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Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart? (Full Guide)

can you return an item to a different walmart

Walmart is home to pretty much everything you might need for any aspect of life. This includes goods for your home, garden, office, children’s party, car maintenance, beach holiday, skiing vacation, and even pet accessories! 

Sometimes, you might make a purchase at a different Walmart than your usual store. You could have been out and about visiting a different part of town or enjoying yourself on a well-earned holiday. After returning home, it’s easy to change your mind about something you bought and decide you don’t want it after all.

So, can you return an item to a different Walmart store than where you bought it? Or will you need to make the trek back to the same store? Let’s find out as I take an in-depth look at their return policy.

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy?

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy?

Changed your mind on your Walmart purchase? You’ll be happy to know it’s a pretty simple process to return it. Walmart offers a standard 90 days return window on most of their items (as always, there are a few exceptions.) You simply need the receipt or walmart.com order number and the item to bring in-store. 

If your return comes from an online order, then you can choose to either return in-store or via the free ‘Return by Mail’ option with FedEx or USPS.

Exceptions to electrical goods…

The exceptions mentioned above include but are not limited to most electrical items like prepaid and contract phones. Tablets, laptops, hoverboards, video game hardware, drones, prescription glasses and contacts, and hearing aids. You have between 14 and 60 days to return the above-mentioned products.

Interestingly some items are completely ineligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds. These include but are not limited to things like prepaid phone and gaming cards, prescription medication, firearms, and ammunition.

The list goes on…

Gas-powered vehicles like dirt bikes and ATVs, diabetic supplies, trading cards regardless of being opened or not, and Walmarts video-on-demand service. You can find the full list of exceptions and their return requirements here.

Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart?

Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart?

Yes! Absolutely! You can return an item bought at one Walmart to a different Walmart location. Walmart has made it very convenient for its customers. You can return unwanted items to any of its stores, regardless of the location of purchase. 

For example, you bought something from the Walmart Superstore in East Newark, New Jersey, on a day trip with friends. Though you live in Westbury, Long Island, and it’s pretty inconvenient for you to make the return to the original store. Revel in the knowledge that you can take it to your local Walmart store in Long Island. You can take it to any Walmart location anywhere that’s convenient for you for a full refund! 

Just make sure you meet all the conditions of Walmart’s return policy.

How Do I Return An Item?

You can return your unwanted item to any Walmart store in a few easy steps. If you have a Walmart account, you can start the return on your app and follow the prompts to create a returns barcode. Bring this and the item you are returning to any store. 

Don’t have an account? Bring the item you wish to return to any Walmart location. Along with the receipt and the original form of payment, i.e., your credit or debit card, and head to the Customer Services desk. Usually, you’ll find it at the front of the store. Present the Walmart associate with the item and receipt or returns barcode, and they will complete the refund for you.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Form of Payment?

It’s important to note that Walmart refunds its customers back to the original form of payment. But as always, there are a few exceptions to the rules. Let’s find out more…

Cash Or Personal Check

Cash Or Personal Check

If you paid with cash or a personal check, you will get a cash refund.

Gift Card

If you paid with a Walmart gift card and do the entire return in-store, the refund will usually be credited to a new gift card for you. However, if you initiate the return online or via the app, and then complete it in-store. You can expect the refund to be issued back to the original gift card. As this is what is associated with your Walmart account. 

Pro Tip: It’s best not to dispose of any gift cards, even if they have a zero balance, until you are sure you don’t require a refund!

Debit Card

If you pay with a debit card, Walmart will refund the money back to the debit card if you can provide it. If not, it’s likely the employee will offer you cash. 

Credit Card

If you paid using a credit card, Walmart will only refund it back to that credit card. So it’s in your best interest to remember to bring it along with you! If you can’t produce it and your Walmart associate cannot verify your credit card information in their system. You should then be issued with a Walmart shopping card or gift card with the refunded balance.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt?

What happens if you’ve lost your Walmart receipt and you wish to make a return? Thankfully there are several ways in which a return can still be made. 

If you paid with a credit or debit card, the associate can search through their system to find your transaction. If found, they will issue a refund back to that card. But, if the item was bought online, then all you need is the email or phone number you used to make the purchase. Your helper can then assist you with your refund.

Photo ID Card

Photo ID Card

Finally, you can use your government-issued photo ID card and go through the Walmart refund verification process. If the system accepts it and the amount is less than $10, you will get a cash refund. However, if it’s greater than $10, you’ll be issued a Walmart gift card or shopping card. You could also opt to exchange your return for a different item.

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Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart – Final Thoughts

You can return your unwanted Walmart items to any Walmart location. It doesn’t matter where the original transaction took place. The same can be done for any online transactions as well.

Walmart has 4,735 stores located in every state in America. It’s been estimated that there is a Walmart within a 10-mile radius of 90% of Americans. That’s nine out of every ten people within an uninterrupted eight-and-a-half-minute drive of a Walmart location. Now that’s pretty easy access for most to the world’s largest company (by revenue) and biggest employer!

Wow, the Return Policies at Walmart really are great!

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