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Circle K Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Circle K, one of the leading gas station chains, operates at more than 3,000 domestic locations and more than 10,000 retail locations across the globe. The candidates looking to work at the gas station of the fuel industry can apply for various available vacant positions for full-time and part-time work capacities.

Please scroll down to know how to apply for a job title at this one of the prominent service station chains. You can also find out the work setting of Circle K, the job positions, benefits, and career advancement it offers to its employees.

Operational hours and work schedule at Circle K:

Circle K usually hires candidates with a minimum age of 18 to consider candidature. This gas station chain operates every day from Monday to Sunday for twenty-four hours each day.

Job prospects at Circle K:

The job seekers must go through the employment process carefully and express passion and interest to join the well-known gas station chain. Experience in customer services, sales, or the industry may increase the likeliness to get a job position at Circle K. The candidates without previous work experience may also find job roles at this gas station chain. Circle K often provides career growth opportunities and may increase salary with time and expertise for the eligible candidates.

The job positions available at Circle K:

Various job opportunities available at Circle K include Franchise Development Managers, Maintenance Technicians, Refrigeration Technicians, Inventory Auditors, and Financial Analysts. Circle K also offers job roles for Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, and Inventory Associates positions. Candidates may also apply for various other vacant positions at Circle K, including Customer Service Representative Leaders, Gas Station Attendants, and Customer Service Representatives. The readily available job titles at Circle K include the following:

Customer Service Representatives:

  • These representatives at Circle K are responsible for interacting with customers, organizing and cleaning station facilities and store shelves, completing transactions, and operating cash registers.
  • They should maintain attitude and work efficiently and quickly at Circle K’s gas chain locations.
  • Their pay scale begins with the minimum wage at Circle K and may rise with time and experience.


  • The management-level employees are responsible for maintaining profitable and organized retail outlets and connect with the customers.
  • They are also responsible for assisting customers, driving operations goals, reporting sales, ordering merchandise, setting shift schedules, and hiring employees.
  • This job role leads Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and Customer Service Representatives.
  • They get hired for both full-time and part-time capacities at Circle K.
  • Their starting salary at Circle K usually ‘initiates from $10.00 per hour.
  • Assistant Managers at Circle K often earn from $11.00 to $12.00 per hour.
  • Circle K’s Store Managers receive $30k to $40k while working for this gas station chain.

The online job application process of Circle K:

The online job application process of Circle K

The job seekers can go through the following guide and apply for a job role to work with Circle K.

  • The candidates should open the career portal of Circle K on the web browser and tap on the “Click here to start a new application” tab.
  • Explore the vacant job positions available at Circle K by entering your preferred state, city, ZIP code, store location, or job role in the search bar and tap on the “Search tab” to view the job listing.
  • Tap on the “Select” tab to submit your online job application for the preferred position at Circle K.
  • Scroll the page to tap on the “Next” tab after reading the complete instructions carefully.
  • Create your login information here and tap on the “Next” tab to fill in your profile details.
  • Candidates should tap on the “Save and Next” tab, complete the online job application process, and fill up the remaining fields to submit their job application for Circle K.

Checking job application status for Circle K:

The candidates are allowed to submit the online and in-person job application form to get a job position at Circle K. it usually takes around two to three weeks for the hiring managers to review the job applications. Circle K often contacts the potential candidates for scheduling the interview process within a week. The job applicants may call at Circle K’s location to know their employment status with the company. They can also send an e-mail to the hiring managers to get an update on their job applications. Candidates may also visit and meet Circle K’s hiring professionals in person to gain hope for hiring and impress them for their candidature with Circle K.

Benefits and perks while working at Circle K:

The fuel chain retailer is expanding its network across many countries of the world and aims to give it back to its workers as the job benefits, which includes as follows:

  • Circle K offers comprehensive job benefit programs and packages to eligible employees.
  • It also offers opportunities for future scope and competitive base pay to its employees.
  • Qualified workers at Circle K also receive life, medical, and dental insurance with 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • They also benefit from retail discounts, tuition assistance, and paid time off from Circle K.
  • The availability and eligibility criteria to avail benefits from Circle K may differ according to the franchise.

Additional details of Circle K:

Additional details of Circle K

Circle K’s retail outlets and gas stations provide amenities similar to various other extensive chains of the fueling station. Customers can buy fuel, automotive, travel, various household supplies, and drinks and food from Circle K fuel locations.

Many Circle K locations also provide in-house ATMs. Customers also get offered money-order services available at Circle K’s checkout counters. It also provides loadable gift cards to get denomination of any amount required by the customers. This service is one of the most-liked choices among Circle K’s customers.


The American chain of convenience stores, Circle K, has more than 8,000 gas chain locations across the world. The company owns more than 2,000 locations, and the remaining operated and owned independently. Candidates may note that the hiring process of independent Circle K locations may differ from each other. Therefore, candidates should carefully check the job application process before submitting it to get a job with this prominent gas station retail location. We have explained the step-by-step online job application form for Circle K that candidates can go through and apply for their desired job role to work at a gas chain location.

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