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Can a Felon Drive for Uber?

Can a Felon Drive for Uber

If you are a felon who has just returned from prison, then it is quite challenging for you to get back to society. Above all, when it comes to finding a job, if you have a felony conviction, the majority of employers don’t accept felons as employees.

Well, you can surely understand this if you are dealing with any such situation. But you can surely think about working with Uber as it’s quite simple and easy because you just need to have a car and phone so that you can keep track of the trips which you make.

Can A Felon Drive For Uber?

When you first hear is this question, the answer might be a straight no as there are a plethora of limitations for them. Ideally, drivers who wish to drive for Uber must be 21 years old or older having at least three years of driving experience.

Additionally, they must also have valid car insurance in their name besides having a driver’s license and Social Security number. Apart from this, a background check is also compulsory.

can the felon drive for uber

In the last seven years, the candidate must have:

  • Driving without insurance or a without a license offenses
  • History of fatal accidents or reckless driving
  • DUI or drug-related offenses
  • A felony record might make it, so you aren’t hired even if you don’t have these offenses, but it all depends on the company’s decision.

Should You Apply With Uber?

Yes, you can because the situation is not known to anyone. This is because there are some situations where a person with a felony record who shouldn’t be accepted by Uber does pass the background check process and is also hired. People don’t know the reason behind it, but it does happen right, so you must not lose hope any day.

Minimum Qualifications

In reality, Uber needs minimum qualifications on your end. Additionally, there is always a chance that you could get hired. It is right in your case if your felony record lies beyond the seven-year window they usually check for.

As per Uber’s company policy, it has a corporate second-chance policy, and it states that the company is part of a growing movement of organizers, and they are committed to offering people a second chance.

can felons drive for uber

The company also says that are a lot of people have a criminal record, and it must not prevent people from getting hired. The criminal records make it difficult for felons to get hired and make a living. The company has joined the Obama administration back in 2016.

Besides at least 200 companies featuring the tech, retail, financial, and food and beverage industries, they aim to eradicate the barriers for those having criminal records. You can take a chance to apply here if you know all these conditions.

Does Uber Run a Background Check on Drivers?

Yes, indeed, Uber does run a background check on its drivers. The company uses Check to do the background check, and on the flip side majority of the felons will not pass the background check. Besides that, some starts are minimizing the things which can prohibit you from driving for Uber.

How Can You Pass The Background Check?

One of the significant issues with Uber is that you need to wait at least 3-6 months until you can apply again once you fail a background check. It can be an eternity if you are desperately looking for work. So now you must be thinking about how you can clear the background check.

All You Need To Know About The Background Check

  • Firstly you need to know that Uber uses a company known as Checkr to do their background checks on almost all of their drivers. You can pay and get the background check done, but why pay when you can get your things done freely through other companies and that too they use the same company Checkr. In simple terms, if you fail the background check, you won’t be considered at Uber.
  • The best part here is that you are accepted by Uber directly; instead, you are dismissed by a company so you can check the areas where you can improve thoroughly and ensure that the background check isn’t an issue for you any day ahead.

Tips For Applying At Uber

The best part is that the process is both pretty simple and straight-forward. You will just take less than 15 minutes to complete the process.

If you want to apply for Uber, then you need to have the following documents:

1 Proof of in-state car insurance

2 You need to have a vehicle or purchase one.

3 Valid in-state driver’s license

4 Proof of in-state current car registration documents

Documents Process

The process is quite simple if you have all the documents covered. After filling out the mandatory information, you can use your phone to click pictures. Then you can agree to the background check, and the best part here is that it is free.

can felons drive for uber guide

You need to play the waiting game as it might take at least 3-5 days to hear back. The management will let you know if you are accepted as a driver. You can start the job instantly if you are selected and if not, then you don’t need to worry as your world doesn’t end there for sure. Above all, there are a plethora of companies out there that hire felons.

Get Rid Of The Felony Record

You should fill the form and check if the authorities can eradicate your felony record. It means it is unlikely to highlight the next background check if you can get your record expunged through them. Uber always show or hire you, but there is no guarantee as such. You can also use Google search expungement attorney” in your state.

Whether you believe it or not but one thing is for sure the majority of attorneys will give a free consultation so you can get help as a felon for sure.

Things You Must-Do If You Are Hired

You need to know that it is relatively easy to lose this job. If this happens, you just can’t go back. You can follow these tips, and you won’t get “deactivated.”

1 Ensure your car is clean – You must not smoke, have falling tailpipes, broken windows, or trash inside your vehicle. You will be banned if you get a lot of complaints about your car. You don’t need to have a brand new car. All you need to do is ensure that you don’t have a clunker.

2 Be polite with the riders – You will be banned if you receive bad reviews and your ratings fall. A majority of the drivers offer free water to their riders and vacuum the car every 5 to 10 rides.

3 Get a Dash Camera – Almost all the rideshare service drivers now have dash-cams to have proof against frivolous/meritless accusations. Well, ensure you don’t buy cheap cams as they won’t make the recordings which you are looking for.


You must make the most of your second chance and not let go. Companies like Uber can help get your life on track if you put in the right effort. Make sure your efforts are consistent and you don’t go back to your old ways. You must ensure your life choices are correct and you don’t make any more mistakes.

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