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Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

can you hide orders on amazon

Every time you order from Amazon, there is a package floating about with your details on it, before it reaches you. This package could contain a surprise for a loved one or an item that you would prefer your household and neighbors do not see.

Great, you bought something from the adult section or decided to support the shop your neighbor swore to boycott. Whatever it is, you deserve to shop in peace and in private. Now, some of us also have sleuths in our homes, ready to snoop around your account or even your front porch to satisfy their curiosity.

This has probably made you wonder… if you are an Amazon user, Can You Hide Orders On Amazon, and not only from the world at large but also from your shopping history itself?

Discreet Shopping

Discreet Shopping

Many items are shipped in their original box without further packaging or will have a label revealing what is inside. When you shop on Amazon, after selecting the item, it should state it as such in a phrase when you view your cart.

You can then tick the option that requests the item to be placed inside an Amazon box. This will automatically be viewed as a “discreet order,” and no identifying markers of the item will be placed on the outside of the box, other than your shipping info label.

Privacy guaranteed…

This way, whenever your package is delivered, no one will know what is inside of your package without opening it. Yes, Nancy Neighbor will have no idea you bought eight boxes of cookies instead of supporting her sidewalk bake sale!

Reconsider Your “Household Amazon Account”

Many families opt for a household account with several profiles so that each family member may order their own items from one account. However, the profiles are all under one account password – this means that any family member may easily snoop on your account.

If you think that your partner, child, or parent may click on your profile, on accident or on purpose, you may want to consider opening a personal account with your own password that they cannot get into.

What if they get in anyway?

Addressing privacy in your own home is often easier said than done, and is a conversation that needs to be covered at another time. Ruined surprises or undue embarrassment aside, you can still hide your order from your account. Simply archive the order from your order details. This won’t delete the details around it completely but will make it a little bit harder to find.

This feature has a bonus to hide your immediate order list from Amazon itself – so anyone calling and enquiring about your order on your behalf, or pretending to be you, will come up with nothing.

Incognito mode and VPNs

Incognito mode and VPNs will keep your search history private from those who feel the need to look up what you may have ordered.

If you forgot to use either of these, be sure to clear your browser history. Also, remember not to save passwords on your computer and log out of your account completely after use. This will prevent your family members from using an automated login process later.

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Can You Hide Orders On Amazon – Final Thoughts

You should always feel comfortable and secure enough to shop and ship items you would like without the added worry of others invading your privacy. And if the measures I have covered are followed, you should not have any trouble doing so.

However, if you are younger than 18 and you are hiding certain purchases from your parents, it may be worth speaking to an adult that you trust and having a conversation about why you feel you need to hide your items. Whatever your reason, it may not be worth the risk, as it might cause significant problems later.

Good luck, and enjoy your online shopping!

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