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Can I drink tap water in Seychelles?


Can I Drink Tap Water in Seychelles?

When visiting Seychelles, one of the common questions that travelers have is whether it is safe to drink the tap water. The short answer is no, it is not recommended to drink tap water in Seychelles. The water supply in Seychelles does not meet international standards for drinking water, and it is possible to contract waterborne diseases from consuming tap water. It is advisable for visitors to drink bottled water or to boil tap water before drinking it, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

FAQs about Drinking Tap Water in Seychelles

1. Why is it not safe to drink tap water in Seychelles?
Despite efforts to improve the water quality in Seychelles, the tap water still contains levels of bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants that can cause illness.

2. Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Seychelles?
It is recommended to use bottled water for brushing teeth to avoid ingesting any harmful microbes from the tap water.

3. What are the alternatives to tap water in Seychelles?
Bottled water is widely available in Seychelles and is the safest option for drinking and cooking. Some accommodations also provide filtered water for guests’ use.

4. Are there any specific areas in Seychelles where tap water is safe to drink?
The tap water quality can vary across different regions of Seychelles, but as a general rule, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid drinking tap water altogether.

5. What are the consequences of drinking tap water in Seychelles?
Consuming contaminated tap water can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea, potentially ruining your vacation experience.

6. How can I ensure the water I consume in Seychelles is safe?
Stick to sealed bottled water from reputable brands and avoid adding ice to your drinks unless you are certain that it has been made with purified water.

7. Can I drink tap water in restaurants in Seychelles?
Most restaurants in Seychelles will serve filtered or bottled water, but it is still a good idea to double-check before consuming any water that may not be safe.

8. Is it safe to shower in tap water in Seychelles?
While showering in tap water is generally safe, it is advisable to avoid getting water in your mouth or eyes to prevent any potential issues.

9. What can I do to minimize my use of single-use plastic bottles while in Seychelles?
Consider carrying a reusable water bottle and refilling it with filtered or purified water when possible to reduce your environmental impact.

10. Are there any water purification methods I can use while traveling in Seychelles?
Using water purification tablets, a portable water filter, or boiling tap water can make it safe for consumption in emergency situations.


Overall, while the tap water in Seychelles is not safe to drink, there are many alternatives available to ensure that you stay hydrated and healthy during your visit. By being mindful of what you consume and opting for bottled or purified water, you can enjoy your time in Seychelles without any worries about the quality of the drinking water.

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