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Claire’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Claire’s Application

Claire’s has 1900 store locations in the United States and it established 95% of shopping malls in America. Claire’s offers multiple job opportunities in fashion retail to entry-level employees. The entry-level candidates find both part-time and full-time employment through the online career portal of Claire’s. Claire’s offers many opportunities to the young workforce at the age of 16 years in fashion retail.

For all job applications, applicants need to submit their job applications through the online career portal. All kinds of professionals can find suitable job opportunities very easily and in simple terms. Claire’s is an opportunity for career-oriented men and women who want to explore various positions like shift leaders, assistant managers, and store managers. Having previous experience is not important for the jobs of sales associates. All crew members work in a flexible schedule and they earn standard pay by working in the organization.

Application Process for Claire’s

All applicants must apply through the online application form with contact information, work experience, and professional references. Applicants can have several questions to gain insights from hiring managers before they apply for any job position that they wish to apply for. Hiring managers use the application process to gain more knowledge about the applicant’s personality when they study the application process or conduct the interview.

Online Application

Applicants can submit all applications online after they research different job opportunities online. The applicants should create a personalized profile so that the website helps the applicants to submit resumes and cover letters to make the application process forward. Managers get one week to respond to shortlisted applications and find suitable candidates who are capable of getting hired in each of the vacancies.

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Applicants can visit the store during slow business hours to understand the working of the store and follow up regarding the application status. Applicants can also check the application status via phone. They can also politely speak to the managers in a polite tone to understand the application status for Claire’s.

Essential Requirements To Work for Claire’s

What is the minimum age to work for Claire’s?

The minimum age to work for Claire’s is 16 years.

What are the hours of operation to work for Claire’s?

The hours of operation to work for Claire’s are Monday to Saturday 10 am to 9 pm & Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.

List down the available positions at Claire’s?

The positions are Cashier, Sales Associate, Key Holder, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Retail Manager.

How will an applicant apply for a job position at Claire’s?

Applicants can either use the physical form to apply or apply online through the career portal.

Job Opportunities at Claire’s

This is a retail outlet which fills many jobs at the entry-level or store level. Every employee must have strong interpersonal skills and an aptitude to sell. The organization primarily hires only entry-level staff with previous work experience. A proper training program equips the applicants or employees with the necessary skill set to complete daily jobs. The crew members enjoy flexible working hours and industry pay which is standardized as per industry standards.

Career-oriented employees find opportunities as shift leaders or assistant managers and store managers. Managers can develop a great team and increase profits for the store. Managerial jobs have proper descriptions for jobs. They offer comprehensive benefits and store discounts for different career positions.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Sales Associate

  • The Sales Associate at Claire’s supports the management team to achieve sales goals.
  • They also provide exceptional customer service to customers.
  • They also resolve customer inquiries.
  • The sales associate also helps customers to locate products and make relevant recommendations related to products.
  • They also are responsible to ring purchases for customers.
  • Sales Associates also perform activities like ear piercings, stocking items on shelves, and organize the inventory in the store.

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  • They should also maintain clean store locations.
  • At the entry-level, the position also carries no formal hiring requirements.
  • Previous experience also acts as an added advantage for applicants who want to become a sales associate.
  • Applicants should start at the age of 16 years for this role.
  • They should know the latest fashion trends and demonstrate a friendly attitude towards customers.
  • The sales associates earn between 8 dollars to 9 dollars per hour.
  • They receive many comprehensive work benefits with salary options.

Key Holder

  • This is an entry-level position where key holders assist customers and organize the display of the stores.
  • Employees are also sales leaders in absence of the management.
  • They should also possess strong leadership abilities and a very courteous attitude to handle customers.
  • They earn an hourly pay of 8 dollars to 10 dollars.

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  • They are responsible for overseeing store operations daily.
  • They also implement selling strategies and analyze budgets and sales reports along with maintaining stock inventory.
  • The managers are also responsible to maintain work schedules for store associates and ensure store-wide customer satisfaction for regular customers.
  • They also train employees to succeed at work and process their salaries as well.
  • Managers also need to have college degrees as well.
  • They should also have retail experience to handle all requirements at the store.
  • Applicants also have skills like exceptional communication, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • They also have the problem-solving ability to resolve customer queries.
  • This position requires managers to work full-time and earn a salary between 20,000 dollars to 30,000 dollars.
  • Claire’s also provides paid time-off, merchandise discounts, and retirement plans.

Work Benefits

Claire’s offers good working conditions to all employees. They offer a competitive salary to full-time team members. Salaries help in supporting a livelihood properly. The fast-paced work environment or paid training programs help grow up the career ladder. The retirement plans are offered to tenured employees. Life and accidental death insurance are also offered.


Claire’s offers many work opportunities to the young and enthusiastic workforce. Numerous work benefits are offered for the benefit of the workforce to experience a steady career with Claire’s. All applicants can apply for various job opportunities through the online career portal easily by creating a good impression in the minds of the hiring team. Claire’s offers many opportunities for career advancement. Claire’s focuses on providing benefits like sick leave, holiday pay to existing employees along with health benefits and retirement options.

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