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Client Services Manager Job Description

client services manager job description

The role of a client services manager is pretty in demand not from today, but from the earlier times. Learn more about the role, key responsibilities, duties and responsibilities, job role, etc.

A client service manager, also commonly known as a customer care manager or a client relations manager, is an employee in most service companies that specifically look after operations such as dealing and resolving client queries.

They train potential client service personnel and also develop and plan comprehensive strategies that improve the overall quality of client and customer services. The refund orders pass through them, and they also excel in maintaining relationships with existing clients. A client services manager also brings in new clients that help prosper the company.

client services manager job description

Client Services Manager – Job Description

As a client service manager or a customer care manager, you should have the proper skills to talk to clients and build long-term relations with them. You need to be soft-spoken and courteous while explaining various points to the customers.

A client services manager will also need to record and update all sorts of deals done with clients, maintain client lists, improve and grow the existing client base by injecting new clients on board, improve policies that are both customer and company-friendly, recommend products that suit the requirements of the customers and train upcoming client services agents for better productivity.

A client services manager would also need to meet and report to the authorities regularly to update the client base built and report the sales that took place over a time interval. The way you perform and communicate with customers affects the customer base’s loyalty and improves the overall growth of the business or company.

For an organization to run smoothly and prosper over time, building a healthy relationship between clients and the service provider is crucial. A client services manager plays a pivotal role in making this relationship.

Client Services Manager – Skills Required

If you have to be successful as a client services manager, you should have extensive communication skills, have enough skills to work through demanding clients, and have a strong personality. In addition, your professionalism regarding the tackling of essential and complex clients counts in every step that you take.

You should have good decision-making skills to resolve the clients’ issues quickly and adequately, along with the grit to bring more clients on board and create exciting strategies to boost sales and organizational growth.

You shall also possess the skills of being a teacher and a trainer who can train the upcoming or current batch of client services agents or personnel.

Job Responsibilities

A client services manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop an effective medium of communication to connect clients and staff.
  • Keep the existing customer base strong.
  • A client services manager also runs through customer service workshops and training with customer service agents.
  • Keep a check on customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate with various departments to improve customer services.
  • A client services manager also promotes and advises clients about services and products based on their requirements.
  • Run surveys and create supporting reports to track client information.
  • Actively participate in marketing workshops to promote services better.
  • Finally, the client services manager also handles customer issues and deal with queries and requests from customers regarding troubleshooting.

Job Requirements

As a client services manager, the companies would expect the following educational and technical requirements from you:

  • A business degree or a proper qualification from a reputed institution or university.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Punctuality and capacity to meet sharp deadlines.
  • A client services manager should also be proficient in using a computer.
  • Solid and professional personality with calm and polite behavior.
  • Energetic, reliable, and motivated individual.
  • A client services manager should also have basic knowledge regarding business strategies.
  • Flexibility with locations and time.
  • A highly oriented individual to serve the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the minimum work experience required to be eligible to apply for this role?

Ans. The candidate needs to have at least an experience of 2+ years in the related field to increase their chances of getting hired. It also depends a lot on the company you are applying for, as they might have their criteria and needs.

2 Is the job of a client services manager very high-demanding?

Ans. Since there is cut-throat competition in the market, with new entrants now and then, companies are trying their best to retain their existing customers and get the new ones on board. Hence, the role of a client services manager is quite demanding as they are expected to be on their toes throughout.

3 What is the minimum qualification required for this role?

Ans. The candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a relevant field. A master’s degree is not mandatory but is undoubtedly a plus and helps the candidate’s chances to get hired.

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