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Captain D’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Captain D’s, a popular seafood restaurant, takes pride in servings at reasonable costs. This national company operates over 500 sites in 25 different states. The restaurant, mostly centered in the American South and Midwest, regularly employs fresh and enthusiastic employees.

Check out the available job openings to join Captain D’s. This fast-food restaurant chain provides full-time, part-time, entry-level, hourly, and managerial-level career options. The candidates looking to join Captain D’s should visit its website and go through the career page.

Besides, you can go through this article and know the available job titles at Captain D’s with the benefits, duties, career growth plans, training programs, competitive salary, flexible schedules, and much more offered by the fast-food chain.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Captain D’s

Captain D hires 16-years-old individuals to join the brand. The operational hours and working schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday to Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Captain D’s

Full-time and part-time options in professional careers in management and entry-level crew member positions are available. To begin the recruiting process for fast food employment, candidates should fill out an online application or visit a local establishment. Unlike other big fast-food restaurants, Captain D’s encourages casual dining and provides ample seats for families and individual customers at each site.

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Employees strive to create welcoming environments and prepare menu items according to customer preferences quickly and efficiently. In addition, associates must follow health and safety rules when handling and cooking food.

Regular contact with clients and coworkers is required for most of the employment available with the seafood fast-food company. Though this well-known company strives to provide a relaxing environment, staff must complete tasks promptly to maintain service quality.

The Job Positions Available at Captain D’s

Captain D seeks candidates for Area Brand Operator or Multi-Unit Manager, General Manager, and Restaurant Manager positions.

It also offers Hourly or Assistant Manager, Cashier Crew Member, and Cook Crew Member positions. Jobs for entry-level clerks to professional managers are available at Captain D’s. Employees at Captain D’s are allowed to work both full-time and part-time. The restaurant provides a calming and soothing atmosphere for its customers and ensures that the employees have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Guest Specialist

  • A Guest Specialist has to maintain good relations with the guests, handles the cash counter, serves food, maintaining clean dining room areas and also the kitchen.
  • This job also requires standing for hours.
  • An experienced employee can earn up to $9-$10 at most.

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  • This post comes in two segments team leaders and also general managers.
  • Managers are also expected to handle all the inventories, supplies, customer relations, management between the staff, and other tasks.
  • A team leader can earn $8-$9 hourly, and the annual salary for general managers can rise to $45000 a year over time.

The Online Job Application Process of Captain D’s

  • Search for Captain D’s official website and scroll down to the job application segment.
  • Under the open job headings, write your city/state/zip code.
  • Choose the radius you are comfortable in from the drop-down menu.
  • Press the apply button
  • You will see the locations and then choose a location that suits you.
  • Read the job description and press Apply Now button.
  • Click on the get started button and fill up the form with your name, last name, birth month, birth date, and pin.
  • Fill in the form with your personal and professional information and submit it. The hiring team will get back to you.

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Checking Job Application Status for Captain D’s

Captain D’s hiring process is often quick, especially for entry-level candidates. Within a day or two, team members may get contacted for an interview. Candidates are given two to three weeks to wait. Longer wait times of at least two weeks are common for shift supervisors and other managerial positions.

Calling or emailing the fast-food chain’s recruiting management to inquire about the status of your application may help speed up the process. Candidates can also pay a visit to a site and speak with recruiters in person.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Captain D’s

There are various work benefits given to employees like:

  • They also provide complimentary uniforms to the workers.
  • The company ensures the pay scales are competitive.
  • Flexible work schedules and training programs.
  • Workers can also relish discounted or free meals, depending on the locality.
  • Proficient employees can enjoy extended job advantage packages like benefitting from retirement plans, special tax credits, paid vacation, and many other healthcare options, to name a few.
  • The company ensures that the employees are comfortable in the work environment. The company also provides extra benefits and training to let the workers grow vertically.

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Additional Details of Captain D’s

The freshness of the food is at the heart of Captain D’s operations. This fast-food chain sources the menu components directly from fish-rich areas around the country. Foods are also subjected to comprehensive third-party inspections by firms that are certified in food auditing. Employees must also conduct internal audits to guarantee that food remains fresh from the moment of catch to the plate of each client.

Captain D screens alls entry-level and also management-level employees. Candidates seeking open positions should be willing to work various shifts, operate in a fast-paced workplace, and wear uniforms. Other factors include regular engagement with coworkers and customers and employment responsibilities centered around food safety. You should use the application to draw attention to any skills or abilities that are relevant or linked. Prospective candidates without previous experience can offset their lack of experience by participating in extracurricular activities.


Candidates must be at least 16 years old to apply for open positions at the seafood restaurant. Managerial positions often ask the applicant to be at least 18 years old while filling applications. Employees at the national restaurant business receive paid training, continued professional growth, and bonus opportunities. To check the complete hiring and application submission process of Captain D’s, please go through the details in the guide above. This will also give you an idea of how to answer during the interviews.

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