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Can You Use EBT on DoorDash? (Full Guide)

can you use ebt on doordash

Do you need to get groceries delivered to your door?

If you can not get to the supermarket for some reason, you can use a food delivery service. A large number of companies accept grocery orders and will fulfill them for a small fee. If you have an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card, you are likely to use it to pay for groceries. However, only a limited number of companies accept these cards as payment for deliveries.

If you are wondering, ‘can you use EBT on DoorDash?’ Then it’s time to find out…

All About EBT

All About EBT

Around 38 million people in the United States use Electronic Benefits Transfer and SNAP to pay for essential groceries. While the exact figure varies in different states, around 10% to 15% of the population qualifies. This is designed to make life easier for people who rely on welfare to make ends meet.

On average, people who rely on EBT receive $125 per month. Participants are provided with a card, which can be used to purchase products in stores and online. However, not all stores and websites accept EBT as payment for goods and services. 


Unfortunately, DoorDash does not accept Electronic Benefit Transfer as payment for orders. This is mainly because this benefit is not designed to cover restaurant-prepared food. As a result, DoorDash is not legally allowed to accept EBT. Competing food delivery services such as Postmates, Uber Eats, and GrubHub are also unable to accept EBT. 

Paying with cash

In the past, it was possible to pay your delivery driver with cash when they brought food to your door. However, DoorDash suspended cash payments in 2020 during the pandemic. There is no information as yet about if or when cash will be an accepted payment method in the future.

Can You Use EBT On DoorDash? – Accepted Payment Methods

Can You Use EBT On DoorDash? – Accepted Payment Methods

Even though it is not possible to pay for your DoorDash order with an EBT, other payment methods are accepted. It is important to note that the availability can be limited in some areas of the United States. It is a good idea to review the different options and choose one that best meets your needs and means.

The main accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • DoorDash gift cards
  • Venmo

Multiple payment methods

You can also use a combination of payment methods to pay for an order. Simply add all of them to your account and choose the one you want to use. It is easy to switch between when completing payment for an order. 

How Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards Work 

How Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards Work

If you have an EBT card, you can use it to pay for certain products and services. This system sends payments to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants. This benefits program is known as SNAP for short. 

Funds are designated through this program to help people with low incomes pay for food. While individuals can apply for the funds, the benefits also extend to their spouses and dependents. The EBT Card is similar to a debit or credit card and can be used to pay for food. However, there are restrictions on the types of food that can be purchased.

What You Can Use An EBT Card To Purchase

The main purpose of this card is to purchase groceries for your household. The items that are covered are usually used to create healthy and nutritious meals for the whole family. Here are the main types of foods and other items that your EBT card should cover.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables

All types of fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased with an EBT Card. In addition, most canned fruits and vegetables can also be purchased. This is designed to ensure that recipients consume enough vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. 

Dairy products

You can use your card to purchase eggs, milk, yogurt, and other types of vegan products. If you follow a vegan diet, the card covers non-dairy substitutes such as soy milk and tofu. It is also possible to purchase yogurt made from coconut milk and soy milk. 

Bakery products

Bread is considered to be an essential grocery item and can be purchased with your card. You can also pick up a range of other bakery products like cakes, cookies, bagels, and muffins. However, made-to-order cakes and other bakery products are not eligible. 

Ready meals

If you are not a wiz in the kitchen, you can use your card to purchase fresh and frozen ready meals. However, the cost of these items tends to be higher, so your budget may not stretch quite as far. It is a good idea to try and limit your purchase and use of ready meals and supplement them with fresh produce. 

Deli products

Deli products

Your EBT card can be used to purchase numerous items, such as slices of meat and cheese. This includes many pre-made deli products such as quiche. However, you cannot buy sandwiches and other items that are made to order. 

Use your EBT Card to purchase the following items:

  • Infant formula
  • Fresh and frozen meat
  • Fresh and frozen seafood
  • Cereal
  • Tea and coffee
  • Rice and pasta
  • Protein bars
  • Packaged snacks
  • Nuts and seeds

Excluded Items

Before using your EBT card in stores and online, you need to be aware of excluded items. If your order contains one or more of these items, your whole order could be canceled. Alternatively, you may be charged separately for these items. Here is an overview of the types of items you cannot use your EBT card to purchase. 

