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Can people with ADHD skip lines at Disney?

Can People with ADHD Skip Lines at Disney?

People with ADHD often face unique challenges in daily life, and navigating crowded environments like theme parks can be particularly overwhelming for them. In an effort to provide equal opportunities and accommodations for individuals with disabilities, Disney has implemented a policy known as the Disability Access Service (DAS). The DAS allows people with ADHD and other disabilities to bypass lengthy queue lines for attractions, thus minimizing the stress and sensory overload they may experience.

The purpose behind the DAS is to ensure that all guests, regardless of their abilities or impairments, have an enjoyable experience at Disney parks. This service aims to level the playing field for people with disabilities, including those with ADHD, by reducing the wait times and providing them with an alternative access method.

To avail of the DAS, individuals with ADHD can visit Guest Relations or Services at the park and request the service. They will need to provide relevant documentation or explain their disability. Once eligibility is confirmed, they will be issued a DAS Card, which allows them to access attractions through the FastPass or FastPass+ entrance. It’s important to note that the DAS Card does not grant instant or unlimited access but rather provides a reasonable accommodation to mitigate the challenges faced by individuals with ADHD.

FAQs about ADHD Accommodations at Disney


What other accommodations are available for individuals with ADHD at Disney?

Disney offers a range of services and accommodations to support guests with ADHD. In addition to the DAS, there are also quiet areas within the park where individuals can take a break and relax. The parks are equipped with sensory-friendly attractions and shows, which can help reduce overstimulation.


Can I bring my own sensory tools or aids?

Absolutely! Disney understands the importance of sensory tools and aids for individuals with ADHD. Guests are welcome to bring their own fidget toys, noise-canceling headphones, or any other tools that might assist them in managing their sensory needs.


Do I need to provide medical documentation for the DAS Card?

While Disney does not strictly require medical documentation, it is advisable to bring relevant documentation that supports your need for accommodation. This could include a doctor’s letter or any official diagnosis or documentation related to your ADHD.


How does the DAS Card work?

Once a guest with ADHD receives their DAS Card, they can approach attractions through the FastPass or FastPass+ entrances, bypassing the regular queue lines. The card will be scanned, and the guest will be given a return time, allowing them to explore other areas of the park until it’s their turn to enjoy the attraction.


Is the DAS Card only for individuals with ADHD?

No, the DAS Card is available to individuals with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to ADHD. It is designed to accommodate individuals who cannot wait in traditional queues due to their disability, ensuring they have a positive and accessible experience at Disney parks.


Are there any restrictions or limitations with the DAS Card?

While the DAS Card provides an alternative access method, it does not grant instant or unlimited access to attractions. The card operates on a return time system, allowing guests to enjoy other areas of the park while waiting for their turn. Additionally, the DAS Card is valid for up to 14 days from the issue date, ensuring guests can utilize it throughout their visit.


Can I use the DAS Card for all attractions?

The DAS Card is applicable to most attractions throughout the park. However, some high-demand attractions may have specific guidelines or procedures. It’s recommended to check with a Disney cast member for any restrictions or special instructions regarding a particular attraction.


Can my entire group use the DAS Card?

The DAS Card can accommodate up to six individuals, including the person with disabilities. However, it’s important to note that each person utilizing the DAS Card must be eligible based on their specific disability or need.


Is the DAS Card available at all Disney parks?

Yes, the DAS Card is available at all Disney parks worldwide. The policy and procedures may slightly vary between parks, but the intent to provide accessible experiences for individuals with disabilities remains consistent.


Can I obtain a DAS Card online or in advance?

Unfortunately, DAS Cards cannot be obtained online or in advance. To avail of the service, individuals with ADHD or other disabilities must visit Guest Relations or Services at the park and request the DAS Card in-person.


Can I request multiple return times with the DAS Card?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple return times while using the DAS Card. Once the current return time has passed, guests can approach another attraction to request a new return time. Keep in mind that return times are subject to availability.


How long does the DAS Card remain valid?

The DAS Card is typically valid for up to 14 days from the issue date. This allows guests with ADHD or other disabilities to enjoy the benefits of the service throughout their visit to the Disney park.

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