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Can a Felon Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

Can a Felon Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent

Returning to society is not a cakewalk for felons. Finding a career and using available resources for their advantage is not easy. Felons who however have prior experience of working in a legal field can apply for the position of fugitive recovery agent.

This article focuses on answering the following aspects of how a felon becomes a fugitive recovery agent.

Define a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

A fugitive recovery agent is responsible for apprehending those felons who get accused of a crime and also wait for trials to happen. When felons are free on bail or miss appearing in court for a case hearing. A fugitive recovery agent also acts as a Bail Bonds Man who posts bail for felons who cannot afford to bail themselves out.

This kind of agent works as an enforcement in the private bail industry. A fugitive recovery agent also has many titles to his job depending on each state.

can felons become fugitive recovery agent

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bail Enforcement Agent
  • Bail Recovery Agent
  • Surety Recovery Agent
  • Skip Tracer
  • Bail Bond Enforcer

After getting arrested or getting booked under suspicions of crime, missing a court date or bail is typically set. A felon then receives bail and the authorities release him from judicial custody. If the felon fails to appear in court on the scheduled date, the bond will then turn into an arrest warrant.

A fugitive recovery agent ensures felons appear in court when they have a scheduled date. Fugitive recovery agents track the whereabouts of the accused, arrest, return an accused to the court. There are multiple opportunities where accused felons reach court on time. A fugitive recovery agent is not needed in this case.

When the same felons miss important trial dates, a fugitive recovery agent gets involved to ensure the accused reaches the court. The state provides proper directions to fugitive agents to safeguard the civil rights of citizens.

Skills To Become A Fugitive Recovery Agent

There are certain specific skills necessary to become a successful fugitive recovery agent:

  • Demonstrates patience while dealing with an individual who has skipped his court date.
  • Fugitive Agent must also be detail-oriented
  • The agent should also have good communication and interpersonal skill
  • The agent should clearly understand the nature of crimes, their description, and also the types of punishments for each crime.
  • Agents can also handle multiple assignments by setting their priorities right.

What Are The Requirements for Becoming a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

There are some basic requirements for becoming a fugitive recovery agent. Felons should be US citizens, they must be of 21 years of age, and they should also have a high school diploma. Becoming a fugitive recovery agent also requires felons to have a regulated license or registration in 24 states.

Felons get permission for self-regulation in 18 states. 4 states in the US do not allow a private bail system. States like Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin permit felons to undergo a certification process to become fugitive recovery agents.

can felon become fugitive recovery agent

States like North and South California, Florida, and the district of Columbia however do not permit fugitive recovery agents to work with the state. These states have banned this role.

A fugitive recovery agent must also have prior experience in law enforcement, military, criminal justice education, peace officers’ training, and working as private investigators.

1 The training program also educates felons about how to investigate to arrest the accused

2 What are control techniques?

3 What are the strategies to use a reasonable amount of enforcement?

4 How will fugitive agents track suspects?

5 How will the bail agreements work?

A fugitive agent earns a substantial commission which is 10% to 25% of the total value posted in a bond to find, arrest and return the accused to the court. Many states offer 3 distinct ways to become a fugitive recovery agent. Become a licensed peace officer in the state you reside, obtain a license for becoming a private investigator and become a security officer with the state.

Requirements To Become  A Fugitive Recovery Agent

A felon must meet the following requirements to become a fugitive recovery agent;

1 Felons must pass a criminal background verification test.

2 They should also not have any addiction to alcohol or drugs

3 Felons must also not have any class A & B felonies for the last 5 years.

4 They must be mentally stable.

5 Felons should be able to drive a vehicle keeping in mind the legal age.

6 Felons should possess firearms legally.

can felons become the fugitive recovery agent

A fugitive agent must complete a training program to get certified as fugitive agents and they require 16 weeks of practical training sessions before joining a role; the training sessions include topics on:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Special Investigation
  • Knowledge about state and federal laws
  • Knowledge about defensive tactics and weapons
  • Civic Processes
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • State Code for criminal procedures.

Earnings for A Fugitive Recovery Agent

The fugitive recovery agent earns 30,000 dollars annually. The top 10% of fugitive recovery agents earn at least 80,000 dollars annually. Geographical location and relevant industry experience impact these earnings. Fugitive agents in larger cities earn a higher salary than others in small states. This occupation is expected to grow at the rate of 11% by 2024.

Career Opportunity for Felons

Felons can become a fugitive recovery agent without being convicted for a felony involving moral values. A crime that harms the moral values or reputation of the state and society refrains felons to become fugitive recovery agents. Tax evasion, carrying concealed weapons, or involvement in child abuse refrains felons from becoming fugitive recovery agents.

A fugitive recovery agent needs to demonstrate honesty and disclose all possible details in their background verification check. Felons must avoid falsification of information that results in going back to prison. Those who are untrustworthy, unwilling, and unable to follow basic directions from senior authorities cannot become successful fugitive recovery agents.

Felons stand a good chance to become fugitive recovery agents if the authorities expunge their criminal records. A clean criminal record improves the chances of felons becoming fugitive recovery agents. Felons can build an honest lifestyle with this role and serve the country or the state in a dignified way.

Bottom Line

Felons can become fugitive recovery agents by getting their criminal record expunged and earning relevant training and professional experience for becoming a fugitive recovery agent. Felons must have detailed knowledge about criminal procedures, investigating procedures, how to use defensive tactics, knowledge about state and federal laws, weapons, and civic processes.

This career opportunity provides felons a fair chance to serve the state and society and rebuild a crystal clear reputation for themselves. Families and friends render complete support and encourage felons to become fugitive recovery agents who work for the welfare of the state and its people.

Fugitive recovery agents are special jobs in the US to ensure re-enforcement of law and order is available. Any felon who flees or misses a court date returns to the court with assistance from fugitive recovery agents. This is a responsible role since state responsibility is involved in this role.

Felons with serious convictions and without a legal background cannot become fugitive agents. This is also something the felon should keep in mind when applying for the job.

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