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Can Teens Work at a Hotel?

Can Teens Work at a Hotel

Finally, left school or looking for a part-time job?

Do you live in a tourist area with lots of visitors throughout the year? If so, a hotel job might be the right job for you! With shift flexibility and a fast-paced environment, hotels can be an entertaining and exciting place to work. However, the questions arise, How old do you have to be to get a job? and Can Teens Work at a Hotel?

You’ll be happy to know that teens can work in hotels! However, depending on your state’s labor laws and the hotel’s requirements for accepting teen applicants, the minimum work age can be between 16 and 18 years old.

While 16-year-olds may gain work experience in food service, it is unlikely they will be front-of-house checking in visitors and dealing with transactions. A receptionist is usually required to be at least 18 years old.

can teens work at a hotel

A Career In Hospitality

If you are interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, hotels are often great for experience. Building networking skills and insight into the industry as a teen can give you a step in the right direction to reach management goals in the future.

In a hotel, you work closely alongside your colleagues and different teams; thus, you get to experience multiple roles, which also is excellent to add to your resume for the future!

Ask About The Minimum Age Requirement

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that teens from 14 are eligible for work. However, younger teens are more limited when it comes to employability. There is a limit on 14 to 16-year-olds in the number of hours they can work. Remember to check your state’s labor laws and inquire about the minimum age before applying for a job.

Hotel Jobs For Teen Applicants


Most reception jobs are available for teens 18 and above. A receptionist is responsible for greeting the customer. They also have to be organized and fulfill the needs of the arriving and departing guests. Receptionists must operate multiple tasks and be familiar with the computer system for booking, changing dates, and canceling reservations.

Most hotels have 24-hour reception, so be aware that working non-sociable hours is often requested.

Food Service

Good news if you are 16, food service applications are often open to younger teens. Due to hotels often offering complimentary breakfast and lunch and dinner service, there are many roles available. Whether it be delivering room service, waiting tables, handling cash, dishwasher, or prep cook, there are usually many opportunities for work in food service.

Waiters and waitresses often get paid lower than minimum wage as tips boost their salaries. A job in food service requires you to be friendly and have excellent communication skills between staff.

can teen work at hotel


Housekeepers are required to be efficient and trustworthy. They must do the basic cleaning in rooms, including changing bed linens, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, and making the room appealing to guests.

Most housekeeping jobs require you to be 18, but some states may differ, so always ask. Most housekeepers are required to work morning shifts but can vary during busy periods.


A porter is responsible for escorting guests to their room and making sure their luggage arrives safely there too. A porter also often keeps the front of the hotel organized and greets guests at the door.


A concierge is responsible for making the guests stay stress-free and enjoyable. A concierge may be responsible for booking dinner reservations, transportation, and arranging sightseeing tours. To work as a concierge, you should know the town or city where the hotel is based and strive for excellent customer excellence.

Training In The Hospitality Industry

If you pass the application process and finally succeed in receiving a job offer at a hotel, you will go through lots of training so you can provide the best service to guests.

Training in any job offers invaluable experience and increases your knowledge within the sector. Whether you plan to pursue a career in hospitality or move on after earning some money, working in a hotel is a fantastic way to improve your team-building skills and learn how a high-demand business runs. It’s also an excellent resume filler!

can teens work at hotel

A Future Career In Hotel


If you are a teen having just left school with only a high school diploma on your back, getting your foot into hospitality in any way is fantastic and will help you in the future. And a part-time job while studying at college is a great way to gain experience and plan for your dream career.

Even if you do not want to attend college, experience is excellent, and working your way up and gaining a name for yourself, is possible!

Benefits of Hotel Work

The best part? Working in a hotel does include some great benefits and perks; you would like to think so after the long hours and hard work hotel staff put in day in day out. Depending on the hotel you work at, whether it is a large resort, small chain, or independent. You will likely receive discounted hotel deals, food, and use of hotel facilities.

While more prominent hotels have several facilities such as spas, golf courses, fitness centers, and tennis courts. Such incentives are a bonus to hotel work and make it exciting and worthwhile!

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What’s It Like To Work in a Hotel?

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Final Thoughts

Depending on the application process, most commonly, online applications take over paper resumes. Visiting a hotel and speaking with a manager regarding open positions will not do any harm. Most larger companies advertise on widely used websites like Indeed, and often larger chains such as The Hilton and The Marriot advertise jobs on their websites.

However, make sure to check qualification and age requirements before starting an application.

All the best with getting a great job in a hotel!

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