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Top 24 Carhartt Competitors & Alternatives

carhartt competitors alternatives

Are you searching for durable outdoors and work clothing and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable?

 Carhartt was established in 1889 and quickly became one of the most popular American workwear brands. The company produces a wide range of apparel and accessories for outdoor adventures.

The jackets, pants, and skirts that the company produces are designed to withstand all weather conditions. While the company is celebrated for offering excellent quality, some products come with a hefty price tag.

So, I decided to take a look at their competitors and alternatives to find what they have to offer.

Top 24 Carhartt Competitors & Alternatives 

Rugged outdoor clothes have become a fashion statement among many people in recent years. As a result, a large number of companies have added a range of comfortable outdoor clothes to their product range. Let’s find out more about the top alternatives that allow you to save money without sacrificing on style.

carhartt competitors alternatives


This American lifestyle and workwear brand was launched in 1922 and is particularly popular. Dickies started out manufacturing bib overalls and quickly expanded into other areas. The company now offers a full range of clothing for leisure and the workplace.

Dickies is known for offering durability combined with comfort and quality. The range includes different styles and cuts to suit every occasion. The company is perhaps best known for its extensive range of rugged yet lightweight jackets

One of the stars of the company’s current collection is the Dickies Sanded Duck Jack. This stylish and comfortable jacket features a duck cotton canvas shell teamed with a Sherpa fleece lining. There is also an attached hood and full front zipper.

the Dickies 


This gear and outdoor clothing company is based in California and was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. Over the last five decades, Patagonia has risen to become one of the leaders in the outdoor apparel market. All items are created with a focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly and are made from eco-friendly materials.

Patagonia offers a large collection of workwear for people who have hazardous and demanding jobs. The collection includes rubbed vests, shirts, gloves, pants, and hats. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find climbing gear, rainwear, and various types of camping equipment. All items in the company’s product range are created from high-quality materials and are especially durable.


This Oregon-based online retailer was established in 1938 and specializes in outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear. Columbia has a solid reputation for providing quality products paired with exceptional customer service. The company is constantly evolving to meet and even exceed the expectations of customers and is focused on sustainability.

The apparel and other products are ideal for working, sports, hiking, and relaxing. All products come with a reasonable price tag and are designed to last for a long time. Customers are treated to free shipping as well as an impressive satisfaction guarantee.



This leading clothing brand is best known for its durable and iconic fashionable denim jeans. Wrangler is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and people who need durable clothes that go the distance. The Wrangler RIGGS product line can be created especially for people who work in tough conditions.

The RIGGS collection is extensive and covers everything from jeans to jackets and vests. One of the most popular products among workers is the Wrangler RIGGS Utility Jacket. This tough full-front zippered jacket is created from ripstop fabric and is set with 100 grams of Polyfiber Insulation.

Red Kap 

Next, on my rundown of the Top 24 Carhartt Competitors & Alternatives, this Tennessee-based company has served as a leading manufacturer of uniforms and workwear since 1923. With a century of experience, Red Kap offers durable and comfortable apparel that truly delivers. The company’s product range has grown considerably over the years and includes coveralls, jackets, pants, and shirts.

Customers also have the opportunity to customize their uniforms and workwear to meet their specific needs. One of the most popular products is the Red Kap Duck Zip-Front Hooded Jacket. This canvas cotton jacket boasts a simple and dependable style that is stain-resistant and ideal for harsh working conditions.

Red Kap


Founded by George Walls in 1938, this brand offers stylish yet affordable clothing for everyday use. Walls stands out from the crowd with its creative and unique designs. While the apparel range is sure to feel familiar, it offers style lovers something a bit different.

The online retailer offers apparel and accessories for men, women, and children. The Walls collection includes a large selection of durable and comfortable bibs and coveralls. The outerwear collection is also very popular and includes stylish jackets, high-visibility jackets, and comfortable coats.


While Timberland is perhaps best known for their stylish and rugged boots, the company offers a full outdoor wear range. Nathan Swartz founded Timberland in 1952, and the company is headquartered in New Hampshire. Timberland is committed to sustainability, quality, and durability, which can be seen throughout the product range.

