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Can You Split Payments On Amazon (Full Guide)

can you split payments on amazon

At some point or another, you will find yourself with two credit or debit cards, and neither have enough money for the Amazon item you want. 

If you were to use both cards, you could pay for the item, which begs the question… Can You Split Payments On Amazon? The short answer is no, Amazon only allows one card per account; however, there are some ways you could get around this. 

Get A Cash Gift Card

Get A Cash Gift Card

You can purchase gift cards from a local retailer and then add those gift cards to your account when you get home. They can either cover the total cost of the item you want or supplement as a credit to add to what your card linked to your account will not cover. You can use this link to find participating retailers that sell Amazon gift cards.

Using Mastercard/Visa gift cards

Unfortunately, these cards are still seen as debit or credit cards, so you will not be able to use them on your account. You can, however, use it to buy Amazon gift cards to credit your account with funds to use on your purchases. 

eGift yourself

You can set up a second account with your second credit card. Then, select the item you would like to purchase, enter the amount you would like to pay for it, and gift it to your main account. You can then use that as credit toward the item and pay the rest with your main account credit card balance.

If you change your mind about the item, you are not obliged to use the credit for it. You can simply redeem the gift card, and it will be applied to your account to be used for any item you like at a later date! 

Why gift cards are handy

Gift cards never expire! So even if you cannot buy the item immediately, or you have second thoughts about it, you don’t have to worry about using it in time. Even if the item goes on sale and your gift card is worth more than the purchase price, the remaining funds will be credited to your account for future use. 

Why Amazon Does Not Allow Split Payments

Why Amazon Does Not Allow Split Payments

Credit card fraud and data protection are the two most prominent concerns. Many online vendors choose to stick to one credit card per account to prevent this from being a problem. For example, if you were to create a family account and link both your card and your partner’s card, you could accidentally order items from the wrong card. 

Criminals often purchase large items using multiple cloned cards obtained by theft, as smaller transactions go largely unnoticed. Amazon tries to circumvent this by not allowing multiple cards to be used for one transaction. 

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Can You Split Payments On Amazon – Final Thoughts

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to have to purchase gift cards. However, it is a safety mechanism to help keep your finances secure and avoid costly mistakes on either your part or Amazon’s.

So, enjoy your online shopping safely and securely!

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