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Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys? (Full Guide)

can you buy mcdonald's toys

Are you dreaming about your next visit to Mickey D’s for an awesome toy

Many people first visit this fast food franchise when they are in their childhood. The bright colors and play areas are ideal for children and bring about a feeling of nostalgia. The fast food franchise is best known for its burgers, French fries, and hot apple pies. However, for many kids, the best part of a visit is the special toy that comes with their Happy Meal

But have you ever wondered, ‘can you buy McDonald’s toys?’, well it’s time to find out… 

In-Store Purchases

Any time you pay a visit to one of the company’s franchises, you can choose one of these cool figures. All you have to do is order a Happy Meal, and you will receive one free of charge. While Happy Meals are intended for kids, adults can also order and enjoy these menu items if they want. 

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Without a Happy Meal 

You can buy one of these toys even if you are not hungry for a Happy Meal. However, there is a limit on the number of figurines you can purchase. Although there is no set company policy on this, asking to buy one or two shouldn’t be a problem. 

The cost

If you have already bought a Happy Meal, you can buy an additional toy for $0.79. However, the cost of this item without the Happy Meal is usually around $1.69. Therefore, it is best to buy a meal from the kid’s menu and pick up two figurines at the same time. 

Choosing particular toys

When you purchase a Happy Meal, an employer will usually choose the figurine for you. However, you can ask to exchange it for another item from the collection if you want. It is best to state the item that you want when placing your order. However, staff may be unwilling to do this if the item you want is from a special limited edition collection. 

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys? – Purchasing Online 

About Amazon Digital

Although it is not possible to purchase toys from McDonald’s website, you can buy them from other websites. You will find a wide range of Happy Meal items on the Amazon website. They are usually sold by third-party sellers and come in both new and used conditions.

Other good places to look include, eBay, Facebook, and Marketplace. These are usually older items, and the condition can vary widely. If you have items missing from your collection, you may be able to complete them by searching online. 

The Most Valuable McDonald’s Toys

McDonald’s began selling Happy Meals back in 1979, and each meal came with some kind of toy. Most of the items were only available for a short period of time, which made them instant collector’s items. Here are some of the Happy Meal figurines that are worth a lot of money today. 

Potato Head Kids 

This lovable character was released with Happy Meals in 1987 and proved to be very popular. There are several miniatures in the collection, and they became highly sought after when the Toy Story movie was released. If you are lucky enough to have the full set, you can sell them for around $100. 


These tiny stuffed toys were very popular in the 90s and enjoyed a resurgence during their Happy Meal release in 2000. These cute, lovable soft figures often appear in auctions for children’s toys. If you find the right buyer, you can expect to receive more than $100 each for them. 


This collection of figurines was launched in the year 2000 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cartoon. The collection boasts Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and several of his friends. If you have the whole set, you could sell it for around $180. Even individual figurines are very collectible and are sure to come with a high price tag. 

101 Dalmatians

This set was released in 1996 to mark the release of the movie. The cute and instantly recognizable dog figurines proved to be a big hit and attracted a lot of attention. Sales of Happy Meals soared as people went crazy over the figurines. If you have the full set, you can sell it for over $200. 

Full Set of TY Teenie Beanie Boos

Full Set of TY Teenie Beanie Boos


These cute and cuddly characters were released in 2000 and proved to be an instant hit. As a result, several extra characters were added to the collection, and the availability in restaurants was extended. You can expect to sell characters in good condition for $40 each. If you have the full collection, you could sell it for $400 or even more. 

Underwater Monsters 

These were released way back in 1979 and have a lot of nostalgia value. The set features four weird and wonderful monsters with unique designs. If you have the full set in good condition, you could sell it for as much as $400. 

Robots by Diener Keshi

This collection was also released in 1979, and the individual figurines can be very hard to find. If you are lucky enough to have just one figurine, you could sell it for $400. Finding the full set in good condition in your attic is sure to be a cause to celebrate!

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

These colorful superheroes have starred in several TV shows and movies over the years. The collection of figurines complete with vehicles was released in 1994. If you have the full set of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers figurines, you could sell them for $350. 

Inspector Gadget 

Kids of the 80s grew up watching the cartoon of the accident-prone detective and his smart niece. The Inspector Gadget movie was released in 1995, and McDonald’s launched a collection of figurines to promote it. These figurines are so popular and rare that you could make $350 by selling just one of them. 

Fraggle Rock

These colorful and charming characters come from their own hit children’s television series. The collection was released in 1992 and consisted of four characters from the puppet TV series. If you have the whole set of four in good condition, you could sell them for a cool $300.

The future of McDonald’s Toys

The future of McDonald's Toys

Although there is no plan to stop offering toys with Happy Meals, they are likely to change shortly. The company announced that it is committed to stopping the production of plastic toys. The company pledges to produce a sustainable item by 2025, which will be made of plant-based or recycled materials. 

Certain editions in the upcoming collections will be movie characters represented as 3-D cutouts. The company is also committed to changing its packaging from plastic to environmentally-friendly plant-based packaging.

How sustainable can a toy be?

It has yet to be seen how popular the new environmentally-friendly items will be. However, once the plastic models are no longer available, you can be sure the existing models will become even more valuable. If you already have a large collection in your attic, you could be sitting on a small fortune in a few years.

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Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys? – Final Thoughts

Even if you are not hungry, you can visit a branch of the franchise and pick up a cute character.

 Although these items are usually given away free with McDonald’s Happy Meals, you can buy them separately. You also have the chance to choose the toy that will complete your collection. These figurines make great collector’s items. They usually come as part of a set and are available for a limited period. If you collect the whole set, you may find that it is worth a lot of money in a few years.

Enjoy your new Mcdonald’s Toy… No ‘Happy Meal’ needed!

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