The original steel-toed work boots are so iconic that people now wear them for all types of occasions. Timberland also offers a large collection of rugged pants, jackets, and shirts. Whether you are planning a hiking trip, going fishing, or headed to work, Timberlands always has you covered.

Helly Hansen 

This Norwegian company was founded in 1877 and is popular among style lovers all over the world. Helly Hansen offers an extensive range of performance-driven and high-quality footwear, apparel, and accessories. They are designed to protect wearers during all types of activities and weather conditions. 

Helly Hansen products are particularly popular among construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts throughout Europe. Although this is one of the higher-priced brands, customers enjoy unparalleled comfort, quality, and durability. These products are perfect for working and taking part in sports in cooler climates and harsh weather conditions.

Helly Hansen 

Berne Apparel 

You can enjoy superior protection from the elements when you choose items from the Berne Apparel product range. This company was founded in 1915 and offers durable and high-quality clothing for people who lead active lifestyles. The extensive collection covers everything from stylish yet durable outerwear to workwear. 

One of the most popular products in the company’s collection is the Berne Original Hooded Duck Jacket. This classic and stylish jacket is particularly durable and can easily withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It boasts heavyweight insulation and a cuffed waist, while it also boasts innovative hand warmer pockets to eliminate wind chill.


This popular online retailer offers a large collection of high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories. Wolverine has been delivering stylish yet durable apparel for all types of occasions since 1883. You can find everything from work boots to pants, shirts, jackets, and even socks in one convenient online shop.

The Wolverine Lockhart Jacket is one of the company’s best sellers, and it boasts the company’s patented MotionMAX fabric. The durable duck canvas shell protects the wearer from the elements and is teamed with a brushed polyester lining. The bi-swing paneled back makes it very easy to move in this jacket when working and exploring the Great Outdoors.


This is another company that is best known for offering stylish and durable jeans for every occasion. Levi’s has been around since 1853 and is famous among lovers of comfortable yet stylish clothing. The company also offers an extensive range of jean shorts, cozy shirts, and comfortable flannels.

Levi’s offers a wide range of fits and sizes to suit people of all heights and sizes. The Cotton Canvas Hoody Bomber Jacket is a great Carhartt alternative and comes with a full Sherpa lining. The jacket comes with a full-front zipper and is perfect for all types of outdoor events and occasions.



This Swedish company has been around since 1959 and specializes in protective apparel and workwear. Blaklader has established an excellent reputation for safety and quality over the years. Wearers can be sure that they will receive superior protection in addition to enhanced comfort.

The Blaklader product range includes overalls, shirts, pants, vests, and jackets for work and leisure. There is also a product line designed especially for people who work in hazardous conditions. Items in this collection include anti-static gloves, hard hats, and flame-resistant clothing.


This Californian company was founded in 1993 and is known for making apparel for active people. Ariat is particularly popular among outdoor enthusiasts and equestrian athletes. The company utilizes innovative technology to make their apparel and accessories comfortable and durable.


When you purchase apparel from DRI-DUCK, you are treated to a lifetime guarantee. This means that you can be sure that all items in the company’s collection will go the distance. The apparel works as hard as you do and includes insulated vests, wool blend caps, breathable jackets, and tough work gloves.

The items in the DRI-DUCK collection are created from high-quality fabrics and boast innovative features. The company was founded in 2003 and is best known for its durable canvas jackets. While being very durable, these jackets are flexible enough to allow you to move without being restricted.

The DRI-Duck Cheyenne Jacket is one of the company’s most popular products. It boasts a baggy fit without being too bulky. This allows the wearer to work in the winter while enjoying comfort and protection from the elements.

Duluth Trading Co 

This company specializes in workwear and accessories for both men and women. The clothing that Duluth Trading Co produces is known for being particularly durable. The company offers everything from footwear to jeans, shirts, and outerwear.

Duluth Trading Co boasts more than sixty retail locations across the United States. The company also has a significant online presence and is known for its excellent customer service. There are regular deals to take advantage of on items such as carpenter’s pants and sturdy work boots.

Duluth Trading Co

Caterpillar Workwear 

As the name of this company suggests, Caterpillar Workwear creates apparel with the needs of workers firmly in mind. Caterpillar Workwear was founded in 1904 and also offers a wide range of protective gear. All products in the company’s collection are built to last and feature ergonomic designs, durable fabrics, and advanced technologies.

