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Can a Felon Get a TWIC Card?

Constant security risks have made it more difficult for a felon to restart his career. He can face multiple obstacles before applying for suitable employment without any hassles. A TWIC card is important for individuals seeking employment in areas with higher security and special clearance requirements.

can felon get the twic card

This card also increases the chance of potential employees to get a job in secure areas such as ports. The TWIC card is a mandatory requirement for a felon to apply for employment at various other such facilities.

TWIC Card – Its Importance

The transport security agency in the United States issues a TWIC Card. This card is essential for individuals seeking employment on the country’s coastline as a Maritime Worker. This card provides open access to port facilities and shelf facilities along the outskirts of the country.

can a felon get a twic card

Due to a felony record, a felon may find it difficult to get a TWIC card very easily. The TSA conducts valid and routine background verification checks for a felon before considering the issuance of this card to him. If anything suspicious is revealed during the background verification check, there is a high chance that the TWIC card will not be issued to the felon who has applied for the position of Maritime worker.

The background verification check conducted by TSA investigates the following parameters about an individual:

  • Arrest record
  • Past convictions
  • Current legal issues
  • Warrants against the person
  • Legal summons against the individual

The TWIC card comes with a special microchip that provides complete information about the individual to whom the card belongs. This card provides complete access to all the necessary information related to an individual which can be used by a potential employer before hiring a felon.

Method To Get A TWIC Card

A felon who has applied for a TWIC card must provide essential information such as biometric information like a fingerprint and retinal scans. All personal information gathered from the applicant in an application form is verified and validated before this card is issued. The validation process is called the TSA Background Verification check.

Terms And Conditions For Qualifying For A TWIC Card

Any individual who would like to qualify for a TWIC Card needs to prove his identity and meet the specific eligibility criteria so that he can apply for a TWIC Card without any concerns.

1 Any individual should have a valid photo id that is approved by the Government of the United States. This ID is essential to prove the citizenship of an individual and his identity. This assists the application to move forward at a fast pace. Generally, 2 ID proofs are required.

This can include:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate
  • Military card
  • Native American Tribal Document (NATD)
  • TSA Approved documentation

All photo IDs must be genuine and issued by the state.

can a felon get a twic card application

2 The documents need to be submitted at the application center of TWIC. Fingerprints and a photo of the applicant are taken post document submission. A fee of $125 is charged for the application to be submitted.

3 It may take several days to seek an answer from TSA. The individuals who get disqualified from the process will receive a letter that states the steps to move forward. Approved applicants will receive their TWIC Card in the mail. They can also choose to collect the same from the application center.

Is A Felon Eligible for A TWIC Card?

The authorities may not issue a TWIC card to a felon convicted for serious crimes. In such a scenario, it requires a recommendation to appeal for the decision to TSA. A felon can however apply for a waiver of mistakes or disqualifications based on past crimes. If a felon comes clean, the TSA approves the TWIC application.

The rehabilitation center can issue a fitness certificate to applicants who undergo treatment for drug abuse with them. Previous employers or community leaders can also issue a certificate praising the good character of the applicant.

Positive attributes demonstrated during the sentence and maintained after completion of the sentence proves favorable for the applicant who wishes to apply for a TWIC Card. If the TSA gets convinced that a potential applicant is not a security threat to an innocent person, TWIC Cards are issued without any hassle.

Possible Causes That Disqualify A Felon From Receiving A TWIC Card

1 There are certain criminal offenses that can disqualify a felon from getting a TWIC Card. These reasons include:

  • Treason
  • Terrorism
  • Transport related crime
  • Murder
  • Illegal transportation of harmful material
  • Possession of arms and ammunitions
  • Destructive devices

2 The Interpol or Terror Watch List provides complete background information about the applicant. Many of the heinous crimes which involve the act of violence snatch away the opportunity of getting a TWIC Card.

can felon get a twic card

3 Serious convictions are a major reason for disqualifying the applicant. Some of the crimes include:

  • Extortion
  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Smuggling
  • Violations of immigration rules
  • Kidnapping
  • Attempt to murder
  • Robbery
  • Voluntary manslaughter

Career Opportunities With A TWIC Card

A TWIC Card plays a critical role in opening new opportunities for a felon to re-establish a career. These opportunities include maritime workers, a seaman on crude oil tankers, port, and longshore workers, truck and public transport drivers, and security officers.

A Unique Opportunity For Felons

When a TWIC Card is issued to a felon, he can look forward to a new life by earning his bread and butter through legit ways. TWIC Cards make felons eligible for training programs that help them acquire new skills or complete their education.

This could enhance the quality of their future life. Felons can also look to expunge their records if their conviction is more than 7 years old. This will help them make a fresh start and lead a life of respect and contentment.

Honesty Plays A Critical Role to Acquire a TWIC Card

All applicants should truthfully fill the TWIC application form. This is because the background verification check verifies all the details provided in the application. There is a chance that the authorities approve a felon’s TWIC Card without any hassle.

It is a golden rule that no organization would like to employ dishonest and untrustworthy employees for any position in the organization. They prefer employing a person from a humble and honest background. A support network of supportive family and friends also creates a huge impact on the person who would like to go back to leading an honest life after serving their prison term.

This is why honesty is very important to promote a better lifestyle for felons who would like to lead a normal life after their punishment is over.


Felons are issued TWIC Cards so that new opportunities for employment open and they can lead a life of honesty and dignity. A TWIC Card also assists helps felons receive proper skills so top companies cab hire them. It is very simple for a felon to get disqualified from the process of issuing a TWIC Card due to various risk factors involved such as violent crimes or dishonesty showcased while filling application for TWIC.

Making a fresh start may seem difficult however it is not impossible. Felons can now earn a substantial living and lead a successful life with the help of a TWIC card. This card proves to be a huge stepping stone for a felon.

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