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Carpet Cleaning Technician Job Description

carpet cleaning technician job description

Are you about to apply for a job as a carpet cleaner?

This role is ideal for people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard. While carpets tend to last for decades, they require regular cleaning to keep them in top condition.

This job is perfect for entry-level candidates and is a good way to gain some work experience. However, you need to be prepared to work hard, and carpet cleaning is not for everyone.

So, let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of a carpet cleaning technician and find out more about this role.

carpet cleaning technician job description

Carpet Cleaning Technician Job Description

When you check out a job description for this role, the first part should outline the job clearly and concisely. There should be information on the company you would be working for and the size of your team. The type of contract that is being offered, the working hours, and the base salary should also be explained.

The second part of the job description should outline the typical duties that go with this role. There should be information on the skills and experience that candidates are expected to have. Any desired qualifications and specialist skills should also be outlined in the job description.

The Working Environment

This job typically takes place in a private home or business where carpets can be found. In some cases, carpets may be taken to a specialized company for deep cleaning and other treatment. In either case, the role involves traveling to different locations to pick up and clean carpets.

Carpet cleaners either work alone or as part of a small team to tackle larger projects. It is necessary to be reasonably physically fit to do this job and have good stamina. You will often be working for several hours at a time in cramped conditions while working with chemicals.

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

When applying for a carpet cleaning job, you need to show that you have the required experience. The best way to do this is by highlighting your experience performing many of the associated jobs.

Here are some of the most common carpet cleaner duties and what they involve.

Performing pre-cleaning inspections

Before you start a job, you will carefully inspect the carpet and other things that need to be cleaned. You need to determine the best chemical solutions to use according to the state of the carpet. And keep a record of your work and be prepared to discuss it with the client and your employer.

Cleaning carpets

After a carpet has been treated with chemicals, you need to wait for them to soak in to loosen stains and dirt. You will then use a steam vacuum to clean the rug thoroughly. If you already have experience doing this, make it clear to the employer by highlighting it on your resume.

Water extraction

It is essential to make sure carpets are completely dry after they have been cleaned. Failing to do this can cause mold and other bacteria to breed in between the fibers of the carpet. This involves using a special hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine to forcibly remove all moisture from the carpet.

Repairing carpets

If carpets are torn or burnt, you may be required to repair them after the cleaning process. You need to know the correct way to do this according to the type of damage and the specific carpet. Incorrectly repairing an expensive carpet can do permanent damage that will lose your employer a client and harm their reputation.

Performing final touches

Once the carpet is completely clean and dry, you need to perform a final inspection. It is important to make sure that the carpet is spotless before you complete the job. You may be required to apply a stain repellent chemical to the carpet, which will help the carpet stay clean.

Equipment maintenance

It is important to make sure that cleaning equipment is properly maintained at the end of each job. Failing to do this could cause the equipment to break when you need to use it. Before starting a new job, you should perform a check to make sure the equipment is in good working condition.

Maintaining a company vehicle

You may be charged with driving a company vehicle to travel to the places of business or homes of clients. It is important to make sure that this vehicle is perfectly clean and maintained at all times. If the vehicle breaks down on the way to a job, your employer is likely to lose money.

Operating heavy equipment

You need to be able to operate different types of heavy equipment easily and safely. This includes industrial vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. Indicating that you already have experience with heavy equipment shows the employer that you are likely to need less training.

Valuable Skills And Attributes

It is also necessary to show that you have the skills to do the job. Even if you are applying for your first job, there are certain skills and attributes that you can highlight on your resume. Here are some of the key skills that the employer is likely to be looking for.

Customer service skills

It is important to be polite and friendly with clients at all times and put their needs first. When there appears to be an issue with a client, you need to be able to resolve it quickly and smoothly. You must also be repaired to answer questions from clients and make sure they are completely satisfied. Employees who understand the value of good customer service are sure to be an asset to any employer.

Understanding customers’ needs

You need to listen carefully to clients to make sure you know what they want you to do. It is essential to stick to the tasks that have been directly specified and paid for. Doing more than this will end up costing your employer money and can damage their company.

Communication skills

You need to be able to communicate clearly with clients and the other members of your team. When you identify damage or other tasks that need to be taken care of, you must explain them clearly and in detail. You may also need to create written reports on the tasks you have completed for your employer’s records.

Attention to detail

It is important to make sure that carpets are flawlessly clean before they are returned to clients. Even the tiniest spot, stain, or tear will create a lasting bad impression. Highlighting attention to detail on your application shows employers that you understand the importance of this.

Time management

It is important to arrive at the homes or business premises of clients at the specified time. You are likely to have several carpets to clean or other tasks to complete during your shifts. You need to be able to work quickly and efficiently and prioritize tasks to make sure that everything is completed.

Adhering to company safety policies

It is important to keep safety firmly in mind when working with toxic chemicals and other cleaning products. Employers have strict safety policies that are designed to protect both employees and clients. Showing that you can follow these policies is sure to provide an employer with peace of mind.

Education And Experience

It is not usually necessary to complete higher education to do this job. Entry-level employees usually receive on-the-job training when they start work. However, most employers prefer candidates to have a high school diploma or GED. This is mainly to show that you have the ability to learn and focus.

Carpet cleaning technicians need to be reasonably physically fit and able to lift fifty pounds. Employers may prefer you to have a valid driver’s license so you can drive a company vehicle. You are likely to be submitted to a background check before a formal job offer is made.

Some employers also specify that applicants need to have a year or two of carpet cleaning experience.

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Final Thoughts

The secret to landing a carpet cleaning technician job is making your resume as strong as possible.

You need to read the job description carefully and work out what the employer wants. Take careful note of the experience, skill, and other types of requirements, and make sure you meet them. You then need to try and match your resume to the job description as closely as possible.

This will show the employer that you understand the needs of the job and can meet them. Make sure you do advance research into the company or individual employer and target your resume accordingly.

All the very best on your new job as a Carpet Cleaning Technician!

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