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Can a Felon Get a TLC License?

Can a Felon Get a TLC License

It is always a tasking job to find a decent job, especially if you have been convicted as a felon in the past. We live in a fiercely competitive world where everyone is trying to perform their best to find a job for a living. So what happens if you have been criminally charged in the past?

If your offense does not come under the category of severe crime then you do stand a chance.

If your desired profession is to become a cab driver, then you’ll need to have a TLC license. Acquiring a TLC license goes to a lot of vital processes to determine an individual’s capabilities. If you are a felon, it is difficult to get a TLC for your profession.

Most of the time, a criminal charge will hinder you to do in your day to day life. Especially during the time of getting a house, job, or when acquiring a TLC license. Unless expunged, it will tend to haunt you.

It is also possible to check the record by yourself and see whether you will be eligible to obtain the TLC license or not. When you do a background check on yourself, then you will get some insight into what to show up on your record when the taxi commissioner views your record.

Not all felons will qualify to get a TLC license. If you think you are eligible to have your record expunged, then you can opt for it. You can file a petition in the court or contact your attorney for proper procedures. Expunging your record frees you of any felony conviction.

TLC Driver License

TLC is a universal license that you need to obtain if you wish to drive a yellow taxicab, green cabs, Paratransit vehicles, or limousines that allow you to transport passengers from one place to another.

It allows an individual anywhere in the US to be authorized to drive a taxi. There are also certain rules and regulations involved that you need to comply with. A felon can apply for a TLC license online by visiting the website; LARS (License Applications, Renewals, and Summons).

Process Of Getting A TLC License

There are different steps to go through to get qualified for a TLC license.

  • Age is one thing to consider before applying for a TLC. You must at least complete the age of 19 years to qualify for a TLC application.
  • There should not be any fine or ticket owed to TLC. At the time of applying for a TLC, you should have paid all your parking and traffic tickets.
  • You must complete the application process by filling the form with proper facts to procure the TLC Driver License.
  • Owing a vehicle in good condition is also important. You will need to have an approved vehicle that is not more than seven years old.

can felon get a tlc license

  • A proper completion certificate of DMV certified defensive driving is required, which means you need the driving exam.
  • It is crucial that you pass a medical examination that does not exceed 90 days before applying for TLC.
  • You must have your driver’s license suspension cleared if at any point in time it is suspended. Else, you will not be eligible to apply for a TLC license.

A felon must complete these steps within 90 days from the application date. Failing to do so, they will deny your application.

Background Check

Any authorities must go through a substantial background check. This scrutiny includes:

1 Taking your photograph

2 Capturing your fingerprints

3 Running a drug test.

When going through the process, the database will observe if you have any felony charged against you. For any kind of driving job, these checks are necessary to ensure safety.

  • Before any kind of background checks, your permission is important. If you are serious about obtaining a TLC license, then you need to grant permission and provide necessary information such as your date of birth, your social security number, and your driver’s license number. Based on the result, it will determine whether you have passed the process for the next step or dismissed from further inspection.

can felon get the tlc license

  • If you have a past criminal record, then there are certain conditions that you must consider to determine your qualification. You must submit the court disposition documents as proof if you have been freed of a crime or completed the sentence. Not disclosing your offenses is an offense. This will disqualify you from obtaining a TLC license. The authorities can also charge you with an additional felony.
  • If you are on a probation period, then you must provide a probation status letter officer which will serve as an attestation to show that you are following the terms of your probation.
  • You must also pass a drug test if you wish to procure a TLC license. Else, it is unlikely that you will get one. It will take from a week to a month or more than that for the investigation to be completed. The longevity of the drug test will depend, depending on the severity of the components involved.

Types of Felony

The type of felony matters a lot while getting a TLC license. A driving record is very important because if you are involved in a car accident more than three times in a span of one year, then you will be banned to apply for a TLC.

The ban will start from the date of the last accident. The same is the case if you have a failed drug test. If you don’t have a proper license or have committed an offense while driving under influence, then you may get banned for a certain time.

Several factors will affect you in earning your TLC license, depending on the situation involved in the case. Serious crimes could lead to a permanent ban in getting a TLC license. These include:

1 Violence


3 Illegal drug possession

4 Substance abuse

5 Sexual assault

6 Murder

The authorities will also investigate your record properly and decide on a permanent ban or not depending on the seriousness of the charge.

Some felonies such as involvement in fraud cases, theft, harassment, abuse, or the physical fight will result in a one year ban. This is because to ensure safety to the passengers using taxicab services.

TLC fees are non-refundable so it is advisable to do a background check yourself and see whether you will be qualified for a TLC license or not.


In conclusion, having a past felony conviction does not define you as the person that you are now. If you have realized from the mistake and changed yourself and present yourself in the best possible way then you can put the past behind you. The authorities will also look up your present record in determining your position. Hence it is never too late to start a clean slate.

Always be transparent and never shy away in disclosing your past felony charges because many people will consider you as an honest man and they will begin to trust you. Not many people get second chances in life. Make sure you take this chance and live a successful life. Procure your TLC license as soon as possible so you can begin working in your favored profession and live a new life.

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