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Car Detailer Job Description

the car detailer job description

Car detailers are automotive service providers who clean the interior and exterior of the car. They can simply wash the car, vacuum the car and provide deep cleaning services for cars. They use manual techniques to clean cars such as hand wash of cars. The service provider also uses a steam wash for cleaning the cars. They are responsible for deodorizing the cars internally. They provide car polishing services. The service provider also uses protective agents for cars.

car detailer job description

Job Description – Car Detailer

A candidate who applies for the post of Car Detailer must be reliable and trustworthy and provide end-to-end car cleaning services to customers. They should meet the company standards for providing car cleaning services. They are responsible to perform detailed inspections. The service provider also performs tasks like washing, vacuuming, applying wax on car exteriors, they also deodorize the cars internally. They maintain a record for gas levels available in the car. The service provider should also have excellent customer service skills. They can use cleaning tools to maintain the cars internally in a hygienic manner.

Skills Required – Car Detailer

  • They require to pay attention to detail.
  • They also provide exceptional customer service.
  • The service provider should also be courteous and responsible.
  • They should also clean and maintain vehicles.
  • They should also be responsible and trustworthy.

Job Responsibilities – Car Detailer

  • They maintain clean vehicles internally and externally.
  • They meet company standards and client requirements.
  • The service provider operates buffers, steamers, hoses, and other equipment to clean.
  • They meet service standards for clients.
  • They conduct vehicle inspections and maintain appropriate records of vehicle conditions.
  • The service provider also delivers vehicles to customers.
  • They move and park vehicles appropriately.
  • They answer questions for clients.
  • The service provider also manages supplies and ensures the stock inventory is replenished.
  • They ensure all client requirements are met.

Requirements – Car Detailer

  • They need a high school diploma to work as a car detailer.
  • They should have a valid driving license and a clean driving record.
  • The service provider should also complete a program in automotive service to work as car detailers.
  • They should have prior experience of working as a car detailer.
  • They require excellent customer service skills.
  • The service provider also requires strong interpersonal skills to work in this profile.
  • They should have the ability to meet physical demands for this profile.
  • They should comply with all company policies.
  • The service provider should also meet the standard of service quality.
  • They should work on weekends and public holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What do you mean by car detailing?

Ans. Car detailers are responsible for cleaning automotive interiors and exteriors. They focus on providing a vast range of cleaning services for cars. This means a simple wash to deep-cleaning services. Generally, companies who hire car detailers are companies that offer services for car cleaning.

2 What are the different skills required by a Car Detailer?


  • They assist in cleaning and polishing the car.
  • They use appropriate cleaning agents.
  • The service provider also provides customer service.
  • They multitask and work as a team.
  • They pay attention to detail.
  • The service provider is also excellent with time management.

3 What are the different job titles for a Car Detailer?


  • They are car washers.
  • They are automotive detailers.
  • Different organizations use different job titles to address this role.
  • This helps applicants to search for this job posting.

4 Can employers customize the job description for a Car Detailer?

Ans. Yes, employers can customize car detailer duties as per their requirements. They require desired skills and qualities to work as a car detailer. Employers can also add company-related information in the job description for the applicants to understand this role in a better way.

5 Where does an employer advertise a Car Detailer?

Ans. An employer can advertise on a free job site for a car detailer. They can hire through word of mouth. They can also hire good candidates through a strong employee referral.

6 What is the best way to become a good car detailer?


  • They can take automotive classes.
  • They should know about the industry.
  • The technicians need a valid driving license.
  • They need a clean background.
  • They should be dedicated and hardworking.
  • The service provider should also search for open positions for car detailers.

7 How long does it take to detail a car?

Ans. The approximate time to detail a car takes around 3 to 5 hours. It depends on how clean or dirty is the car from the inside. A car detailer will inspect the car and provide relevant services as per the requirement of the clients. This helps clients to get a neat and clean car by availing of the car detailing service.

8 Do Car Detailers earn through tips?

Ans. They earn a tip of 10 to 15% as a polite and positive gesture from the customers who get their cars detailed from such car detailers. This is like a reward for their excellent work. They earn this money additionally apart from their salary which they earn from the store they work with.

9 What is the frequency of Car Detailing?

Ans. Clients should send their car for detailing every 4 to 6 months each year.

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