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Car Porter Job Description

car porter job description

Car Porters often referred to as Auto Porters, serve in automobile dealerships, where they are in charge of moving and parking vehicles. In addition, these individuals are responsible for maintaining a clean environment, cleaning cars, and keeping track of vehicle locations on the lot. Managers or senior employees may also delegate extra responsibilities to Car Porters.

An individual must be able to adequately complete each essential duty to succeed in this career role. The knowledge, abilities, or skill requirements mentioned in this article below are representative of what is expected to be a Car Porter. Individuals with impairments may also perform essential tasks with special adjustments.

car porter job description

Job Description of a Car Porter

The automobile sector and companies usually seek experienced Car Porter to join their company or team. The candidates will park and move vehicles on their lot in the capacity. Besides, they ensure the parking lot is clean and organized and keeping track of parked cars.

The job applicants should have experience working with consumers at a vehicle dealership, possess safe driving skills, and succeed as a Car Porter. A suitable or ideal candidate for the Car Porter position is someone whom a company can trust with valuable property.

Responsibilities of a Car Porter

  • Car Porters are responsible for transporting vehicles from the dealership’s display area to the pick-up location, storage facility, and workshop.
  • The candidates must handle and drive all cars safely to protect dealership property and ensure damage prevention at all times.
  • They are also responsible for keeping track of all the vehicles on the lot.
  • Their duties also include maintaining the exteriors and interiors of the cars on the lot clean.
  • They have to offer assistance with maintaining the lot tidy and clean always.
  • A Car Porter’s responsibilities also include driving off-site to do dealership tasks when necessary.
  • They must do routine maintenance such as replenishing gas, oil, and other fluids and changing batteries.

Requirements for a Car Porter

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for a Car Porter employment.
  • They must have prior experience as a car porter or anything comparable.
  • This role also requires a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license.
  • A working grasp of essential car maintenance would be helpful for prospective Car Porters.
  • They should also take responsibility for the customers’ and dealership’s expensive stuff or property.
  • These individuals must be willing to learn new skills and complete various duties.
  • It is also necessary for these individuals to take detailed notes on vehicle conditions and movements.
  • This job role also necessitates excellent communication and social skills.
  • Candidates must be willing to work unusual business hours, such as holidays, weekends, and evenings, to be considered a Car Porter.

Interview Questions for a Car Porter

1 What qualifications do you possess that qualify you for this position?

Ans. This response demonstrates the candidates’ suitability and thorough understanding of the job’s requirements.

2 Can you describe a car accident or a relatively close while driving?

Ans. The recruiting team can evaluate the candidate’s honesty, driving record, and competence through this response.

3 What are some of your favorite car washing and valet tips?

Ans. This response illustrates the job candidates’ abilities and techniques.

4 Which car maintenance tests are required regularly?

Ans. Interviewers typically use this response to assess a candidate’s fundamental understanding of automobile maintenance.

5 Give an example of a moment when you had to deal with a demanding customer. What went wrong?

Ans. This response demonstrates the candidate’s ability to communicate and solve problems.

Future Scope as a Car Porter

A Car Porter’s job is to ensure that auto dealerships operate efficiently. These candidates usually assist with running errands, performing maintenance, cleaning automobiles, or even taking cars for a test drive, depending on their job location. In addition, Car Porters are typically responsible for identifying complicated problems and reviewing related information to implement, assess, and design solutions.

Besides, they are in charge of their own time as well as the time of others. These candidates usually know about the democratic political process, organizational rules, and executive orders. Car Porters must know government regulations, precedents, court procedures, legal codes, and laws. They should also comprehend and listen to ideas and information delivered in sentences or words.


Car porters are responsible for moving and parking vehicles on a dealership’s property. In addition, these candidates are responsible for ensuring that the cars are in good condition and that the parking lot is maintained clean. They also take on other responsibilities as needed.

While interviewing for a Car Porter position, the hiring managers usually hire candidates who have proven experience, a clean driving record, and the capacity to withstand responsibility for the state of the automobiles they drive. However, the individuals who cannot exhibit a valid driver’s license or generally lack confidence as drivers usually get excluded by the hiring personnel for the post.

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