Hot food

Hot food that had been made specially to order cannot be purchased with your card. This includes any types of hot meals that are sold by restaurants and supermarkets. Items such as hot lasagna, pizza, and rotisserie chicken are excluded from EBT card purchases. This is the main reason you cannot use your card to order food from restaurants. 

Pet products

Pet products

While this benefit is designed to help your family, it does not stretch to your furry friends. You cannot use your card to purchase pet food, treats, accessories, or toys. 


Products that are considered to be non-essential lifestyle choices cannot be purchased using your card. These include tobacco and alcohol products of all types. Supplements are also ineligible for purchase with your Electronic Benefits Transfer card. 

Other categories of ineligible products include:

  • Plants and flowers
  • Cleaning products
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine
  • Personal hygiene products

Retailers That Accept EBT Cards

SNAP beneficiaries can use their EBT card to arrange grocery deliveries. However, this service does not currently cover all parts of the United States. People who live in Louisiana, Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska cannot currently use the card to have their groceries delivered. 

If you live in the rest of the United States, you can go online and choose the groceries you need. After going to the checkout, you can select your EBT card as the payment method. As long as you have not selected restricted items, your card will be processed, and your order will be delivered. 

Let’s take a look at the main retailers that accept this benefits card as payment. 


Place an Instacart Order

This food delivery service accepts EBT card payments and SNAP benefits. The food delivery service works closely with a number of grocery retailers and other types of stores. However, you need to make sure that your order does not include hot food and other ineligible items.


Electronic Benefits Transfer card payment is accepted by Walmart stores in 44 different states. Simply add the details of your card at the checkout to complete the process. You can also order and pay for your groceries on the Walmart website and arrange curbside pickup.  


This online retailer sells a large number of groceries that are eligible for purchase with the card. This includes fresh and canned produce, beverages, meat, and pantry staples. There are often special deals and discounts available, which helps to make your budget stretch further. You may even qualify for free delivery if your order comes to a certain amount.  


You can use your card to pay for groceries in more than 1,700 ALDI stores in 37 different states. The EBT card can also be used on the ALDI website. If you need to have your groceries delivered, you can use the Instacart app to get your goodies brought to you. 

BJ’s Wholesale

BJ’s Wholesale

All of the company’s stores in the United States accept Electronic Benefit Transfer cards as payment. However, you can only use your card online in a handful of states, and it is not accepted by the app. If you need to have your groceries delivered, you can do this through the Instacart app. 

Food Lion

This retailer accepts EBT card payments for both curbside pickup and grocery deliveries. More than 350 stores located in North Carolina accept this card as payment. 


You can use your card as payment through the company’s website, app, and physical stores. However, you need to arrange curbside pickup if you make a purchase through the app or website. When purchasing your groceries, you need to select the time and day you want to make the collection. 


You can use your EBT card to order groceries through Kroger’s website. While the company doesn’t offer a delivery service, you can take advantage of free curbside pickup. Simply choose the groceries you want, use your card to pay, and choose the time you will collect them. 


How Publix Pays its Employees

Publix began accepting Electronic Benefit Transfer card payments in 2021. You can order food from Publix and pay for it with your card through Instacart. 

Safeway and Albertsons

You can use your card to purchase products in both physical stores and through the company’s websites. This service is limited to people who live in ten different states as well as Washington D.C. You can arrange curbside pickup or have your groceries delivered through the DoorDash Albertsons delivery program.


You can use your card for both grocery curbside pickup and food delivery. Use your card at the checkout on the ShopRite mobile app and website. However, only people who live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware can use their EBT cards. 

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Final Thoughts 

Unfortunately no, Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards can not be used to pay for DoorDash deliveries. This is because drivers mainly collect food from restaurants and bring these orders to customers. Food that is cooked to order by a restaurant or other type of eatery is not covered by the card.

However, you can use your EBT Card to have groceries delivered to your door. This is a good option for people who do not have their own transportation or are mobility challenged. A large number of supermarket chains accept the card as many and will bring your selected groceries to you.

All the very best food shopping with your EBT Card!

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