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Collection Agent Job Description


Collection agents are likely to liaise between companies and patrons to collect debts and resolve all the outstanding balances. The responsibilities mainly include developing different payment plans and locating debtors to start the recovery process and negotiate payments. Therefore, these agents are also required to primarily negotiate debt payments.

They are also likely to be responsible for negotiating payments based on recoverable costs. The company hires these agents to collect debts from clients they owe money to. The main aim here is to help the debt holder understand the company’s collection process and agree on how the client would pay the company. It would also require excellent conflict resolution skills, and if you wish to become a collection agent, you don’t need to stress as you can get all details here.

When applying for a role of a collection agent, it is important to understand the job responsibilities, key roles, experience, and skillset beforehand. You can read the job description to be equipped with all of this beforehand.

collection agent job description

Job Description – Collection Agent

The companies mainly look for a dedicated collection agent to help them recover the outstanding balance from debtors. Under this role, primary duties are likely to include connecting with clients through telephone, negotiating plans with various debtors, and enacting payment plans that remove debt.

If you wish to become a successful collection agent, you need to have some experience with debt collection and knowledge about the fair debt collection FDCPA act.

You are also likely to be responsible for interacting with patrons directly to take debts and come with a plan to resolve outstanding amounts. Ideally, you need to help the company contact debtors, claim various outstanding balances towards creditors, and ensure that money owed is recovered within a given time frame.

Additionally, you need to keep an eye on the assigned accounts to learn about outstanding debts, come with a plan, take quick action to recover all the due payments, and find and contact debtors. You must also carry out routine activities like connecting with clients and using a phone to resolve the balance accounts.

You might also be saddled with the responsibility of negotiating and closing a debt in a way that might remove the obligations of clients and allow clients to manage debt. Lastly, you need also to keep all records of debts, including customer communications or even payment plans, using relevant resources. You must know how to use computer software to manage different consumer records and oversee various debt balances.

the collection agent job description

Skills Require – Collection Agent

To become a successful collection agent, you need to know to possess some vital skills. First, you must have excellent customer service skills to deal with clients or representatives of various agencies. Additionally, must work with different clients to resolve debts if payment plan or lump sum settlement amount.

Besides negotiation skills, you need to have persuasion skills to explain why it would be best for clients to pay off some debt. Lastly, it would help if you had some patience when dealing with patrons.

Job Responsibilities

  • We need to collaborate with on debt collection department and, of course, with Accounts, Sales, and the Legal Department.
  • They must also develop debt collection strategies and plans
  • The agents also need to adhere to the FDCPA throughout the debt collection process.
  • You also need to contact debtors through phone to enact and negotiate debt recovery.
  • They must also negotiate settlements to receive payment on a certain percentage of the debt.
  • They must also initiate the repossession legal proceedings if the recovery of the debt does not take place.

Job Requirements

  • The agent must have a debt collection certification or training.
  • You also need to be proficient in debt collection software, including ACE and CollectMax.
  • They should also have at least two years of experience in sales, customer service, or telemarketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Mention the core skills required to apply for the job role of a collection agent.

Ans. The role of a collection agent is quite technical. These individuals should also possess in-depth knowledge as well as FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act) experience. These individuals are also required to mitigate the financial losses and develop the right strategies to reverse this situation.

2 Mention the work experience required to become a collection agent.

Ans. More or less, the candidate needs to have a minimum of 2 years of experience, to be eligible to apply for the collection agent job role. However, the hiring team prefers candidates with more experience. This helps them do the job well without too much training.

3 What does a collection agent do?

Ans. In terms of the work performed, the collection agent will is required to talk to the customers, negotiate the payment plans with all the debtors, enactment of the payment plans which help in eliminating debts.

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