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Cheesecake Factory Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

cheesecake factory application

Scrolling out for the job vacancies through an online platform is a feasible way for the candidate looking out for opportunities. All the firms or the companies having the vacancy post their details on these portals online, which the candidates can check out. These all are reliable sources and can be trusted, eliminating the risks of fraud.

One such company named the Cheesecake Factory also posted their vacancy online. To all those not so known to the platform, it is an American Restaurant Company and the distributor of the cheesecakes. The company is based in the United States and operates around 220 restaurants under the name. The company was founded in 1972 and has recorded tremendous growth since then, which can also be estimated through its share price history.

Please scroll down the blog to read and discover more about its vacancies and other facts!

What Are The Job Opportunities Offered at Cheesecake Factory?

The company has recorded growth since its launch and has multiple posts to be filled by the candidates. The employees already working with the Cheesecake Factory are enjoying their association. The Cheesecake Factory provides a fun environment for their employees, exceptional bosses, and effective communication techniques.

  • Employees can enjoy flexible scheduling options and competitive wages.
  • The company provides different employment opportunities to the candidates.
  • They have vacancies for both part-time and full-time job seekers.
  • The Cheesecake Factory promotes candidates that provide outstanding services.
  • Applicants may opt to work as a busser or dishwasher who wishes to assist the firm with back-end works.
  • Candidates with specific educational qualifications can also go for high-level entry jobs and managerial posts.

the cheesecake factory application

Facts About Cheesecake Factory

All those looking out to serve the company and applying for the job posts must also be aware of the firm’s facts.

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible to serve the company.
  • The operating hours for the candidates are: Mon-Thurs: 11.00 am-11.00 pm, Fri-Sat: 11.00 am -12.00 pm, and Sun- 10.00 am-11.00 pm.
  • There are multiple job positions available at the company, including cashier, department assistant, Pricing administrator, server, bartender, and many others.

Job Positions At The Cheesecake Factory

Since it is a vast chain, the company offers multiple posts. Scroll down to get the details of the posts:

  • Dishwasher: Being a restaurant chain, they have many vacancies for this post. The services under this post include glasses, dishes, and silverware’s sanitation process. It also includes mopping and sweeping services, cleaning restrooms, and removing trashes. The Cheesecake Factory prefers workers with at least three months’ experience for this position. The candidate applying for the same must also have the capability to lift up to 50 lbs in cases and work for extended hours. The candidate applying for the same can earn up to $8.00-$11.00 per hour.

cheesecake factory application guide

  • Server: The candidate applying for the post must provide the guests with outstanding services. the duty of the candidate includes describing menus to the customers, helping them with the orders, taking orders, delivering the orders, and completing the payments. The candidate with one year of experience can apply for the post and have good verbal skills. The pay for the post ranges between $20,000 and $33,000 annually.
  • Management: The task for managers includes front house operations like set up, food delivery to patrons, and housekeeping. They have to hire the members, make schedules, ensure staff development, and meet the financial goals. The average pay for the post starts from $38,000-$63000 annually.
  • Busser: They need to have their hands tried on cleaning and managing the table after the order completions. Additional duties include guiding diners to the table, serving bread baskets, and refilling beverages. The pay rate for the same varies between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour.

What Are The Tips for Applying to The Company?

The only way to apply for the vacancies at the company is through online mediums. The interested candidate needs to click on the careers tab at the Cheesecake Factory website, create a profile, and need to fill out all the mentioned tabs, attaching all the required documents for the verifications. Also, they need to fill out the tab asking for past experiences and must check the information before sending it.

Benefits of Working at Cheesecake Factory

Along with all the promotional schemes, there are multiple other benefits that the candidates can claim after their selections.

  • Managerial and Supervisor posts are eligible for frequent promotions, depending on the candidate’s performance.
  • The managers are also eligible for the job benefits packages.
  • Life, Medical, AD&D, and Dental coverages are also included in the benefits.
  • The Cheesecake Factory also offers 401k retirement plans and paid vacations under advanced employment benefits.

the cheesecake factory application guide

How to Check The Application Status?

After filling out and sending all the details, the candidate needs to wait for a while to reply from the company. The eligible or the selected ones will receive a call to schedule an interview with the manager.

In case there are no openings or all the vacancies are fulfilled, the candidate’s applications are stored and considered for future openings.

Additional Features of Cheesecake Factory

The additional information includes that the customers and the employees both have access to the website to get more details about the company’s working, dishes and other relevant details. They can get all the information related to locations, shipping, and catering options over the webpage.


In this post, you have read about the Cheesecake Factory and revealed some facts related to its job vacancies. The company is growing prominently and has future job scopes provided to the employees.

Also, the chain ensures to provide its employees with the best working environment, not to have any reason to go for the other jobs. In case you are searching for jobs, the Cheesecake Factory is an ideal place to work. It is a good opportunity to be associated with the cheesecake factory as there are multiple scopes for promotions and other opportunities provided at the store for employee development. This helps an employee grow with the company and also build their career in this amazing industry.

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