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Can A Felon Get A Nevada Gaming License?

Can A Felon Get A Nevada Gaming License

It is difficult for felons to find a suitable career opportunity. Felons can work in a casino and consider Nevada Gaming License. The question however arises whether a felon can seek Nevada Gaming License or not. This article will answer this question.

The article covers the following headings.

  • Define Nevada Gaming License
  • Requirements for Nevada Gaming License
  • Is Background Check Necessary
  • Does Felony Type Make a Difference?
  • Career Opportunity for Felons
  • Course of Action

Define Nevada Gaming License

If felons want to work in the gaming industry in Nevada, they require a Nevada Gaming License. Casino’s and other gambling establishments in Nevada get their license to protect public health safety morale, good order, and also the general welfare of people in Nevada.

This license aims to keep the gaming industry free from crime or any negative influence. The gaming license permits felons to work in a casino with a regular job and also serve a high level of capacity even to own and operate a casino. This means felons require a casino license for both purposes to own a casino and operate one in the US.

can felon get a nevada gaming license

The gaming license is important for felons who work in basic casino jobs. For felons with more responsibility, there is another type of license. The authorities call these licenses as work cards. There are 2 kinds of gaming licenses for which felons can apply: the first one being a restricted license which allows gaming establishments to have 15 slot machines for games.

For casinos with more than 16 machines, the owner gets a non – restricted gaming license. Any owner who owns 10% of the company can apply for this license. The senior leadership such as President, CEO, CFO, and Secretary gains access to non – restricted gaming licenses.

Requirements for Nevada Gaming License

  • To secure Nevada Gaming License, felons require to complete the Multi-Jurisdiction Personal History Declaration Form which holds importance as it lays down rules and regulations in the gaming industry in the US.
  • The form also captures personal history which includes information in various areas.
  • The information provided increases the chances of employment, also states the degree of responsibility each position has.

can felons get nevada gaming license

  • Felons must register with the Nevada State Gaming Board to secure a license.
  • For any kind of position, you must also complete an application with fingerprint analysis.
  • The process of getting a license is simple.
  • It involves a brief application, Fingerprint card, and also a fee
  • A restricted gaming license is required for managing an establishment with 15 slot machines or less.
  • The basic requirement also includes the application, fingerprints, and background check.
  • The requirement for non – restricted licenses also investigates criminal records and financial records.
  • The Nevada State Gaming Board reviews the application.
  • Background and Financial agents review the application for the license.
  • The board members will review your application once you have submitted the same.

Is Background Check Necessary?

  • Background check plays a critical role in the gambling industry which is well known for financial frauds.
  • The industry is filled with gangsters and felons of ill – repute.
  • The gaming license gets denied for a felony conviction in the last 5 years.
  • For felons working at base levels, background investigation also focuses on felony convictions within the past 7 years.
  • The restricted gaming license validates the felon’s criminal history and also takes into account a valid social security number and any outstanding child support payments.

can felon get nevada gaming license

  • The higher the level of the position, the background check and investigation is stricter.
  • Non – the restricted license has a more comprehensive background check and it also looks for a wide variety of background information and not only felony records.
  • The gaming industry conducts an in-depth investigation to find out more about the criminal history with relevant information.
  • The background verification scans through the civil lawsuit and criminal charges for at least 10 years.
  • These details also get verified from the police record.
  • The gaming board also reviews your educational background to ensure educational qualifications are complete.
  • Schools and universities also get contacted to verify the educational qualifications.
  • Marital status also gets verified.
  • The authorities also review personal and business assets.
  • There are investigating agencies that conduct comprehensive reviews and investigate character references for felons.

Does Felony Type Make a Difference?

  • The different felonies which are more serious crimes involve frauds, theft does not get a chance to obtain Nevada Gaming License.
  • Felons involved in sexual crimes or violent crimes will not get access to Nevada Gaming License.
  • Many felonies are listed with Nevada Gaming Board which helps felons to gain a gaming license.
  • It is a felon’s choice to choose between restricted and non – restricted gaming licenses.
  • Criminal records for the past 5 years get scanned for this license to get issued.
  • The length of time since your conviction occurred requires rehabilitation efforts to ensure you get a license easily.
  • This helps you to get into a favorable life.
  • Felons with drug offenses do not get access to this gaming license.
  • Their reliability is questioned.

Career Opportunity For Felons

  • If felons have made through a gaming license, they hold a fair chance to work in casinos.
  • No federal or state law prevents a felon from owning a business.
  • Past crimes may or may not disqualify you from owning a business.
  • The length of your crime helps you to secure a license.
  • Nevada State Gaming Board maintains honesty and integrity in the gaming industry bypassing the intense scrutiny test.

can felon get nevada gaming license

  • It is important for felons to honestly own a business so that they can apply for Nevada Gaming License.
  • Felons need to disclose a felony so that the same doesn’t get discovered as a surprise in the background check.
  • This would get termed as fraud and it is a punishable offense.
  • The crime falsifies the application which could result in felons going back to prison.
  • Felons need to own a successful gaming business by meeting all business requirements easily and effectively.
  • Felons who are dishonest and untrustworthy will fail to follow state directives given by authoritative figures.

Next Course of Action

Felons can conduct a self – background verification check which allows them to know what a gaming industry will see in the formal background verification check. Felons can prepare a list of questions and answers to answer details about felony records easily. The felon requires his record to get expunged, this increases chances of getting a gaming license to work in the gaming industry.

A criminal record coming through clearly allows the felon to lead a life of honesty and dignity. Nevada Gaming License works for both owning and establishment or managing one. Felons can use this opportunity to create a difference in their future. Felons should not allow past mistakes to drag them back to prison.

Past mistakes do not define felons. Felons must use appropriate strategies to overcome their mistakes and try and see possible opportunities which help them succeed in the gaming business. Felons require a clear background verification check to gain access to a gaming license. Every position has a different gaming license required for meeting the terms and conditions of the Casinos. Felons must focus on climbing up the career ladder in the gaming industry.

Financial frauds and gangsters do not get a chance to enter the gaming industry legally.

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