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Cinnabon Application: Jobs & Careers Online

Are you thinking of applying for a job at Cinnabon?

This popular bakery chain was established in Georgia in 1985. Today, there are more than six hundred Cinnabon bakeries in the United States alone. New branches of Cinnabon are regularly opened to meet the ever-growing demand from customers. As a result, the company posts jobs for employees of all types on its website throughout the year.

The following information will help to give you the edge when completing your Cinnabon Application: Jobs & Careers Online process.

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Facts About Working At Cinnabon

You can start working at Cinnabon when you are sixteen years old. The company features a range of entry-level positions that are perfect for students to take on during weekends and evenings. The company’s bakeries are usually open every day of the week. Most employees start work between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm and finish between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

Most Cinnabon locations consist of kiosks in shopping malls and airports. In addition to the United States branches, Cinnabon bakeries can be found in more than forty other countries. Experienced employees who want to live in another country have the option of transferring to an international branch.

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Cinnabon Job Opportunities

The entry-level positions at Cinnabon come with paid training and the chance to advance through the company. Experienced career professionals are also needed to manage operations in bakeries and the company’s offices. Here are some of the main roles you can apply for at Cinnabon and the tasks that go with them.

Crew Member

These employees work in a Cinnabon location and are responsible for serving customers. Crew members provide information on menu items and receive payment for purchases. It is necessary to have basic math skills and excellent customer service skills.

This entry-level role comes with the choice of full-time and part-time hours. Crew members usually start at $9 per hour, which can increase over time. Crew members who excel can advance to the position of crew leader.

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Sanitation Specialist

This role involves making sure a Cinnabon location is clean, tidy, and sanitized at all times. Duties include cleaning break rooms, mopping floors, and cleaning restrooms. Sanitization specialists usually start at minimum wage and can make up to $9 per hour.


This role involves preparing the dough, batter, filling, and icing for Cinnabon baked goods. Bakers usually start work early in the morning to make sure products are ready when the bakery opens. They need to be able to follow company recipes exactly and weigh out ingredients accurately.

Other duties include baking cookies, bread, and pie crusts and decorating baked goods. Bakers also need to make sure that their workstations and equipment are clean and sanitized. The average salary for a Cinnabon baker is $10 per hour.

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Assistant Restaurant Manager

Assistant managers work closely with restaurant managers to make sure the location runs smoothly. They oversee food preparation tasks and make sure employees are fully trained. Assistant restaurant managers are familiar with all tasks and can take them on at any time.

When the manager is away, these employees need to step into the manager’s role. They must have strong leadership skills and experience in the food service industry. Assistant restaurant managers usually start at $11 per hour.

Restaurant Manager

These career professionals are responsible for overseeing a single Cinnabon location. They need to make sure all employees are fully trained and working to their full potential. This includes interviewing, hiring, and training new employees when necessary.

Restaurant managers also meet with customers and settle any issues that arise smoothly. They create payroll, inventory, and employee work schedules. On average, Cinnabon restaurant managers make around $40,000 per year.

Training Specialist

These professionals organize and lead workshops and seminars to train Cinnabon employees. The main aim is to make sure that employees of all levels have the necessary skills. It is necessary to hold a degree in a business-related field to do this job and have strong communication skills.

Field Marketing Managers

People who hold a degree in marketing and understand the foodservice industry can excel in this role. Field marketing managers travel to different Cinnabon bakeries and evaluate their marketing efforts. They then report back to the marketing team and help develop new marketing campaigns.

This role involves a lot of travel and the ability to communicate well. Field marketing managers also meet with Cinnabon customers and listen to their ideas for improvement. Experienced field marketing managers can make up to $60,000 per year.

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Additional Cinnabon Employee Benefits

All Cinnabon employees receive free uniforms, discounts on in-store purchases, and paid training. Most full-time employees also receive medical, dental, and vision plans and paid time off. Other potential benefits include access to company retirement plans, life insurance, and annual vacation days.

How To Apply?

When you are ready to fill out a Cinnabon application, visit the careers section of the company’s website. Click on the Cinnabon corporate or team members link to find out more. You can then click on the state in the link to access the available positions.

Now click on a job title to read the full description, including the required skills and abilities. Then click on the ‘Apply’ button and sign in by linking to your email account. If you choose to sign in with LinkedIn, your professional profile will be uploaded.

Speed up the process…

Take the time to complete all sections of the Cinnabon application and make sure the information is correct. After applying, a hiring manager will contact you within two weeks to arrange an interview. Directly contacting the hiring manager or getting an employee referral can speed up the application process.

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Final Thoughts

The interview process for entry-level candidates is usually fairly short and sweet. Cinnabon hiring managers look for strong customer service and teamwork skills.

Professional-level candidates may need to complete two interviews before receiving a job offer. Before the interview, check out the Cinnabon menu and pick out some of your favorite items. Be ready to talk about what you love about Cinnabon and what you think could be improved.

Prepare a few questions for the interviewer that show an interest in working for Cinnabon.

All the very best with your Cinnabon Online Application!

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