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Can you skip a leg of a connecting flight?

Can You Skip a Leg of a Connecting Flight?

Yes, it is possible to skip a leg of a connecting flight. However, it is a practice that is heavily discouraged by airlines. Known as ‘hidden city’ ticketing, the act of purposely skipping a leg of a connecting flight is often due to the passenger finding a cheaper ticket to a popular destination that has a layover in their actual intended destination. While this might seem like a savvy way to save on travel costs, it comes with its own fair share of risks and complications.

What happens if you miss a connecting flight?

Will the airline rebook my flight if I miss a connection?

Yes, if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay in your previous flight, most airlines are usually accommodating and will book you on the next available flight without additional charge. However, this policy depends on whether both flights are booked under the same itinerary.

Am I entitled to compensation if I miss a connecting flight?

In most cases, you are entitled to compensation when you miss a connecting flight due to the airline’s fault. This includes situations such as mechanical problems or crew issues. However, if the missed connection was due to reasons beyond the airline’s control, like weather conditions or passengers’ health issues, they are not required to compensate.

What are the consequences of skipping a leg of a connecting flight?

Can my ticket be cancelled if I skip a flight leg?

Yes, most airlines have stipulated in their terms and conditions that if a passenger does not show up for any part of their itinerary, the remaining segments of their journey can be cancelled without notice. This means the rest of your ticket, including your return trip if applicable, would become invalid.

Can I face any penalties or charges for skipping a flight leg?

While in most cases, airlines will not go after passengers for what can be seen as a violation of their contract of carriage, they can theoretically charge passengers the difference between the fare paid and the fare for the travelled portion. Some airlines may also strip away points earned in loyalty programs or ban passengers from future travel on their airlines.

When does it make sense to skip a leg of a connecting flight?

Are there any scenarios where it’s beneficial to miss a flight leg?

While it is generally discouraged to miss a leg of your connecting flight, there may be cases when it could be beneficial. Such circumstances may be when there’s a sudden alteration in your travel plans or an unforeseen emergency that necessitates you to stay at your layover city. However, it is always crucial to notify the airline about your decision.

What if I have no checked baggage?

Passengers who only have carry-on baggage may find it easier to skip a leg of their connecting flights. With checked luggage, the situation becomes more complicated as it is generally forwarded to your final destination on your ticket, not your stopover destination.

In conclusion, while missing a leg of a connecting flight might seem desirable or inevitable in some situations, it brings about its own set of complications which could possibly negate any perceived advantages. It is advisable to always keep open communication with your airline if you find yourself needing to skip a flight leg, doing so will keep you updated on any possible changes on your itinerary and keep you in good standing with the airline.

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