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City Market Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

city market application

Are you interested in working at City Market?

This prominent supermarket chain has stores in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. The supermarket boasts 38 locations in total, and there is a wide range of jobs to apply for.

City Market Application Online: Jobs & Career Info…

Many people start working at City Market straight out of high school, while there are numerous positions for college graduates. Working at City Market is an excellent way to launch your career as this supermarket chain has a good industry reputation.

So, let’s go through some tips on filling out the City Market application online and information about different job opportunities…

city market application

Facts About Working at City Market

You need to be eighteen years of age or more to work at City Market. The company’s operational hours are 7:00 to 23:00 daily. Entry-level workers are hired for a wide range of positions such as clerks, baggers, cashiers, and stockers.

There is also a great range of different shift patterns designed to suit both full-time and part-time staff. Entry-level employees usually work in a single department within the store.

Let’s now cover everything else you need to know about City Market Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

Job Opportunities at City Market

While there are numerous positions available for entry-level applicants, City Market values applicants with skills and experience.

There are plenty of opportunities for employees to receive additional training and advance within the company. So let’s take a good look at the most popular jobs at City Market, the associated duties, and the average salaries.

Grocery Stocker

This role mainly involves receiving shipments of groceries and placing them on the grocery store shelves. It is necessary to be reasonably physically fit to do this job and able to lift heavy produce. Grocery stockers often work shifts at night when the supermarket is closed.

Ideal for people starting out…

This is a popular entry-level job among recent high school graduates. Many college students also work as grocery stockers during the holidays. While the starting salary is $8, this is an excellent way to gain work experience and a valuable job reference.

the city market application guide


The role involves placing customers’ groceries in bags and carrying the bags to their vehicle if necessary. Baggers also need to return non-purchased products to the correct shelves and round up rogue shopping carts. This entry-level job typically pays between minimum wage and $8 per hour and is a good way to get work experience.


This role involves ringing up customers’ purchases and working closely with baggers. City Market cashiers need to be able to answer questions from customers and promote various services and products. You’ll also need to ensure that the checkout aisles are clean and tidy at all times.

Who is this for?

Cashiers need to be comfortable handling cash and processing a range of other payment methods. Strong customer service skills are essential, as well as a basic understanding of math. The starting salary for a cashier is usually minimum wage, which rises to $10 per hour with skill and experience.


All City Market stores feature onsite pharmacies that have to be run by pharmacy technicians. The entry-level salary for this job is typically $15 per hour, and part-time and full-time hours are available.

Are you a qualified pharmacist?

Fully qualified and experienced pharmacists are also hired on a full-time basis to manage the pharmacy departments. In addition to the necessary license, these pharmacists also need to possess specific business skills. With knowledge and experience, this position can pay at least $100,000 per year.


People who have their sights firmly set on working in management can start as department managers. This role typically pays $15 an hour and provides special training. However, with experience, department managers can advance to become store managers, which pays around $60,000 per year.

city market application guide

What’s involved?

City Market managers are basically responsible for making sure that the store runs smoothly and makes a profit. This includes a sizable range of tasks, from hiring and training new employees to creating work schedules.

Additional Benefits of Working at City Market

Employees at City Market receive an attractive benefits package, which includes medical, dental, and vision plans. Moreover, full-time employees receive basic life insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts. Other benefits and incentives include discounted gym memberships and flexible spending accounts.

How to Apply Online for a job at City Market?

Locate the career section on the City Market website and click on the job title you are interested in. Carefully read the job description in order to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements.

Top tips…

While no real qualifications are required for entry-level jobs, it is best to highlight skills and experience if possible. This is likely to result in a slightly higher starting salary. The hiring managers at City Market also look for candidates with a positive attitude who can handle flexible work schedules.

Application Status

In most cases, applicants receive notification within a week. You can check your application’s status by logging into the careers platform. If you have not heard anything in over a week, it is time to get proactive and make a polite inquiry by phone or email.

Preparing for Your City Market Interview

As with most companies, candidates who are timeous, well-presented, and adequately prepared for their interview are more likely to secure a job.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

If you’re applying for an entry-level position at City Market, you will be called in for an interview with the hiring manager. The interview consists of a single session and usually lasts for twenty minutes, after which an offer will be made. However, people who are applying for a management or specialized position are often required to complete several interviews.

It is crucial to make yourself stand out during the interview and leave a lasting impression. Hiring managers usually conduct several interviews on the same day, and it is easy to get overlooked. Therefore, make sure you prepare your interview questions and answers in advance and arrive at least ten minutes early.

All the very best for your interview.

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