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CarMax Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

carmax application

CarMax is a company that mainly specializes in buying and selling quality second-hand cars including Sedans, and SUVs. It also includes Pickup trucks. It has more than 170 branches and business centers in the majority of the US states. The company is likely to be a brainchild of Richard Sharp, and it was developed in 1991.

The company was a brainchild until it became what it is today. It has at least 23000 employees, and it has earned a plethora of awards because of its favorable working environment. Some of the awards are likely to include America’s Best Employers by Forbes magazine.

Additional Information

They have also got some inclusion in at least 100 best Companies to Work for by Fortune Magazine. Besides obtaining several perks, the employees have loved working here as they have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in different sectors of mainly under-car sales. The entire managerial and operational staff handles all the stuff.

They hire new employees regularly as automobile industry leaders primarily seek enthusiastic and customer-oriented employees to fill several roles.

Important Information To Know about CarMax Before Applying To The Company

The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at CarMax.

Working hours at CarMax: The working duration at CarMax Is as follows:

  • A: Monday to Friday: The working duration is from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • B: Saturday: The working hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • C: Sunday: The working duration is from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at CarMax

Being one of the largest used car dealership companies across the country, it mainly needs to bring on some employees in different roles to ensure continued success in almost all areas. To fill virtually all the entry-level positions, the company especially offers on-site training besides mentorship besides ongoing guidance after being hired, making hiring qualifications straightforward and relatively minimal.

Job Openings

Other entry-level positions mainly include working in various parts besides supply, inventory, detailing, and painting. Certain places include working in automotive services and necessitate extra training and certifications to qualify for hire. The candidates with interests in building long-term careers in the automotive niche may find it attractive and lucrative in buying, operations, and management.

the carmax application guide

The career-level positions mainly remain accessible to employees after certification, training, and further education promotion. The automotive organization looks for candidates to fill such roles from outdoors. The management opportunities are also available in different departments, including sales, service operations, and business offices, besides team development.

Career Opportunities at CarMax

The job applicants can fill out applications on the organization’s job board. They can also join the company’s community online. The applicants need to have at least high school diplomas besides being at least 18 years old.

Sales Consultant

Be it any successful car dealership, the sales consultant is likely to display a lot of motivation and passion for selling quality cars to patrons from almost all walks of life. The company mainly trains employees and pays them around $9 or $12 per hour, with unlimited earning potential.

the carmax application

It is likely to be based on sales. The candidates need to build and maintain customer relationships besides displaying strong affiliation for working in the team’s environment and possess some knowledge of merchandise and vehicles. They also need to complete the paperwork, use computer programs as selling tools and facilitate all steps under the scale including, test driving, appraisal, and submission of finance applications.

Automotive Technician or Mechanical Associate

Diagnosing and repairing cars tend to be one of the most essentials parts of being an automotive technician with CarMax. If candidates have some previous working experience, it serves as a brownie point during the hiring process. Automotive technicians mainly need ASE certifications.

the carmax application tip

Additionally, they are also known as mechanical associates, and employees in this role need to show some flexibility besides being able to walk and stand for long hours. They should also be capable of lifting at least 50 pounds, and they need to be ready to multitask also. They can earn $23 per hour.

Parts or Supply Associate

The features and supply associate must work during full and part-time shifts like nights and weekends or even 12-hour days. They are mainly responsible for allocating the right parts to the suitable vehicles, and they have to build strong relationships with suppliers, sustaining part inventories besides monitoring shrinkage.

They should be ready to work well in a team-oriented work environment. The parts or supply associates also work with patrons directly, so strong communication skills are necessary for employees to get a job here. They also need to keep the workspaces clean and organized. They can earn $13 per hour.

Tips for Working at CarMax

There are multiple ways through which candidates can apply at the company. Candidates can either refer to the official website or make their account on the same. Candidates can make use of the social media account also to build profiles right from the beginning. Applicants are required to complete the pre-employment questions related to the education history, availability of hours, and the working history of the individual.

Perks of Working at CarMax

Employees love working here to earn several perks here, including competitive pay, paid leaves, and training, besides flexible scheduling options. The employees can also get various healthcare plans like dental and vision. In addition, the eligible employees can also avail 401k retirement plans. Hence employees can strike a perfect work-life balance if they work here.

Miscellaneous Information at CarMax

The company started as a new business in 1993 in Circuit City, and it mainly focuses on some values, including diversity, respect, quality, teamwork, and pride. They aim to build and expand the brand to various territories.


To help candidates perform well in the CarMax recruitment process, the individuals must read the information stated above. We have touched upon important topics such as brief information about the company, perks offered at the company, the tips for applying here, and the opportunities for employment. The tips mentioned here will help candidates understand what it takes to get a job at CarMax. This is one of the best companies to work for.

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