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Can a Felon Become a Sovereign Citizen?

Felon Become a Sovereign Citizen

Convicted felons go through several hardships in their post-imprisonment life. A felon doesn’t have access to a bunch of government facilities and rights, and that’s the worst part about a felony. Felons do not receive several Federal rights, and they cannot do whatever they want.

If you’re an ex-felon or the authorities filed charges against you, you cannot take part in different political and legal movements as well. The sovereign movement is such a movement that is not a friendly option for felons.

While normal citizens are free to take part in the movement, felons would increase their risks by being a part of the movement.

can felon become a sovereign citizen

The sovereign movement is a major political step taken against the Federal government, and it is regarded as the biggest political agenda of the decade. Millions of US citizens took part in the movement while a large part of the citizens held themselves back. The nature of the movement is pretty hard to analyze. From a general viewpoint, felons can be endangered by the movement.

In this article, you will get an idea of the impact of this movement on felons.

Who Are Sovereign Citizens?

A significant number of citizens of the US don’t consider the Federal government as the controller of the country and countrymen. These citizens declare themselves as sovereign citizens. They don’t accept that they are controlled by the government laws, and they prefer to follow and execute common laws instead.

These citizens consider the Federal government as a corporation, and they assume that the government misuses the power and authority over the law and citizens.

Can Felons Become Sovereign Citizens?

Being a sovereign citizen is an individual choice, and it varies from person to person. Though a felon has to carry out loads of restrictions, being a sovereign citizen is completely his own choice. There is no such thing that a felon cannot become a sovereign citizen.

Sovereign citizens however take the side of felons, and they don’t consider all forms of felonies as offenses. That’s why a large part of felons prefer being sovereign citizens.

can a felon become a sovereign citizen

Once a felon completes his imprisonment, the government retains no authority to restrict the felon from supporting any political movement. Felons deserve to have the freedom to choose their preferred citizenship nature according to human rights as well. If a felon intends to convert himself into a sovereign citizen, the Federal government has nothing to do about it.

Anyway, such a felon will have to abide by some limitations due to his record of a felony. That means that the felon won’t be able to do all the activities that a common sovereign citizen does. If he does so, the police and the administration will have the authority to arrest that individual.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sovereign Citizenship That A Felon Should Keep In Mind

If you’re a felon, you should consider all the pros and associated with sovereign citizenship before turning yourself into such a citizen. Like every other ideology, the ideology behind sovereign citizenship has several advantages and disadvantages, which you should know in detail.

The Advantages That A Felon Gets As A Sovereign Citizen

  • As a sovereign citizen, a felon gets a chance to rule out some government-enforced social restrictions. Not all the rules and regulations of the government are for the welfare of the citizens. A sovereign citizen breaks a rule or moderates a rule that he doesn’t find friendly to suit his purposes. Such a citizen however is not expected to cause social or public disturbances.

can the felon become a sovereign citizen

  • You get yourself freed from all the government taxes by declaring yourself as a sovereign citizen. That way, you can save a lot of money and utilize those amounts for other purposes. This is a beneficial point for a felon, to be specific. A felon generally doesn’t have a constant and reliable source of earning. That’s why bearing all the government taxes become troublesome for a felon indeed. Such a felon can deny paying all the taxes by announcing himself as a sovereign citizen. This is one of the major benefits for felons that sovereign citizenship includes.
  • In the US, a felon doesn’t need to pay charges, penalties, or something like that to become a sovereign citizen. That’s a great factor as well because a felon can declare himself as a sovereign citizen without spending money.
  • If you are convicted of a minor felony, you can justify your offense by overruling the laws of the government. As sovereign citizens turn down the control of the government on themselves, you can do the same. You can claim yourself as a sovereign citizen, and you can consulate your mind by denying the past criminal charges on yourself.

What Disadvantages Should A Felon Expect If He Becomes A Sovereign Citizen?

  • Sovereign citizens don’t have the same liberty in all the states of the US. Some of the 50 states of the US have enforced strict laws against sovereign citizenship. Before a felon turns himself into a sovereign citizen, he should re-check and understand the rules and regulations of his state. Otherwise, the authorities will arrest him.
  • A large percentage of the sovereign citizens of the US tend to grow the habit of targeting the police and the administration everywhere. This is a significant drawback of sovereign citizenship. Being sovereign citizenship doesn’t mean that you have to oppose the police and the administration in every aspect.
  • Forming anti-government groups is not a new thing for sovereign citizens. Every sovereign citizen supports such groups more or less. Anti-socials and criminals sometimes associate with such an anti-government group, and that’s a huge impact. Some sovereign citizens fail to recognize the slight difference between being a sovereign citizen and being a criminal.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of sovereign citizenship. The concept is quite sensitive, and that’s why a felon needs to be conscious and considerate before being a sovereign citizen.

What Does A Felon Need To Do To Become A Sovereign Citizen?

Being a sovereign citizen is a simple process, and a felon doesn’t need to perform something separately to become a sovereign citizen. The way to become a sovereign is the same for a felon as it is for a common citizen.

As sovereign citizenship is a concept and there is no centralized, fundamental formation of this ideology, anyone can declare himself as a sovereign citizen. There is no such procedure that you have to go through to become a sovereign citizen.

can the felon become sovereign citizen

Here is what you should know

1 The main aim of the concept and ideology of sovereign citizenship is to oppose the laws and regulations enforced by the Federal government.

2 Anyone who has faith in this particular ideology can claim himself to be a sovereign citizen. Sovereign citizens however tend to create their own identities.

3 In doing so, they destroy their official identity documents like- social security cards.

4 Apart from that, most sovereign citizens also destroy their taxation documents as they don’t find the government-enforced taxation system illegal.

If being a sovereign citizen entices you, you should believe in the ideology of sovereign citizenship from today onwards. That’s the only thing you need to do in terms of being a sovereign citizen.

Should A Felon Become A Sovereign Citizen?

The concept of sovereign citizenship is a rebellious one, and this is not a great ideology to believe in. Especially if you’re a felon or ex-convict, things can be worse for you as a result of following an anti-government ideology. Every felon knows the stress and pain of being behind bars, and probably no ex-felon would like to go back to the same place.

Once a felon completes his sentence and returns home, he loses the dignity of his life. Such a person loses almost everything in his life including:

1 Career

2 Family

3 Relationships

4 House

You may also lose your job and your criminal records may prevent you from getting a new one. After getting back to normal life, sustaining in daily life becomes a pain for a felon. That’s why a felon should think twice before becoming a sovereign citizen.


It is always a wise choice to reconsider your decision to be a sovereign citizen. No matter whether you’re a felon or a common citizen, being a sovereign citizen is not the solution. There are other legal ways also to protest against the rules and regulations of the government. Breaking social rules and taking law and order into their hands is never a considerate choice.

The attempt to be a sovereign citizen can bring irreversible adverse effects in a felon’s life. If you’re an ex-felon however and you want your life to be on the right track, give up the idea of turning yourself into a sovereign citizen. It will cause nothing but harm to you.

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