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Comcast Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Comcast Application

Comcast is a leading cable and internet access company based in the US. It offers important services which make a difference to the professional and personal lives of customers daily. This company helps customers to stay connected by hiring an attentive and committed workforce. Comcast hires a large number of employees to fill a wide variety of job roles in different areas which helps to succeed in business. The various job fields are sales, technology, and leadership along with a large number of workforces getting hired for operations. This cable company hires many people as call center employees, technicians, and corporate workers. The job seekers are diverse and find numerous jobs in various fields across the country. They get a chance to work in an environment that facilitates diversity at work. Comcast employs many employees at the corporate office and also creates many opportunities at the branch office.

Application Process for Comcast

Comcast career website plays a critical role in applicants applying for various positions online. The candidate creates a work profile on the official account of the Comcast career page. This facilitates the applicants to apply for multiple roles across the company. They also can log in anytime and post their application for different roles. All application forms may require certain attachments for accuracy and applicants may not require making any changes when they submit any documents online through the career portal.

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Application Status

Once the application is submitted, candidates can check the status of their application whether it has been processed or stands in the rejected list. In-process applications refer to the ongoing evaluation of potential applicants. Job seekers need to wait either 1 week or more before getting to know the final status. The company encourages non-selected applicants to continue applying for various positions until something matches their job requirements.

Essential requirements to work with Comcast:

What is the minimum age required to work at Comcast?

The minimum age required to work with an organization like Comcast is 18 years.

What are the hours of operation for Comcast?

Comcast would like its employees to work 24 hours round the clock and 7 days a week.

List down the available positions at Comcast?

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Field Technicians
  • Planning & Design Requisition Technician
  • Financial Analyst
  • Customer Loyalty Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Customer Care Manager
  • Installation Technician
  • HR Representative
  • Call Centre Representative
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Communication Technician
  • Retail Sales Representative

How will you apply for a job with Comcast?

Applicants can search for job opportunities online on the career portal of Comcast.

Job Opportunities with Comcast:

Job Opportunities

Comcast hires a large number of the workforce for various fields like sales, technology, and leadership. The company offers a large number of opportunities to call center workers, field technicians, and corporate professionals. The cable company facilitates many applicants to gain a livelihood across the country. The company also believes in creating diverse work environments for employees to get nurtured and grow professionally. Sales associates and customer care associates regularly conduct business calls via telephone to generate successful business leads via the call center. Field technicians resolve customer queries on-site. The company also associates enjoy lucrative pay, comprehensive programs on training, and various other benefits.

Customer Centricity

Selling products associated with media and technology and performing routine installations or maintenance activities. Comcast employees also work very closely with customers. Many positions require minimal qualification and provide complete training to the job applicants. The minimum age group hired is 18 years and also gets employed in various roles like retail associate, field technician, and customer care associate.

Career Positions at Comcast and Salary Information:

Retail Sales Associate:

  • They work in local stores and serve customers.
  • They are also well–versed with products and services offered by Comcast.
  • Retail associates also work closely to identify customer needs.
  • They also use different selling techniques to serve customers better.
  • The billing and pricing queries are also answered by the retail sales associate.
  • They earn 10 dollars to 11 dollars per hour.

Customer Service Associate:

  • These associates are working at the call center.
  • They also communicate over the phone and answer customer queries.
  • The entry-level jobs also involve handling customer calls and providing them basic troubleshooting services.
  • Comcast products and services require the associate to remain highly knowledgeable so that they can answer any customer query at a given time.
  • They earn 13 dollars to 14 dollars an hour.

Field Technicians:

  • Field technicians provide services at home and businesses.
  • Technicians ride company vehicles for transporting equipment from one location to another.
  • They require completing installation and maintenance duties from one place to another.
  • Field technicians also need a valid driving license and knowledge about the basic working of cable TV and the internet.
  • The hourly salary of field technicians is 17 dollars to 20 dollars and the annual salary is 40,000 dollars.

Work Benefits at Comcast:

Comcast offers cable and internet services that are free of cost to employees who reside in areas which is the customer base for Comcast. The other employee benefits include life and accidental insurance, also flexible spending accounts, and retirement plans with proper contribution and coverage of medical, dental, and vision benefits. The workers also qualify for employee stock exchange programs, reimbursement of tuition fees, and discounts on popular brands countrywide.

Additional Information for Comcast:

Additional Information

Comcast Corporation operates as a sister company for NBC University. This cable organization provides access to videos, the internet, and home phone services within the country. The available amenities generally involve digital television, high-speed internet, home security systems, and telephone services. The company denotes 9 million dollars every year to charity.


Comcast has a very simple online process that helps it to select the best talent in the job market which serves customers in the best way. Comcast also offers many career advancement opportunities to young and enthusiastic talent who can become a part of a successful workforce. The various work benefits offered also facilitates the employees to earn a sustainable livelihood. Comcast also offers various career opportunities from the entry-level to the managerial level for employees to experience steady career growth. Employees also do not sit idle and continuously look for better opportunities to enhance themselves on a personal and professional level. Comcast also hires call center employees with previous experience in a similar role in customer service.

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