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Comcast Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Comcast Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Thinking of working for Comcast but not sure what the company are all about?

Comcast competes to provide the best quality services for its customers and remains the second-largest TV company and internet service provider in the world. Their company values are accomplished by offering a unique and diverse portfolio of products for their customers.

The wide scope of services that Comcast offers enables the company to satisfy the versatile needs of its customers. The company achieves its mission by offering exclusive communication and entertainment technologies.

So, if you’d like to know more about the Comcast Mission and Vision Statement Analysis, just keep reading!

comcast mission and vision statement analysis

The History Of Comcast

Comcast Corporation describes itself as a family business and is the leading cable, communications, and entertainment provider in America. The company prides itself on being the second-largest broadcasting and cable television in the world by revenue.

They continue to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers. Since being founded 58 years ago, in 1963, Comcast has proven to be a driving force in the innovation of internet and connectivity technology.

Employees’ opinions are valued too!

Comcast is a perfect example of a company that puts customer care and satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities. This is reflected in their mission statement, which expresses the goal of connecting millions of people.

Comcast does not stop at customer satisfaction; it also strives towards being a company that is not only appealing to customers but also to its employees. As stated by Comcast Chairman & CEO Brian L. Roberts, ‘We want to make sure that everyone is heard and can make a difference. Maintaining that culture and supporting our employees is the most important job I have.’

This goes to show that Comcast is a company that truly wants to offer the best possible experience to the world, be it to customers or employees.

the comcast mission and vision statement analysis

Comcast Mission Statement

Comcast’s mission statement is ‘incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most.’

This mission statement clearly defines the core principles of the company, which is to ‘invent groundbreaking technology’ and produce ‘engaging content.’ The purpose of their mission, therefore, aims to connect digital consumers worldwide and highlights the company’s focus on staying ahead of the curve.

Giving inspiration too…

Comcast aims to inspire its consumers whilst constantly expanding its technological products and services multinationally, while continuously providing its customer base with new and exciting content.

The main goals of Comcast as a customer-centric company can be elaborated from the mission statement:


As described in this statement, ‘Comcast creates incredible technology’ for its customers- such as providing cutting-edge internet and cable solutions. One notable use of technology by Comcast is their employment of Artificial Intelligence to increase customer satisfaction and change the way consumers communicate.

The company also runs ‘Comcast Technology Solutions’, which is a platform intended to empower creators, streamers, and agencies to reach new audiences and scale their businesses.


Comcast aspires to ‘connect millions of people. This goal is achieved by its constant striving towards offering the best cable and internet connectivity solutions to the general public and other companies.

Various branches of Comcast aim to fulfill that promise, such as their product Xfinity, which is the leading telecommunications and connectivity company in America. Comcast constantly innovates and seeks new solutions for internet, cable, and wireless connectivity.

the comcast mission and the vision statement analysis


The company delivers the best entertainment options to customers by offering platforms like X1. This product provides the most extensive selection of entertainment in one product. It boasts thousands of choices, from aggregating live TV, to On Demand, and popular streaming apps.

The company continuously innovates its entertainment section, for example, Xfinity Flex, which offers award-winning voice remote control to provide the customer with a unique entertainment experience.


Comcast is a customer-centered company that seeks to empower those in need and enable everyone to participate in today’s society. This is best shown by the initiative ‘Project UP.’

This is a ‘comprehensive initiative to advance digital equity and help build a future of unlimited possibilities.’ It strives to connect and empower the community that Comcast serves, such as providing digital equity and offering learning opportunities.

Comcast Mission Statement History

The Comcast mission statement remains unchanged throughout 2020 and 2023.

Name Comcast Corporation

Industries served Telecommunications, Mass media, Entertainment

Geographic areas served Worldwide

Headquarters Philadelphia, U.S.

Current CEO Brian L. Roberts

Revenue (2020) $103.56 billion

Profit (2020) $10.53 billion

Employees (2020) 190,000

Comcast Vision Statement

Their vision statement is ‘seeking out new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices.’ Their integral vision is to provide people with the best communications products and services that ‘connect them to what’s important in their lives.

This statement exemplifies their commitment to stay on course and become one of the leaders of the digital future. The vision statement also highlights Comcast understanding their responsibilities to consumers: To provide ‘technology and tools that people need to connect and the rest of the world.’

The three main components

1 Seeking out new communications technology.

2 Continuing to provide people with communications products.

3 Connecting people with what is important to them.

These components are easily achieved by Comcast’s broad spectrum of products, services, and subsidies. It wants to make a global impact, which is shown by the worldwide presence that Comcast has built up over the decades, making it one of the biggest entities in the telecommunications space today.

The three components explained…

The first component is shown by its constant drive for innovation, like funding research into artificial intelligence or voice remote control. The second component points to their extensive record of providing communication solutions for customers for over 50 years.

The third component is shown by its impressive selection of entertainment and connectivity products, which continue to change people’s lives and the way they interact every day.

The Core Values

The main values of Comcast include ‘An entrepreneurial spirit, doing the right thing and acting with integrity, respect for each other, and giving back. These values express the ethical and entrepreneurial standards that Comcast holds itself up to.

Keeping these values in mind during the day-to-day business enables the company to keep customer satisfaction the highest and to strive for more success year after year.

Comcast’s core value commitments

1 Entrepreneurial spirit.

2 Doing the right thing.

3 Acting with integrity.

4 Giving back.

These values give us an idea about what internal direction is needed for a global company like Comcast to excel in its field and to improve the lives of people. The company has shown a strong commitment to upholding these values for the benefit of stake- and shareholders, the environment, and the people that Comcast serves.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The company continues to embrace forward-looking ideas and never ceases to question itself and its processes in the spirit of entrepreneurship. It never stops looking to expand on innovative concepts like artificial intelligence, voice remote control, or other ways of including people with physical limitations to enable them to connect with the world.

comcast mission and the vision statement analysis

Doing the right thing

The commitment of Comcast is not only to profit but rather to constantly question itself and its practices which are ethical and universal. The company releases a diligent yearly report on its impact on the world according to ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) guidelines.

Acting with integrity

The ethical practices of Comcast put it in a position where the company can not only benefit its customers and shareholders but also its employees. Comcast has proved this by ranking as ‘one of the 25 best companies to work for’.

It expects stellar ethical conduct from its employees. In return, this company rewards its workers with a highly cooperative and collaborative work environment where employees are truly recognized for the effort they put in.

Giving back

Project UP is Comcast’s initiative for giving back to the communities it serves. This people-centered enterprise is Comcast’s latest push to bring equality and fair opportunities to less fortunate communities.

It provides training, equity opportunities, and resources to people that need them the most. To help level the playing field and bring everyone together in the digital world.

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Final Thoughts

We can now see why Comcast is the second-largest TV company and internet service provider in the world. They pride themselves on providing the best quality services and going above and beyond.

The impact Comcast has on the world shows exactly this! The company actually releases a yearly report on its impact on the lives of others and their community.

These reports highlight Comcast’s effort and commitment to important issues such as ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ and Sustainability.

All the very best in your new career at Comcast!


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