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Top 10 Careers for Felons for Better Future

It is very difficult to get jobs for felonies. Sometimes you apply for the wrong job and not get hired before applying in any industry first know about that industry that they hire felonies or not.

Here in this post, you will read about top 10 careers for felons to choose right job. Many felonies are searching for a job daily, after reading this post you can know about top 10 high paying careers options for felonies.

You can choose any career listed below and search job in that industry.

careers for felons for better future

There are different options for you to choose the best job. Choose jobs on which you are comfortable and match with your skills.

Below are some industries that may hire felons and ex-felons. You can also set up your own business we will talk about it on next post. See the list given below and choose industry of your choice.

1 Construction Companies Jobs

If you are a felony then construction is a very good sector to work and there are many companies to work. Construction sector includes both small and large companies and in these companies, there are many opportunities because they have many different positions.

Some companies are small where you can directly interact with the owner of the company and show your skills.

career for felons for better future

It will help you and increase your chance to get the job. Working on contractions companies will also helpful to you to open your own business and construction company because you already doing that job and have a good experience.

There are further many fields to choose in construction companies like Electricity, Carpentry, Tile, Plumbing, Welding, Roofing, Carpet, HVAC. Choose field that fits your skills and start your career.

2 Truck Driving

Like construction companies, truck driving is one from great careers for felons. Most truck companies hire felons on the basis of felonies. Truck driving is also one from high paying jobs for felons. A truck driver can earn near about $1000 dollars per week.

The downside of a truck driving job is you have to spend more time to drive the truck than other jobs and you have to stay away from your home. Below are some trucking companies that hire felons. You can apply on any company listed below.

3 Landscaping

Landscaping is also a great career for felons. There are so many small landscaping companies like Construction companies. Where you can directly contact the owner of the landscaping company and then show your skills to get the job.

It is also a good option for felonies because landscaping job does not require any technical knowledge and you can learn it with very minimal training. In landscaping job, you can earn on an average $14 per hour.

4 Oil and Gas Companies

There are many oil companies where you can apply for a job. Oil companies is also a good career option for felons. There is only a downside is that it is a hard working job.

career for felon for better future

Below are some oil companies on which you can apply. Average hourly wages in working in oil and gas drilling companies is $30 per hour. The qualification required for this job is high school diploma or any vocational certificate.

5 Delivery Work or Sales Person

A felony can also choose delivery work for their career. A felony can work as pizza delivery person and can also work with some restaurants. Here you can get the job easily and you will also get some tips for your efforts that will give you some extra money.

Career felons can pursue. Choose right door for your career and rock on it.

6 Fast Food Restaurant

There are so many small fast food restaurants and its means they are owned and managed by individuals, not by a corporation. Felons can try to get the job on these types of fast food restaurants.

Some restaurants are felony friendly so you can give a try your luck to get a job there.

career for the felon for better future

There are many restaurants that may hire felonies like McDonald’s, ConAgra Foods, Burger King, Subway, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins, Red robin etc.

7 Receptionist

You can also apply for a receptionist job. Skills required for this jobs is good communication skills, computer knowledge. You can work as a receptionist, front desk executive or as an office coordinator. The receptionist is also a good option to choose as a career for female felons.

8 Newspaper Delivery Contractor Jobs

You can also apply for newspaper delivery job. Most of the newspaper company may hire you without a background check. In this job, you have to start your job early in the morning.

You have to pick up the newspaper and deliver it to door to door.

You will get near about 200 to 300 dollars per week from newspaper delivery job. The downside of this job is that it is seven days working job even on Sunday.

Search newspaper delivery contractor jobs

9 Telemarketer

A telemarketer is also one from great careers for felons or option for felonies to apply for a job. You can get a job easily in telemarketing companies. These companies can also give good hourly wages.

So it is a good idea to join telemarketing companies.

10 Translator

To work as a translator is also a good option and a good career option for felons. If you are good in English and know other language and good to speak that language than translator is a good option for you.

Because companies always want those translators who can speak more than one language. So if you know more than one language than it’s a plus point for you and chances of getting hired is high for you.

If you like this post on top 10 high paying careers for felons and it will help you in any way then please share this post on social networks so that you will help another felony to select their career path.

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