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Can a Felon Become a Foster Parent?

Can a Felon Become a Foster Parent

Felons face an adverse situation, wherein they are separated from their families for many years. Felons eagerly wait to rejoin their families on their return. Some felons however choose to foster young children, who have lost their families.

All children however need a safe and stable environment. The question here is whether felons can become foster parents?

Role of Foster Parent

Foster parent is usually associated with an agency and they are expected to provide care and support to children. These agencies however accept limited applications from felons. You should also check online for availability before applying, They build a friendly, stable, and welcoming environment for children. Families are not financially sound for such children.

can felon become a foster parent

Foster care is provided by a government agency to children for a limited period. Foster care and adoption are two different things. All legal rights are with the adoptive parents of the child and all legal rights for foster children are the responsibility of the state.

  • A caring heart for children.
  • A warm and affectionate attitude towards children.
  • Be flexible for children
  • Ability to deal with behavioral issues of children.
  • Respects Diversity
  • Creates a warm and caring environment to deal with traumatic children.

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming A Foster Parent

Each state has different rules for becoming a foster parent. Some rules talk about the minimum age being above 21 years for a foster parent. The Marital Status of a foster parent can either be married, single, divorced, or widowed.

A foster parent must meet the following requirements.

  • No past criminal record however authorities do overlook a misdemeanor.
  • A house with financial aid and facilities for a foster child.
  • All family members are assessed, before the responsibility of foster care is given.
  • Must attend all parent-teachers’ meetings conducted at the state level.
  • A regular income for foster care is also essential.

can the felons become a foster parent

Foster parents must be dependable, mature, and flexible.

An adequate amount of experience with children is an added advantage for a foster parent.

Foster parents should work with children & their biological families.

Regular reports of the growth and progress of the child to a social worker are important.

Ways To Become A Foster Parent

A Foster parent must be able to meet the basic requirements that are important to become a foster parent.

1 A social worker conducts a detailed assessment for potential foster parents.

2 Feedback is taken from three references who promote the family positively.

3 The feedback assessment helps the social agency to understand the family’s fitness to provide foster care.

4 The safety and security of the child are ensured by conducting a detailed background verification check for the foster family.

5 Authorities check the apartments thoroughly to ensure child safety.

6 Learning how to provide first aid and CPR.

7 Fitment of the child and foster parent is checked before responsibility is given.

8 Foster parents must also be resourceful in providing foster care.

9 The documentation should however be valid and appropriate as this helps to receive state approval in time to begin foster care.

Checklist for Felons, to Become A Foster Parent

  • It is a mandatory state requirement to conduct background verification checks in detail for foster parent and their families.
  • These checks however are important and considered seriously.
  • The authorities scan the fingerprints and verify them against the national database.
  • Foster parent however who has a criminal history of crimes against children are denied responsibility for foster care.
  • Rape, sexual abuse, and child abuse are crimes that harm a child’s safety.
  • Dishonest foster parents who do not reveal details related to a felony are denied foster care.
  • A clear record for a felon however is important with valid and verified information. Now a felon can become a foster parent.
  • Foster parents can now lead an honest life with a clean record.

Suggestive Action

Felons can provide foster care with a sound educational record and regular income. They can become foster parents with many obstacles ahead. Felons who are foster parents must develop and enhance themselves professionally. A supportive network of family and friends assist felons to avail the opportunity to become a foster parent.

Foster care does not use a felony against felons who want to start a new life as foster parents. Foster parents and their families are responsible for creating an environment filled with care, love, and values to foster children. They provide financial stability to foster children along with a healthy and safe environment. Foster parenting can bring new hope to the lives of felons, however, the difficulties involved make it a very discouraging process.

Foster Parenting- A Challenging Task

Usually, foster parents find it difficult to nurture children of the same age in the family. Your own children may take time to accept a foster child. Felons can become foster parents to enhance their life and add value to a child’s life. Child welfare associations and foster parents work together to enhance the lives of foster children. State approval however is essential for felons to become foster parents.

Felons & Foster Care

The authorities conduct strict background verification checks for felons. A formal assessment however of the home and financial assets is essential for providing foster care to children. Families that are not financially sound opt for foster care for their children to get a better future for them.

Every felon however is not eligible for providing foster care to a child, a clean and clear record is very important to provide foster care for the child.

can the felons become the foster parent

A safe and secure environment for the foster child is very important. Foster care is not a simple task for any foster parent. You need to look after children who biologically belong to other families.

Felons & foster children both require each other to create a nurturing and healthy lifestyle for themselves. Foster parents must encourage team spirit in minds of foster children. This shapes them into better human beings in the future.

Felons As Foster Parents

Felons can become foster parents with a clear record that is free from criminal history. Authorities are open to give honest felons a fair chance to become foster parents. Background checks assist to reveal all secrets related to the felony for which a felon has been convicted.

Felons suffer emotionally during their service in the prison. Felons heal in the long run when they become foster parents. Foster parents must however follow all legal and moral guidelines laid by the state. They are responsible to support the upbringing of foster children both emotionally and financially.

Foster care provides the opportunity to state to find a permanent home for the child. While he is still in foster care this is extremely important.


Felons become foster parents to lead a life of dignity. They build an environment to develop the character of foster children. Foster children may need specialized care to grow into better individuals. Such parents can provide emotional and financial support when needed.

Foster families are increasing with time. Felons can however not become foster parents very easily. The child welfare association also conducts regular inspections to ensure child security and safety. Foster parents should also be a reliable set of individuals, who can provide care for a longer duration.

Becoming a foster parent involves responsibility and ownership for providing foster care. Felons can prove to be good foster parents if they follow all guidelines genuinely.

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