The pants, jackets, and other types of apparel are designed to stand up to the challenges of the construction environment. Caterpillar work boots are particularly popular, and they come in a wide range of styles. They are perfectly complemented by the company’s tough work jeans and jackets.

The Caterpillar Parka Work Coat is ideal for people who work outdoors in harsh weather conditions. It is set with quilted insulation and is both water-resistant and wind-proof. The reflective webbing on the back and front helps to keep the wearer safe in low-light conditions.

L.L. Bean 

This iconic American retailer of outdoor apparel was founded in 1912. L.L. Bean offers a huge collection of high-quality apparel and gear for the whole family. This includes work and hiking boots, camping equipment, and outerwear. L.L Bean backpacks are particularly popular and are ideal for a wide range of different types of occasions.


If you are searching for cold-weather apparel, you can be sure that RefrigiWear has you covered. The company was founded in 1954 and offers high-quality and comfortable apparel for outdoor activities. This includes boots, hats, gloves, jackets, and shirts.

RefrigiWear clothing is fully insulated to deliver optimum comfort in harsh weather conditions. All apparel is designed to be very durable while also being suitable for style lovers. The apparel utilizes innovative technology to make it a cut above the competition.

The North Face 

Perhaps best known among hikers and climbers, The North Face is a brand for outdoor enthusiasts. This company was founded in 1968 and offers outdoor apparel and equipment for all types of occasions. The outdoor apparel range is particularly popular, and all products are known for being durable and stylish.

The outerwear collection includes all types of tops for different sports and climates. Customers can also choose from pants, shorts, and different types of jackets. The fleece-lined jackets are designed to withstand even the coldest climates and harshest weather conditions.

The North Face

White Sierra

Coming to the end of my list of the Top 24 Carhartt Competitors & Alternatives, this company proves that you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style. White Sierra creates a range of functional yet fashionable outdoor clothing for the whole family. This includes jackets, pants, hats, and a wide range of accessories. These items are designed to keep the wearer safe and comfortable in all types of weather conditions.


Based in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Stormtech was founded in 2003. The company specializes in outerwear and performance apparel for work and play. All products are designed to ensure comfort and style while also protecting wearers against the elements.

Stormtech products are created using waterproof shell technology and breathable fabrics. This helps to keep wearers cool and comfortable in all types of weather conditions. While the apparel is ideal for workers and athletes, it’s stylish enough for everyday wear.

TacticalGear Clothing 

This company specializes in apparel and safety equipment for people who work hard and play hard. TacticalGear was founded in 2004 and quickly gained a reputation for offering high-quality apparel. This includes military uniforms and gear, flight suits, pants, and jackets.

There is a dedicated public safety product range that includes tactical gloves, sunglasses, batons, and duty jackets. TacticalGear offers study and comfortable boots for every occasion, from working to hiking, military missions, and hunting. The company’s website boasts a deals section, where there are regular discounts to take advantage of.

TacticalGear Clothing 


This Seattle-based outdoor lifestyle brand was launched in 1897 and is committed to creating quality clothing. Filson uses the highest quality materials to produce durable apparel and accessories that never go out of style. Although the brand has become very trendy in recent years, it also delivers excellent functionality.

Keen Utility

This Oregon-based company is dedicated to creating high-quality and comfortable footwear for all types of occasions. Keen Utility was founded in 2003 and offers an extensive range of work boots, sandals, and shoes. All products in the company’s collection can meet the challenges of even the most demanding outdoor conditions.

While the company’s steel-toe boots are particularly popular, the product range has been expanded in recent years. Customers can now choose hats, bags, and other accessories to perfectly complement their active lifestyles. Keen Utility offers regular deals and sales to help make their products suitable for every budget.

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Final Thoughts

Carhartt is a popular brand among those who are searching for comfortable workwear. The company offers clothing and other items for men, women, and children. Although the product range is extensive, there are plenty of competing companies that offer similar items.

It’s worth checking out the main competitors and alternatives to Carhartt to find apparel that suits your sense of style. Many brands offer regular sales and discounts, which are perfect for people who are on a tight budget. When choosing your new favorite brand, pay close attention to the overall quality and materials used.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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