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Can You Use Poly Mailers for USPS?

can you use poly mailers for usps

Are you searching for the easiest and most affordable way to send different items? 

The United States Postal Service offers a wide range of different shipping services. Before choosing the right service, it is important to make sure your items are properly packaged. If you want to send fragile items, opting for a poly mailer is one of the best solutions. 

These strong yet lightweight envelopes come in a wide range of different sizes and styles. So, let’s find out, ‘can you use poly mailers for USPS?’

About Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are padded envelopes that are lightweight and durable. They are fairly cheap and offer an eco-friendly alternative to regular packaging. This makes it easy to protect delicate and valuable items that you want to send through the mail. 

This type of packaging is easy to use, ship, and transport. Because it is lighter than traditional packaging, the shipping costs are lower. However, it is important to make sure that you follow the USPS guidelines when choosing poly mailers.

Different Types Of Poly Mailers

This popular packaging comes in a range of different styles. The types you choose will depend on the kinds of items you want to send through the mail. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular options. 


These standard poly mailers are the most popular type because they do not feature padding and are the cheapest to ship. They are best suited for clothing and other items that do not need extra protection. You must make sure the contents will not get damaged when other items are placed on top of the packaging.  


While these envelopes are similar to the standard type, they are created from compostable materials. This means that they can decompose back to earth after a certain period. They serve as a simple eco-friendly alternative to plastic because they help to reduce waste and the strain on landfills.


Bubble mailers

These envelopes feature a protective layer of bubble wrap on the inside. This provides delicate items with an extra layer of protection during the shipping process. 

While this type costs a little more, it also provides extra piece of mind. Bubble mailers are a good choice for semi-fragile items like watches, small electronics, small mirrors, and jewelry. 


These envelopes are set with a transparent front that is used for product display. They allow the receiver to view the contents easily without having to open them. Labels, shipping information, and company branding can be attached to the back of the envelope. 

Clearview envelopes are commonly used for shipping print materials such as magazines, catalogs, journals, and books. 

Tyvek poly mailers 

The United States Postal Service sells this type of padded envelope in post office branches and online. Tyvek envelopes are made from densely woven polyethylene fibers and are especially durable. They are water-resistant and particularly sturdy, making them ideal for shipping photographs and important documents. 

Recycled poly mailers

As the name suggests, this type of packaging is created from recycled materials. This makes the envelopes a good choice for eco-conscious companies and anyone who is environment-focused. In some cases, these are created entirely from recycled materials, while others can contain just 50% recycled materials. 

They are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and are very durable and moisture-resistant. 


These heavy-duty and tamper-resistant envelopes are perfect for shipping bulkier items. Expansion envelopes are created from strong and sturdy polythene with padded bases. This makes them tear-resistant. These large envelopes are perfect for items like books, binders, sweatshirts, jackets, and hoodies. 

They withstand moisture well during the shipping process and are also puncture-resistant.


These envelopes are usually created from ethanol that is derived from plant-based sources like sugar cane and cornstarch. They do not contain polythene and can be commercially composted or composted at home. 

These are perfect for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment. However, biodegradable envelopes are not as sturdy or water-resistant as some options. 

Reasons To Choose Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers have become very popular in recent years; in fact, they are quickly becoming the most common method of sending different types of items. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of packing material. 

Reasons To Choose Poly Mailers


One of the most appealing things about Poly Mailers is that they are cheap. When bought in bulk, they typically cost around 25 cents each. This is a significant saving compared to the piece of $1.25 for mailer boxes of a similar size. Because they are lightweight, you also save a little on the cost of shipping.

Reduced space 

Storing a large number of boxes can take up a lot of space and be inconvenient. Even when the boxes are not assembled, they can be quite big and bulky. If you collapse the boxes for easy storage, you then have to go through the hassle of putting them back together.

However, poly mailers hardly take up any space and can be stacked on top of each other. Many companies, such as Walmart, sell poly mailers and will even send them right to your door. This makes it easy to keep a selection close to hand when you need them. 

Ease of use 

These envelopes are designed to be very easy to use, and there are no strings or fasteners to battle with. Because they come ready assembled, you will save a lot of time and trouble. This makes it quicker and easier to send a large number of items to different people. 


Companies can pay a little extra to add their branding to these shipping envelopes. Several companies let retailers create their own designs for very affordable prices. 

Alternatively, it is easy to attach a sticker or a specially designed ink stamp to the envelopes. These come in a whole host of colors and sizes, making it easy to find what you need. 

Available Shipping Services

Once you have decided which type of poly mailer you are going to use, you need to choose the shipping service. The United States Postal Service offers a few different options for this type of packaging. Let’s take a closer look at the main options so that you can choose the best service for your needs. 

Available Shipping Services

First Class Mail

This type of mail is the best option when you are shipping a package weighing 13 ounces or less. It is the cheapest way to send packages and is the best option for sending lightweight items. 

Priority Mail

This shipping service is suitable for packages weighing up to 70 pounds. If you are sending an envelope at least ¾ inch thick, it will be labeled ‘thick envelope.’ 

Packages that are at least 1.5 inches thick will simply be labeled ‘package.’ It should be noted that the United States Postal Service may open Priority Mail to verify the contents. 

Media Mail

This is an affordable way to send DVDs, CDS, books, and other types of print materials. This shipping service is available for packages weighing up to 70 pounds. 

It is commonly used for magazines, books, vinyl records, DVDs, and CDs. Like Priority Mail, the United States Postal Service Can open Media Mail to verify the contents.

United States Postal Service Guidelines

United States Postal Service Guidelines

The United States Postal Service has a few rules regarding the use of poly mailers. You need to choose the right thickness for the overall weight of the package. This guideline is designed to make sure your packaging will not burst or tear during shipping. 

If your package weighs up to five pounds, you need to choose a poly mailer that is at least two inches thick. The thickness must be at least four inches if the package weighs up to ten pounds. There cannot be more than half an inch of space between the contents and the edge of the packaging.

Facts To Know When Sending A Parcel

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Final Thoughts 

If you want to send a gift to someone special, it is a good idea to pop it in a poly mailer. These padded envelopes help to keep the contents safe and secure. This type of packaging is ideal for people who regularly sell products and need to ship them to customers.

Fortunately, the United States Postal Service accepts a wide range of different types of poly mailers. It is important to understand and follow the guidelines before you get started. Not only is it generally cheaper, but it is also more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging.

Good luck sending your next parcel safely!

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