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Catherines Plus Sizes Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

catherines plus sizes application

Catherines Plus Sizes, a renowned plus-size clothes shop in the United States, has over 400 outlets and offers several employment opportunities for ambitious industry experts. Though this fashion line sold in stores cater to older customers, the fashion house’s job openings primarily cater to young aspirants and people who can work various shifts.

Catherines Plus Sizes deals with accessories and clothing for women and has an excellent catalogue and online presence. The products available cater to women who want formal and casual wear and other daily wear necessities, including undergarments and bathing suits. They provide their consumers with high-quality products at a reasonable price.

catherines plus sizes application

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Applicants looking to join Catherines Plus Sizes should visit its official career portal and find various employment opportunities. Besides, you can go through the description below to know Catherines Plus Sizes’ complete employment process, the benefits and salary its offers with job summary and company’s details.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Catherines Plus Sizes

Catherines Plus Sizes accepts applications of individuals with at least 16 years while applying. The operational hours and shift schedule at Catherines Plus Sizes vary by its store locations.

Job Prospects at Catherines Plus Sizes

The major nationwide retail chain’s fashions and trends, Catherines Plus Sizes, cater to mature populations, primarily ladies between the age group of 40 to 60. It’s easy to find professional positions and entry-level capacities with competitive compensation and job benefits because of the brand’s long-term success.

Each store location requires teams of sales employees and other customer service workers to handle cash registers, prevent theft, and offer great customer service. Stock duties and basic maintenance are generally included in the duties of entry-level employees. Obtaining a career requires a broad understanding of fashion in general and styles for plus-size clientele.

Job Requirements

Managerial positions may attract workers looking for significant professional careers. Managers usually perform their duties in full-time or part-time work capacities and are in charge of the general operations of a store location. Guest satisfaction is an extremely important task for managerial-level job roles at Catherine Plus Sizes stores. Candidates should be able to display exceptional leadership traits and decision-making abilities in a retail setting. Knowledge of in-store fashions is useful for the hiring process.

The Job Positions Available at Catherines Plus Sizes

Catherines Plus Sizes offers several job options, including Marketing Associate, Customer Service Representative, Logistics & Distribution Manager, and Financial Analyst. It also provides positions for Allocation Analyst, Planner, Technical Designer, Sourcing Associate, Buyer, and Merchandiser positions. You can also apply as Regional Manager, District Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Loss Prevention Associate, and Store Sales Associate.

Below-mention are frequent openings at Catherines Plus Sizes:

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates at Catherines Plus Sizes should be capable of lifting around 20 lbs. to 30 lbs. during their working hours.
  • They should also reach, stoop, or bend continuously to assist customers.
  • Catherines Plus Sizes offers around $09.00 an hour to Sales Associates.

the catherines plus sizes application


  • Managers are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, setting schedules, processing payroll, and supervising entry-level workers.
  • They are also responsible for onboarding staff and overseeing closing and opening processes.
  • Management-level employees usually earn around $25k to $45k per annum at Catherines Plus Sizes.

The Online Job Application Process of Catherines Plus Sizes

Catherines Plus Sizes allows applicants to fill up and submit their application through its employment portal, the instruction of which are guided below:

  • Catherine Plus Sizes stores employ an internet platform to connect job seekers with recruiters.
  • Employees willing to work at Catherines Plus Sizes must develop online profiles through the company’s official job portal to apply for open positions.
  • Job prospects profiles include basic employment history, contact information, and other details associated with the hiring process.
  • Prospective candidates must fill out each part entirely and to the best of their knowledge to receive candidature at Catherine Plus Sizes.

Besides, individuals can also download Catherines Plus Sizes’ application form to submit it at its store locations.

Checking Job Application Status for Catherines Plus Sizes

Visiting Catherines Plus Sizes stores in person is one of the finest methods of checking the status of your job application. Job applicants can show off their fashion sense by wearing different outfits during personal visits to the company’s store locations. Candidates can also follow the status of their job applications by phone call or e-mail.

Within a few days after receiving job forms, managers from Catherines Plus Sizes often send interview invites. The complete hiring process of Catherine Plus Sizes, from application to job opportunity, might take a week, primarily for entry-level or part-time job positions.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Catherines Plus Sizes

Certain benefits at Catherines Plus Sizes rely on the eligibility requirements and employment status of the candidates. Catherines Plus Sizes often offers the following employee benefits:

  • Catherines Plus Sizesoffers paid time off and discounts on merchandise to its workers.
  • It also offers life insurance coverage, general healthcare, and 401 (K) retirement plans as financial savings programs to its employees.
  • Catherines Plus Sizes also provides industry-competitive, supportive, and joyful work settings at its store locations.

the catherines plus sizes application tip

Additional Details of Catherines Plus Sizes

Catherines, which was founded in 1960, specializes in plus-size clothing for women. The store has a strong company policy that requires supply chain operations to be transparent. Prospect vendors should accept and physically sign on the major fashion retailer’s corporate code of conduct. Regular inspections of factories and facilities maintained by vendors by third-party entities are part of the retailer’s policies.

Its parent company is a firm believer in corporate social responsibility. They assist and sponsor teams in relay races across the country every year. The store also builds teams with consumers and staff to promote the American Cancer Society. They also hold events in favor of the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Catherines Plus Sizes, like Cacique, Lane Bryant, and the now-defunct Fashion Bug, is owned by the Charming Shoppes corporation. They are a plus-size fashion store that caters to women from ages 40 to 65. The job finders can go through this article and know Catherines Plus Sizes online application process. Besides, you can also visit Catherines Plus Sizes’ store locations to submit the paper application form.

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