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Can You Get A CDL With A Felony?

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony

In the United States law, a felon is generally known as a crime punishable by long term custody of more than one year or by the death sentence.

A felony judgment in the United States can have long term out-turns after the release from imprisonment, including the loss of voting freedom, exclusion from achieving particular licenses, and eviction for a non-US resident.

An individual who commits a felony is known as a felon. A person who is convicted of a felony is known as a convict or a convicted felon.

A felon is usually someone who has committed a serious crime which includes rape, murder, kidnapping, or an aggravated physical assault. White-collar crimes can also be included here, like security frauds and tax avoidance.


Felonies can be classified in general based on whether the offense or the crime is against a property or a person.

Crime against a person include:

1 Drug-related cases

2 Driving under the influence or DUI

3 Domestic violence

4 Assault

5 Manslaughter

6 Kidnapping

7 Murder (1st and 2nd degree).

The cases against property include:

1 Arson- burning or setting fire to a property, building, or a house for criminal intention or purpose such as a deceptive insurance scheme.

2 Fraud – felony fraud is a highly significant kind of fraud and typically implies a large amount of money or a government agency.

What Is A CDL?

Utilizing huge trading motor vehicles (such as a truck) needs specific training and skills that should be learned. A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) is a professional executive license that allows the keeper of the license to drive those huge trading motor vehicles and buses on high roadways and in the United States’ streets.

The license signifies that you were trained, tested, and qualified to safely utilize a large trading motor vehicle.

What Type Of CDLs Are There?

To acquire a CDL, it will be compulsory for you to find out which category u will need, as there are three fundamental types of calls.

  • Class A – allows the keeper to utilize any merge of vehicles with a flagrantly combined weight rating of 26,001 pounds or even more. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a vehicle exceeds 10,000 pounds.
  • Class B – This allows the holder to utilize any single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more than it. If the skill-testing is taken on a bus with a GVWR, which is less than 26,001 pounds; the keeper will be prohibited from operating buses under 26,001 pounds GVWR.

Can You Get the CDL With Felony

  • Class C – It allows the holder to utilize any single motor vehicle or a combination of motor vehicles that don’t include a class A or class B.

If you have a valid CDL with you, you have the right to drive all vehicles in the category for which that particular license has been issued, including your vehicle.

What Disqualifies A CDL Driver?

You cannot take a hazard on the roads and expect to become a professional commercial vehicle driver. Driving commercially on the roads means that you are on a much higher standard while driving your vehicle.

Now here comes the question: can they get their CDL license? The answer is No.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, also known as FMCSA, creates the CDL incapacity rules that cause a motor vehicle driver to get suspended. The FMCSA also sets the regulations and rules for suspension for all CDL keepers. What the law claims as reasons for the disqualification include:

Can You Get CDL With Felony

Immoderate speeding – Disqualification for immoderate speeding can be possible if the vehicle’s driver is in a trading or commercial motor vehicle. Immoderate speeding in a private vehicle such as a car or a personal truck will not be counted against the driver.

  • Leaving an accident scene – Running away from a site of accident counts for disqualification. The law tells all CMV drivers to stop at the site where an accident has taken place.
  • Controlled materially – A person who is under the impact or influences of a controlled substance will eventually be disqualified.
  • Blood alcohol density – The level of alcohol in the blood of 0.04 is grounds for disqualification. You will have to lose your commercial and your regular license in this case.

There are a lot of specific reasons why a person can lose their CDL. You should drive carefully in any commercial motor vehicle to keep your CDL. Anyone that cannot follow the above can lose their license.

But as a commercial trading vehicle driver, you are on a much lighter level than a regular car driver. The large size and fatal nature of commercial motor vehicles make them a potential danger on the road.

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony?

It depends on the felony. There are several driving training schools, and some of the felons may have a short-term ban on getting their CDL.

Federal laws can stop felons from getting their CDL in the cases such as – Corruption, arson, kidnapping, extraction, manslaughter by a motor vehicle, intention to murder, fatality caused by a because of negligence or reckless driving, smuggling, driving with a BAC of 0.08% or higher than that.

Can You Get CDL With A Felony

If you certainly decide to utilize a commercial motor vehicle to commit a felony, you will also get prohibited or even banned from receiving your CDL. Different states have their own rules about the CDL license.

The truck driving industry creates solid career opportunities for people with all individual backgrounds. A criminal history (felony) or flawed driving however can leave you doubtful about your eligibility for a CDL.

Some felons can have a short-term ban on getting a CDL when others can get disqualified for permanent. The good news here is that you do not particularly have a clean record of getting selected as a bus or a truck driver. Although there are a few requirements for felons, you must meet them to confirm if you are eligible for CDL training.

Type Of Conviction

The felony conviction matters: not every offense or crime damages your eligibility to get a CDL. For example, minor violence cannot eliminate you from getting a job as a commercial motor vehicle driver. Some driving infractions or a major serious criminal conviction however can ban you from getting a CDL.

The state you live in matters: The FMCSA sets the rule for disqualification for all CDL keepers. Besides, every state has its own rules and regulations on commercial driving licenses that may eliminate you from eligibility. Whether a felon quality or not, a commercial driving license relies on the condition of the resident.

How much time has passed: many eliminations are not permanent. Time doesn’t matter, and it can improve a lot of things for good.


Some companies also consider the age of the felony. Some employers and schools will only select you if the felony is at least 5-15 years old. The type of felony is also considered. A misdemeanor violation of traffic can be more problematic than a conviction for theft. It is recommended that you not extend or unbend the truth.

This could lead to worse and long-term problems if the employer or someone at the school finds out the reality. Do not make a mistake and make smart decisions. Honesty is always the best policy and it will take you far. Apply for your CDL today and turn your life around.

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