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Can a Felon Become a Repo Agent?

Can a Felon Become a Repo Agent

Felons face a challenge to get a decent job upon their release from prison. There are many resources available to get financial stability through a career. Felons serve lengthy prison terms in prison which makes them believe no employers will hire them upon their release.

Felons might find themselves in different careers before and after conviction. This article highlights “A felon’s eligibility to become a Repo Agent.”

  • What do you understand by a Repo Agent?
  • Skills A Felon Requires to Become a Repo Agent
  • Training and Education a felon requires to become a Repo Agent
  • Earning for a Repo Agent
  • A career opportunity for felons
  • Course of Action

What Do You Understand By A Repo Agent?

A repo agent recovers and repossesses property from someone who doesn’t pay rent on time. The Repo agent is responsible for locating and legally takes possession of this property which can be a vehicle such as a car, truck, or boat. Cars get moved towards a secure place. A crane gets used to tow away cars, a repo agent collects the duplicate keys and drives them away. In some cases, the repo agent also breaks down the vehicle into pieces and moves it.

can felon become repo agent

Repossession companies with their agents work with clients like banks, credit unions, and financial firms. Every state has different laws for repossession as soon as a borrower gets late in providing the complete payment, the lender has a legal right to take the property back.

The advantage of these laws is that it doesn’t require police intervention. The court can however get involved. Repossession takes place from midnight to 5 am.

Skills a Felon Requires to Become a Repo Agent

  • Communication Skills to deal with owners of the property.
  • Research Skills to gather necessary information such as addresses, social security, phone numbers, and license numbers.
  • Ability to track the property which needs repossession
  • Knowledge about towing and vehicle movement
  • Time management skills to determine the appropriate time for property repossession
  • Organization skills to manage records of property repossessed.

Training and Education a Felon Requires to Become a Repo Agent

Laws for state licenses vary in every city. Repo agents however do not require a legit license. Since repo agents work with vehicle repossession companies, it is also the responsibility of these companies to issue state licenses in the name of the company which permits repo agents to take proper action.

To become a repo agent, professional training is essential before working as a repo agent. Before lending a repossession vehicle to someone, the person must have 1 lakh dollars in liability as an insurance policy to safeguard their interest in case there is any damage to the vehicle.

Basic Requirements of Becoming a Repo Agent

1 A felon should be 18 years old

2 A felon should also learn about state licensing regulations and laws for repossession

3 Obtain specific licenses for a particular state

4 The driving record should also be clear

5 Felon require a tow-away truck for getting repossession vehicles

6 Should also learn basic techniques to locate people

Earning for a Repo Agent

Repo agents can work as regular salaried employees and earn a good salary. Repo agents also work as freelancers and receive payments for each job between 150 dollars to 350 dollars. Felons can earn an annual salary of 26,000 dollars. Salary depends on full-time and part-time service and also depends on the relevant experience an agent has.

A Career Opportunity for Felons

To become a repo agent, felons require a clean record and no criminal convictions against them. This also leads to disqualifying a potential candidate. It is very important to showcase honesty in your application form. A felony that gets revealed during a background verification check can send you back to prison.

can felon become a repo agent

A successful repo agent also requires honesty and trustworthiness to become successful. Dishonest felons however cannot succeed in this career. Having a clean record also allows felons to become successful repo agents and the application must state relevant details about felony records.

The Course of Action

Felons can avail the best chance to become a repo agent. It is a good idea that the criminal record of a felon gets expunged. This also opens new career opportunities for felons to become repo agents. Felons seek a better career opportunity which gives them a chance to rectify their past mistakes and lead an honest and dignified life.

Working Hours for Repo Agents

Repo agents work between midnight and 5 am. Repo agents must develop flexibility for working during odd hours. The average hourly pay varies from 150 dollars to 350 dollars. The annual salary is up to 32,000 dollars.

Operating Licenses

Repo agents require operating licenses for trucks, boats, and airplanes. It is the responsibility of repo agents to acquire a pilot license through federal aviation administration. Repo agents can acquire a marine license through National Marine Maritime Centre. Repo agents require a commercial driving license to repossess trucks.

Alternatives to Expungement

1 Pardon: A Federal or state pardon occurs when the president or state governor forgives felons for their crimes. The pardon clears off all penalties on a felon and erases the record of a felony for felons.

2 Certificate of Innocence: Certificate of innocence recognizes felons didn’t commit the crime on their record. The certificate also removes all penalties and clears the record so that it appears clear during background verification checks.

3 Certificate of Rehabilitation: A certificate of rehabilitation allows to open more employment opportunities for felons as felons commit towards leading an honest life and re-establishing their careers.

Bottom Line

Felons can become repo agents with a clean record of a felony and restart a fresh career after their release. Felons can take professional training and develop relevant skills to become repo agents. Repo agents repossess vehicles that are taken on rent or loan.

Repo agents work with vehicle repossessing companies. They can work in various industries such as Aviation, Transportation, Marine, and car repossession companies. Felons earn both regular salaries to work a fixed number of hours or earn per hour depending on the task at hand. Repo agents also earn decent salaries which allow them to re-initiate their life and live freely in society in a dignified way.

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