leads to the elimination of felons from the application process of becoming flight attendants. Felons need to demonstrate honesty about their criminal history whenever they wish to become a flight attendant. In case felons think felony convictions can get covered, it is a false myth. In any background check felony convictions get revealed at every step.

Dishonest felons use the opportunity of becoming flight attendants and generally go back to prison. Felons must give their best shot by using the self – background verification tool to the best of their ability to safeguard the background information effectively and tactfully handle questions about criminal history and other related aspects. Felons must try to get their record expunged and they must state everything about their felony in the application form.

can felon become a flight attendant

Past mistakes or crimes do not define a felon’s real intention. Everyone must get a suitable chance to prove themselves positively so that they can achieve a suitable job opportunity as a flight attendant. Flight attendants must use genuine willingness and their ability to transform any situation in their favor so that they can achieve their career aspirations and financial stability.

It is never easy to become a flight attendant if you do not make a difference in your life that is different from a criminal record.

Bottom Line

The aviation sector provides ample career opportunities to felons so that they can gain financial stability and build a career in the aviation sector. The background verification checks help felons to deal with questions related to criminal history in a better way. Felons also use specific training programs to continuously grow in their career aspiration as flight attendants and travel skies by serving customers. Felons should also be careful about lying in their application. Honesty is the best way to move forward. This is also something that will hold the felon in good stead in the future.

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