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Childtime Learning Center Application: Jobs & Careers Online

childtime learning center application

Are you looking for a job where you can connect with children and help them bloom?

If so, the perfect job could be waiting for you at Childtime Learning Center. This group of special education facilities was founded in 1967.

Today, there are more than two hundred branches of Childtime Learning Center across the United States. The company regularly employs staff of all levels on a full-time and part-time basis.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at how to make sure your Childtime Learning Center Application: Jobs & Careers Online is just what the hiring managers are looking for.

childtime learning center application

Facts About Working At Childtime Learning Center

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Childtime Learning Center. The centers are typically open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday. However, employees sometimes need to work evenings and weekends to supervise special events.

Childtime Learning Center offers childcare from just six months old to the age of twelve. All staff members need to be familiar with the Reggio Emilia approach to childcare. This approach focuses on encouraging open communication and making children feel comfortable.

Childtime Learning Center Job Opportunities

In addition to teaching, Childtime Learning Center offers roles in a range of fields like cooking and management. Entry-level candidates simply need to hold a high school diploma, while there are also numerous roles for career professionals. Here are some of the key jobs at Childtime Learning Center and what they typically involve.

Assistant Teacher

This role involves working closely with parents and teachers to make sure children are happy and engaged. Assistant teachers prepare basic teaching materials and help to supervise young children in the classroom. They are also responsible for keeping the classroom clean and tidy.

Ideally, assistant teachers should hold a degree in child development or early childhood education. However, applications that have at least two years of previous experience can be hired without a degree. Assistant teachers at Childtime Learning Centers typically make $9 per hour.

the childtime learning center application


Childtime Learning Centers teachers should be fully qualified and experienced in working with children. They work with parents to discover the special needs of each child and make sure they are met. Teachers at Childtime Learning Centers must hold a degree in childhood education and make around $10 per hour.

Lead Teacher

This leadership role involves supervising and coordinating teachers and assistant teachers. Lead teachers need to be able to create interesting lesson plans based on the needs of all children. They use their previous experience to ensure all children are engaged and make around $11 per hour.

Center Director

These career professionals are responsible for overseeing operations at a single Childtime Learning Centers location. They organize regular meetings with teachers and parents as well as special activities. Also, they hire new employees when necessary and enroll new students in different classes.

Center directors need to hold a degree in business and should have childcare experience, and make around $40,000 per year.

childtime learning center application guide

Food Specialist

This role involves creating healthy and nutritious menus that are based on the school food budget. They need to have a good understanding of health and nutrition. The meals and snacks that are provided must follow school guidelines and individual dietary restrictions.

Food specialists also serve meals and snacks to children and teachers and perform inventory. It is necessary to have a friendly attitude and be able to work quickly and competently. Food specialists who have experience in the foodservice industry can make around $10 per hour.

Vehicle Driver

These professional drivers provide transportation between different educational facilities. While no previous experience is necessary, vehicle drivers need to hold full driver’s licenses. It is necessary to be able to safely operate company vans and buses.

Vehicle drivers work with childcare providers to ensure the safety of all passengers. The ideal candidate must be able to remain focused and calm under pressure. The starting salary is usually $9 per hour, which can rise to $12 per hour over time.

Additional Benefits of Working for Childtime Learning Centers

All Childtime Learning Centers employees are provided with vision and dental coverage and paid training. Eligible full-time professionals also receive medical coverage, basic life insurance, discounted childcare, and employee assistance programs.

Other benefits include paid time off, annual vacation days, and educational assistance.

How To Apply?

Your career at Childtime Learning Centers starts when you visit the company’s website. You will find a large number of vacancies in the careers section, which all come with full descriptions. You can also narrow the search by typing a location and job type in the search bars.

Once you have found the perfect job, you will be prompted to create an online profile. Simply type in your name and email address and click on the link in the confirmation email to complete the process. You can then upload your resume and a tailored cover letter or import your profile from LinkedIn.

Short screening phone interview…

Take the time to complete the Childtime Learning Centers application in as much detail as possible. A hiring manager will then review your profile and conduct a background check. If you make the grade, you will be given a short screening phone interview. If the call goes well, a time for an in-person interview will be arranged.

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Final Thoughts

Childtime Learning Center hiring managers actively seek candidates who have a good understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach to childcare. It is a good idea to research the approach and the learning center before the interview.

You should also show a genuine interest in working with children and helping them reach their full potential. It is also best to find out as much as possible about Childtime Learning Center before the interview. Make sure you dress to impress and keep your body language open and professional.

Preparing a few questions for the interviewer will show a genuine interest in working for the company.

All the very best with your Childtime Learning Center Online Application!

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