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Claims Adjuster Job Description

Claims Adjuster Job Description

Claims Adjusters are professionals who investigate insurance claims on behalf of the insurance organization they work for. They inspect homes, offices, cars, and other vehicles. They ask relevant questions to the people who file the claim and also verify the purpose of the claim with a witness. The adjusters also assist the insurance organization to decide the insurance claim amount which should be paid to the claimant. Claim adjusters require in-depth knowledge about various insurance policies based on which claims are processed by an insurance company.

claims adjuster job description

Job Description – Claims Adjuster

All candidates who apply for the role of a claim adjuster should be diligent in their work. They should always be detail-oriented. They need excellent interpersonal skills. The adjusters also examine the various kind of damages caused to people as well as property. They ask relevant questions to different witnesses, the police force, and experts to understand the monetary sum of money which is due to the claimant.

Skills Required – Claims Adjuster

  • Claims adjusters must have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Claim adjusters also need quantitative skills.
  • They must also have exceptional investigation skills.
  • They should also have the ability to collate and verify sources of information collected for the claims.
  • The adjusters also compile the claim report.
  • They also submit documents related to the claim to the claim reviewer.
  • They also assure the claimant about the claim amount being processed.
  • The adjusters should also have strong analytical skills and math skills.

Job Responsibilities – Claims Adjuster

  • Responsible for investigations related to property damage or personal injuries.
  • Responsible to gather reliable information.
  • Claims adjusters are also responsible for preparing reports for the claim examiner.
  • Claim adjusters are also responsible to consult with lawyers, architects, engineers, and physicians.
  • They also list down investigations findings.
  • They also assist attorneys while they defend the insurance organization in contestation.

Job Requirements – Claims Adjuster

  • This is an entry-level job.
  • They should also have a high school diploma.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is also essential.
  • They should also work well with spreadsheet software.
  • They should also know how to use appraisal software.
  • The adjusters should also pay attention to detail.
  • They should have excellent verbal and written communication to work as a claim adjuster.
  • They should have excellent interpersonal skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a claim adjuster do?

Ans. Claim adjusters verify insurance claims, they inspect damages of property and personal injuries. They evaluate the monetary value an insurance company should pay to the claimant. They also gather relevant information from witnesses, police officers to understand more about the claim in a better way.

2 What are the core skills for a claim adjuster?


  • They should have relevant experience of working as a claim adjuster.
  • They need investigating skills.
  • The adjusters also require customer service skills.
  • They can investigate problems.
  • They handle claims well.
  • The adjusters can also manage property claims.

3 What is the central responsibility of a claim adjuster?

Ans. Claim adjusters ensure a fair amount is paid to the claimant for settlement of the insurance claim. They carry out a detailed investigation to process the claim promptly. They carry out detailed inspections and review the report submitted by the police. Their main role is to evaluate claims on behalf of the insurance organization.

4 What are the main duties of a claim adjuster?


  • They investigate the reasons for the damages caused.
  • They determine whether this kind of loss is covered in an insurance policy.
  • The adjusters also talk to property owners regarding the claim and the damage caused.
  • They gather information from police reports.
  • They also inspect the damage caused to properties, cars, etc.

5 How does a claim adjuster get appointed?

Ans. This is an entry-level position the claim adjuster is appointed by the insurance company through employee referrals, free job sites, or a career page on the official website of the insurance company. The company lists down skill sets and duties for a claim adjuster which lets applicants know what is expected from them as a claim adjuster.

6 Make a list of popular interview questions for a claim adjuster profile?


  • What do you know about the role of a claim adjuster?
  • What are your achievements as a claim adjuster?
  • Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for a claim adjuster role?
  • How will you assist the insurance company in the best possible way?

7 How does a claim adjuster help claimants?

Ans. A claim adjuster will ensure a fair amount is paid to the claimant for his respective insurance claim once all the paperwork related to the claim is in place. Claim Adjusters help claimants fairly and appropriately. They assist them to get the rightful amount from the insurance company.

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8 Why are claim adjusters a critical member of the insurance organization?

Ans.  They act as a bridge between insurance organizations and the claimants and ensure a proper settlement is carried out when they investigate the case and ensure all paperwork is in order.

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