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Can a Felon Get a Contractor License?

Can a Felon Get a Contractor License

There are many resources available for felons to become good employees. Some felons may also have an interest in the construction industry. Working for a construction company requires a contractor license.

The article covers the central idea behind “A Felon is Eligible to Get a Contractor License.”

  • Define A Contractor?
  • Define A Contractor License?
  • The requirement for Getting a Contractor License.
  • Felons as Contractors
  • Course of Action

Define A Contractor?

A contractor is responsible for managing and coordinating construction in residential homes and commercial properties. They also plan and oversee all kinds of construction projects such as homes, buildings, and other structures.

There are various classifications in contractors such as Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, and Speciality Contractor.

Specialty Contractor

  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Moving and Demolition
  • Hazardous Substances Removal
  • Fire Protection
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Locks and Security

Define A Contractor License?

A license gets issued by a state agency to practice a particular profession. A contractor is a licensed professional and license assists in revealing specific knowledge or skills which are necessary to complete a job. These credentials are however earned after completing a certain kind of education.

A license is a legal document attested by the government to provide the legal right to work in a particular occupation. Felons should meet the eligibility criteria and also pass a state examination to acquire a genuine license. Contractors require a license for working in a specific industry such as construction. Contractors seek a license from each state they reside in. Every state however has different laws to achieve a license.

Basic Requirements To Get A License

  • A felon should be 18 years old
  • A felon should also have a high school diploma
  • Citizenship of US is a must
  • Appropriate documentation for the license of the state is also required
  • Provide passport photos
  • Should also provide a written explanation on any violations from construction work
  • Post a state license bond

The Requirement for A Contractor License

An application for a contractual license requires the following:

1 Take a written exam that assesses your knowledge of construction and state laws.

2 Should also provide a financial record to operate the construction business.

3 Provide letters of recommendation from the bank, previous employers, and clients.

4 Should also display evidence of job experience.

can felons get contractor license

5 Contractors must also complete a basic degree program in construction management.

6 Physics, Mathematics, Material and Method, Surveying, Plans and Measurements, Designs.

7 These are basic subjects in the construction management course.

A contractor also requires a list of licenses and permits for the state residents. In some states, the contract is licensed by the country or the state government while others seek grants at the state level.

Felons as Contractors

State guidelines stated by the department of licensing and regulations in an individual state outline the process determines the process whether felons are eligible to get a license or conviction will revoke their license. General factors influence all cases with reasons for each crime.

Criminal offenses make felons lose the opportunity to seek a genuine license. Felons can seek advice from an attorney to get a clean record of criminal conviction so that the application can get approved.

can felon get a contractor license

It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a genuine record of steady employment
  • Support his family members
  • Maintain a record of good conduct
  • It is a better idea to pay all costs, supervision fees, fines, and other fees involved in a criminal conviction.
  • Nature and seriousness of the crime, the relationship of crime with the actual purpose for license requirement, the extent to which license might offer an opportunity to engage in further criminal activity, Relationship of crime with the ability to perform a task at hand.

Factors Determining A Felons Fitness

  • Applicants past criminal history plays a critical role
  • Age of the felon during the crime
  • Time from the last criminal activity
  • Rehabilitation of the person upon release
  • The felon should be mentally and physically fit
  • Felons must show honesty when they fill an application
  • If a felon doesn’t disclose the same in the background check, this leads to the cancellation of the license application, and the felon is sent to prison.
  • Dishonest felons lose the opportunity to gain a genuine license and begin an occupation in the construction industry.
  • Felons require a clean and clear record to rebuild a life with honesty and integrity.

The Course Of Action

It is a good idea to put forward sincere efforts to obtain a contractor license. Documenting programs, education or training plays a critical impact to gain a license. A genuine support network of family, friends, and previous employers also make a huge difference. Past mistakes of felons are not seen while considering them for a contractual license.

can the felons get contractor license

States offer temporary licenses to felons with conviction to ensure they lead a life with dignity and integrity and earn a better living. Felony charges are carefully evaluated in every state before getting approval for a criminal offense to get cleared.

Felons must attach a criminal disclosure statement with their license application to understand under what circumstances the crime took place. Serious criminal offenses lead to the cancellation of the license. The construction industry provides relevant opportunities to felons who want to start a new career.

Bottom Line

Felons can acquire a contractor license to join the construction industry for business. Felons must meet basic guidelines at the state and country level to acquire licenses for a particular construction wing such as carpentry or electrical, etc. They also require a good credit report and a better record of good conduct to seek a license easily.

Felons can rectify past mistakes with a new opportunity for developing a career in the construction business. Dishonest and non – trustworthy felons cannot get a contractor license easily. Felons must follow all guidelines genuinely to ensure they seek a contractual license at the earliest.

Various factors lead to license denial for felons. Felons must ensure they follow good conduct so that getting a contractor license becomes simple. Contractors are of different kinds who contribute to the construction industry significantly. All felons must always be mentally and physically fit to ensure they meet all basic requirements for getting a contractual license.

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