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Can Teens Work at A Hospital?

Can Teens Work at A Hospital

You may be considering a future career in medicine or perhaps an anxious parent looking to encourage your child to attend med school. And the question of ‘can teenagers really work in a hospital?’ may well have arisen. You will be happy to hear it is possible! Although there’s a catch for younger teens, a voluntary position while attending high school means that your efforts will involve no payment; however, it will likely make your university or college application stand out!

Older teens are eligible for paid roles within hospitals. Positions that may not require a college degree are admin assistant, file clerk, lab assistant, and more, but we’ll touch on that later.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at Can Teens Work at A Hospital?

can teens work at a hospital

Volunteer at A Hospital

How To Get Started?

Volunteering in the health sector is not always as easy as it sounds; it’s not turning up to a workplace offering free services in exchange for a place to sleep like you might if traveling around the world.

While starting the volunteer process, it is essential to contact the correct department in the hospital of your choice. A recommendation letter is not crucial but adding one will not do any harm!

Just like real life…

Think of this volunteer position as applying for a proper job in the future. In any career, things don’t always go to plan. Knockbacks are inevitable; they hit the ego and often rupture your confidence. Volunteer positions may be no different and help prepare you for the future of work in the big, bad world!

Often volunteer positions require you to be still attending school. You must participate in an orientation session, which is beneficial to welcoming you to the team and introducing basic policies and procedures needed in the field.

There are more hoops to jump through, though, such as background checks and drug tests. Understandably so, during your time in the medical field, you will brush shoulders with the most vulnerable patients and need to be permitted to do so. But don’t be put off, here’s why…

Volunteering Opens a Window of Opportunities

Volunteering shows your enthusiasm and character; it also shows your dedication and commitment to achieve your dreams and highlights your ambition to invest in your future. A study conducted in a Florida Hospital that recruited several volunteers found that they enhanced the overall patient satisfaction rate.

It also suggests that you have excellent time management skills; juggling school, extracurricular, homework, and a volunteer job takes dedication and personal commitment. All of these are impressive to college admissions. A voluntary position will also give you the time to learn about topics you may find interesting.

Regardless of school, volunteering, in general, is great for character building, confidence and it’s another excellent opportunity to meet people in a field of work that might interest you in the future. After all, as the saying goes, a lot of it is who you know!

What Jobs Are Available?

If you want to get a paid job in a hospital, you can apply for the following positions. Remember, all will require a high school GED and some may request extra training in a specific field. These jobs also open up a window of opportunities and get you familiar with the healthcare setting. You can search for these jobs on sites such as Indeed and Simply Hired.

Most of the jobs require excellent written and verbal communication skills, alongside organizational and data entry skills.

Door Screener

In the covid era, door screeners take temperatures and limit the number of visitors entering the hospital. They are also likely the first face a patient or visitor sees. You must be polite, knowledgeable, and organized.

can teen work at hospital

Security Guard

A security guard must be physically fit, have excellent communication skills, have a driver’s license, and possess a guard certification. During this role, you must patrol the hospital building and ensure everything is in order. Guards are responsible for the safety of employees, visitors, and patients.

Laboratory Support Assistant

Organization skills are essential here! Applicants must shadow lab staff, organize materials and supplies, and aid in the lab’s smooth operation.

Entering data is also required by Lab Assistants. Assistants should be knowledgeable in data entry and must be proficient typer.

Food Service Worker

Staff should prepare both hot and cold meals for patients, colleagues, and visitors to the hospital. Time management skills are essential to ensure food delivery is on time.

Tray Aide

A tray aide will work alongside a food service worker by distributing prepared food to staff, visitors, and patients. Tray aides must also be ready to stand for long periods and interact with patients in the hospital. You must also be able to communicate in English and understand written and verbal instructions.

Medical Records Clerk

A medical records clerk is responsible for managing patients’ health records. Their duties include filing, organizing information, and processing discharge papers. A records clerk must also be able to enter data quickly and create digital copies of paperwork. They are also responsible for safeguarding patients’ information. Knowledge of medical terminology is helpful in this role.

can teen work at the hospital


A transporter moves medical appliances as well as patients throughout the hospital. The applicant must be able to lift, pull and be happy to walk throughout the entire shift.


A receptionist manages and organizes documents as well as takes phone calls regarding appointments and visits. Most receptionists are required to have previous experience and must have excellent typing skills. It is a good idea to include your typing speed in your resume if applying for secretarial or reception jobs.

Physical Therapy Aide

A physical Therapy Aide usually works alongside physical therapists to help patients with their exercises and physical therapy modalities. This position may interest someone who would like to apply for Physical Therapy in college or university.

can teens work at the hospital

Nurse’s Aide

A nurse’s aide is responsible for carrying out routine patient care. This includes taking temperatures, blood pressure, checking pulses, and recording temperatures.

Aides must also help with the general hygiene of patients and examinations.

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A Future In Healthcare

If your dream job is working in a healthcare setting, starting early with some volunteering is the way to go. This allows you to build up skills and awareness in the hospital environment and will enable you to experience the career you may pursue in the future.

If you want to work as a doctor or nurse, volunteering is an excellent way to gain valuable knowledge, even with small administrative tasks.

All the best with your medical career.

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