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Childhood Dream Jobs for Adults

the Childhood Dream Jobs for Adults

Every child has big dreams. When you’re young, the world is your oyster, and there is nothing but opportunity ahead. The sky is the limit when it comes to planning your future.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out like that. Life gets in the way, and those dreams get pushed to the side. Sometimes you have to take the practical way instead of following your heart. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Sure, it may be more difficult as you get older, but it’s still possible to find your ideal career.

So, check out my list of childhood dream jobs for adults and live the life you’d always imagined!

childhood dream jobs for adults

Job Options


There are plenty of Hollywood stars around who didn’t get their big break until later in life. The late, great, two-time Emmy award-winning Kathryn Joosten didn’t make it till she was 56 years old! And there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Ready to take the first step? Positions working as an extra are easily available and can be an awesome way to get your foot in the door. If you fancy giving it a try, Stage32 is a great place to look. It has plenty of job offers for background parts, as well as bigger speaking roles too.


Perhaps you’ve always had a knack for drawing. Or maybe you’ve always loved looking at art but never given it a go yourself. Don’t worry; it’s never too late to learn a new skill!

Check out your local community groups for painting, pottery, or even life-drawing classes. Once you’re feeling confident, try shopping your work around some small galleries and boutiques in the area. If you can build up a local reputation, then who knows, worldwide domination could be next!

childhood dream jobs for adult


You might not know this, but the Olympics aren’t only for people in their early 20s. The senior Olympics, for athletes aged 50 and up, has been around since 1970. And even if you’re not that old, then most sports have a separate adult division.

Practice makes perfect… as they say. The only way to become an athlete is to just do it! Join a community class or find yourself a private teacher. With a bit of practice and determination, you’ll be ready to start competing in no time!


Come one, who among us didn’t have their head turned by Indiana Jones as a kid? Harrison Ford made it look so exciting. We’ve all dreamt of saving precious relics from bad guys while also rescuing a damsel in distress!

Naturally, this isn’t a realistic portrayal of a day in the life of an archeologist. But it can still be an incredibly interesting and rewarding career choice. Try looking for public lectures at your nearest community college. You could also check out volunteering opportunities on dig sites.

Private Investigator

This is another one of those childhood dream jobs that was probably inspired by a movie. If Dick Tracy was your role model growing up, then it’s probably crossed your mind more than once. And the good news is that it’s completely achievable.

You do need to play by the rules, though. The BSIS doesn’t mess around. Make sure you do your research and get your license before offering your services as an investigator.


Have you always thought of yourself as the next Hemmingway? Or perhaps E. L. James is more your speed? Whatever kind of literature you’re into, you can put pen to paper at any age.

It’s easy said than done, though. Sure, you may have an awesome idea or character in mind, but writing them down is difficult even for professionals. Finding an online writing class is a good option, or search for writing prompt websites to get those creative juices flowing.

childhood dream job for adult


Shaping young minds can be one of the most rewarding jobs there is. And right now, America needs teachers! There are plenty of opportunities out there for enthusiastic, new educators.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to start your teaching career. And there are a few other hoops to jump through before you can begin. The engageeducation.com website outlines the basic requirements for budding teachers in both the USA and the UK.


It takes time to become a doctor. It’s a lot of hard work and is often very demanding. But that’s for a good reason: you wouldn’t want someone unqualified performing your surgery, would you? It is not an easy path. But with determination and time, you can do it. And in the end, it’s usually worth it.


People often underestimate nurses. But they’re just as important as Doctors are in a hospital. It’s one of the pretty common childhood dream jobs, and there are usually lots of positions available. You’ll need to do a lot of studying to get the qualifications to be a nurse. But while you’re doing so, you can get a bit of practice in. Why take on a role in a care home or volunteer with elderly people?


Picture it: you’re on stage, guitar in hand. The crowd goes wild! You’re living out all your rockstar dreams! It’s a nice picture, right? And it could come true. But you have to put the groundwork in. Get yourself out there, sign up for every open mic you see, and with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to develop a strong fanbase.

childhood dream job for adults

How To Get One Of These Childhood Dream Jobs For Adults?

Let’s state facts: it isn’t always easy. Some of these jobs require a lot of work to develop the necessary skills. Others need you to do a lot of basic legwork before you can get a career off the ground. So, what do you need to consider before pursuing one of these paths?

Educate yourself

Find what level of education is needed in your chosen field. Some don’t need any, but several will need a master’s degree or higher. Think carefully about how you feel about going back to college. There’s a good chance that you’ll need to get some additional training or certificates. Be prepared, as these can be pricy. Contact local colleges or high schools that offer evening classes to see what courses are available to you.

Give something back…

Volunteering is a fantastic way to get a foot in the door. The work might not be fun, but it’s a way for you to see the reality of the job as well as gain some experience. It also helps with networking, which might be important in the future.

If you have a community center, then take a look at its notice board for opportunities near you. Or be proactive and contact places you’d like to volunteer directly. Charities are a good place to start as they’re almost always searching for extra help.

Aim high, start small…

You can’t expect big things straight away! It takes time to become established in any career. It’s unlikely that you’ll be chief of staff in a hospital within a year of doing a medical degree.

Start from the ground up. If you build a good base for your chosen career, then you’re more likely to succeed. Take it slow and try not to get too frustrated if things aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like.

Location, location, location…

If you’re prepared to be flexible with where you live, then this can open up more opportunities! You have a much better chance at becoming a professional actor in Los Angeles than you would have in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A location change is a big plus for some jobs.

Just keep an open mind. Your new city might not be your ideal place to live, but it’s going to help get you that dream job. And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

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Is Teaching The Way To Go?

Let’s help you decide which direction you’d like to go in with our Pre K Teacher Job Description, our Childcare Teacher Job Description, as well as our Teacher Job Description, or Teacher Assistant Job Description, and lastly, our Montessori Teacher Job Description.

For teaching preschool, we recommend reading up on Training Teachers: A Harvest of Theory and Practice, Skills for Preschool Teachers, Making Preschool Inclusion Work: Strategies for Supporting Children, Teachers, and Programs, and finally Unpacking the Pyramid Model: A Practical Guide for Preschool Teachers all available online in 2023.

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Final Thoughts

Seeking childhood dream jobs as an adult is tough. However, imagine the feeling when you succeed. You can finally give the kid inside you what they’ve always wanted.

You’ll probably become demoralized. There will be times when you wonder if it’s all worth it. But deep down inside, you know it is. To achieve what you’ve dreamed of since childhood is a sensation like no other.

Keep your head up, put the work in, and get ready to start your new life!

All the very best in achieving your Childhood Dream!

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