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Walmart Orientation

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, continually seeks talented individuals to join its ever-growing team. For new associates, the orientation process is an essential first step to becoming a successful and valuable member of the Walmart team. So, I decided to take a detailed look at the Walmart orientation, including how to get ready for orientation, …

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difference between goals and objectives

What is the Difference Between Goals and Objectives? (2023 Guide)

While at work, you may hear the repetition of goals and objectives over and over by your colleagues and superiors.  Setting a goal for any organization is essential. It determines the vision for the company, the outlook for the future, and a business plan for employees. The best goals should align with the company’s mission and vision. …

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best buy employee discount

Best Buy Employee Discount (2023 Updated)

Best Buy is a $40 billion company selling appliances and tech goods and services, with the slogan “Expert service. Unbeatable price.”  The company has made huge strides in its endeavors to promote environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Of course, a company’s employees are supposed to be ambassadors of the brand. The best way …

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