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Can A Felon Become a School Teacher?

Can A Felon Become a School Teacher

Felons enjoy instructing others during their prison sentence, this gives rise to an aspiration to become a teacher on their release. There are various resources available for felons to restart their career. Felons can prove to be good employees.

This article covers details about felons can become school teachers or not:

1 Define a School teacher

2 Education and Training for Becoming a School teacher

3 Salary Package for a School Teacher

4 Felons – as School Teachers

5 Further Course of Action

Define a School Teacher

A school teacher assists students to learn and apply basic academic concepts in subjects like:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Arts and Music
  • Social Studies

Schoolteachers can work in any level of education such as elementary school, middle school, high school. An elementary school teacher teaches all subjects to students whereas middle school and high school teachers specialize in different subjects. The core responsibility of teachers however is to become a parent, disciplinarian, counselor, and mentor.

Duties of a School Teacher

1 A teacher teaches students

2 A teacher is responsible for preparing a lesson plan

3 The teacher also ensures student assignment get accurate grading

4 Teachers evaluate students for identifying educational needs

can felon become a school teacher

5 Teachers also develop the abilities of students and their moral character

6 Teachers prepare students for regular test cycles

7 Teachers also ensure they enforce rules in the classroom

8 Teachers are responsible for communicating with parents

Skills for a Successful Teacher

  • Teachers instruct students to learn
  • Empathize with students to understand academic requirements
  • Teachers also act as a communicator between parents and students
  • They also assist students with learning difficulties to learn and grow
  • Teachers use interpersonal skills to persuade students
  • They even have problem-solving skills to solve problems that students face
  • Teachers observe student progress during the academic year
  • Teachers also use writing skills to convey information about students to their parents

Education and Training for Becoming A School Teacher

Every state requires public school teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in specific subject areas like Science or History. Private school teachers however do not require to meet state guidelines. Private sector teachers also do not require to meet state-level requirements.

can a felon become the school teacher

They require a bachelor’s degree and certification for specific grade levels. Public school teachers require a license to teach. This condition however does not apply to private school teachers.

Teachers receive education about how to present information to students, how to teach students in different backgrounds, and also how to develop abilities and learning styles for students. The student training program allows teachers to learn teaching techniques under a mentor teacher.

Specific Requirements for Certifications or License in Each State

1 Requires a bachelor’s degree

2 Completion of teacher education program with supervised experience.

3 Should also clear a background verification check

4 It is necessary to clear a general teaching exam

5 It is also necessary to clear a specific exam that assesses knowledge about a particular subject area.

Salary Package for a School Teacher

According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, approximately 3,653,600 teachers graduate in the US. This occupation will show a growth of 8% in 2026.

The average salary for high school teachers is 58,030 dollars annually, middle school teachers earn 56,720 dollars, and elementary school teachers earn 55,800 dollars. Geographical location, experience, specialization, significantly impact these earnings. Teachers between the East and West coast receive higher salaries in other areas.

Felons as School Teachers

Felons receive a fair opportunity to pursue any degree in 60% of colleges, these colleges consider their criminal history as part of their education process. The background verification check doesn’t follow strict guidelines. After achieving a degree in teaching, some schools may object to hiring a felon.

Some schools openly accept felon applications to provide an opportunity to lead an honest life. Teachers are trustworthy educators; they prepare children while providing a safe environment to grow.

can felons become the school teachers

Criminal background verification checks are necessary to provide a safe and secure learning environment to children. Teachers with a criminal background involving serious crimes such as murder, rape, sexual crimes, kidnapping, and domestic violence do not get a job or a license to become a teacher. Every state has different requirements for certification.

Certifications as Felons

The advantage is certifications are possible for felons with a conviction, as per state guidelines felons must provide the following set of documentation to complete their certification:

1 A certificate from the court for a conviction

2 The sentence term has successfully ended one year before the application

3 Explain circumstances in which the crime occurred

4 Signed statements from employer and college instructors

5 The character certificate of the felon is generated with these documents along with the personal background of the individual, age during the crime, criminal penalty gets imposed.

Be honest while applying for a certification program. If the application reveals false details, there is a high chance of cancellation of a job application. Felons lose the opportunity of becoming a teacher with their dishonest behavior. They hold a better chance to become teachers with a criminal record becoming clear and felons honestly working to lead an honest life and earn a good living.

Felons are allowed to create their courses online which facilitates them to secure a license and start teaching.

Further Course of Action

It is a challenging task for felons to become school teachers. With great difficulty, felons can achieve a clear record for background verification and attend relevant training programs to complete their certification. A supportive network of family and friends or previous employer make a difference by encouraging felons to become a teacher and lead a dignified life.

Different states and public schools have different guidelines for felons to become teachers. Felons with a zeal to start a fresh life can take the teacher’s profession as a medium to earn money and nurture values in children. Felons must take proper guidance and training programs to earn a professional qualification to support themselves and their families.

Teaching is a noble profession that nurtures lives and shapes a person’s character. Every teacher focuses on developing the overall personality of students through inculcating moral values and training on different subject areas. Felons commit to starting a new career and contributing to society by teaching young students. This is also an opportunity to rectify past mistakes and lead a better life.

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