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Church Custodian Job Description

church custodian job description

Church custodian or church janitor’s responsibilities include taking care of the front areas of the church. You have to take charge of the basic repair needs around the church grounds and make sure they are properly cleaned. The custodian will also have the responsibility of cleaning the meeting places, offices, and bathrooms of the sanctuary. You also have to ensure that there is no litter around the church area and collect it to keep the church clean from litter.

the church custodian job description

Job Description – Church Custodian

For the job role as a Church Custodian, you have to be a proactive and effective employee of the church. You will be performing several duties as a church custodian and you need to have a proper understanding of the church equipment and clean and repair the basic structure around the church. You should respect all the religious beliefs of people and also ensure that the areas that are publically accessible to people are properly maintained and cleaned.

The custodian will also be responsible for all the minor damage, repairs, changing of the light bulbs, scrubbing the floor, and making sure everything is sanitized on a regular basis. You have to maintain the stock of the church essentials, such as paper towels, and other supplies needed by the team. You also have to maintain a list of the things needed by the church for special events and weddings.

A successful church custodian is responsible and respectful towards everyone and respects every religion. You have to be clean and maintain a well-organized schedule to work effectively on things to help maintain the cleanliness around the church premises. You will be performing cleaning tasks, but if you have knowledge of plumbing and electrical work, it will be a plus for many organizations.

Skills Required – Church Custodian

Working as a Church Custodian requires you to be respectful of your job and other people’s religious beliefs. You have to be skillful and you should have the ability to perform various tasks that include cleanliness and repairing the façade of the church. The custodian also has to maintain an excellently organized schedule to never miss out on any of their daily duties.

Job Responsibilities – Church Custodian

  • You have to maintain properly cleaned meeting places, washrooms, and other areas.
  • You will also have to maintain cleanliness in other places, like the kitchen, sanctuary, and meeting rooms, by sanitizing the things every time after they’ve been used by people.
  • The custodian also has to work with different teams and communicate with them about the cleanliness of all places.
  • You also have to talk to the team who stocks items to know if there’s any need for stocking the inventory.
  • You also have to take care of safety precautions when working with chemicals on the site by volunteers, plumbers, or mechanics.
  • The custodian also has to maintain other things, such as light bulbs and restocking bathroom supplies in all public places.
  • You also need to clean up after events and maintain a proper schedule during the time to ensure cleanliness.
  • You also have to stay positive and respect everyone visiting the church.
  • Submitting reports on new requests for equipment needed in the inventory

Job Requirements – Church Custodian

  • You need to have a high school diploma or any related certification.
  • You should also have custodial experience for the job of Church Custodian or you will be provided a training period before you get selected for the job.
  • The custodian also needs to have knowledge of the safety procedures and clearing techniques to ensure the safety of the volunteers working on the site.
  • You should also understand the right way to clean the space to consume less time and provide effective results.
  • You should also have the ability to lift at least 50 pounds whenever required.
  • The custodian will also have to go through proper drug screening.
  • You also need good communication skills.
  • You should also be able to adjust the shift timings as they will be flexible whenever required by the church.
  • The custodian should also have the motivation to work independently at times for the custodial services of the church.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What’s the role of a Church Custodian?

Ans. The role of a Church Custodian requires you to perform all the cleaning tasks and manage the public supplies around the church. You need to provide reports on new things that are needed by the church. Also, you will be performing maintenance on other things, like light bulbs and bathroom supplies.

2 Where to find jobs for the role of a Church Custodian?

Ans. To find a job as a Church Custodian, you can ask around your nearby churches. This will give you a better understanding of the job requirements. You can also run a Google search to find such jobs near your location. You can then apply for the jobs that fall under your skills.

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