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Companies that Hire for Online Social Work Jobs

Companies that Hire for Online Social Work Jobs

A job in social work can be an incredibly rewarding career choice. Sure, sometimes it’s tough, and you’ll be dealing with some difficult situations. But that feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone makes it all worth it.

Like many industries, the field of social work is moving online. We live in a digital age, and companies need to keep up with the times. Today there are more positions than ever available in online social care.

That’s why I decided to make an extensive list of companies that hire for online social work jobs. Check it out, and who knows?

You might just find your next dream role.

companies that hire for online social work jobs

Online Social Work And Healthcare Companies

DotCom Therapy


Roughly one child out of every six in America has some kind of developmental disorder. And in rural communities, that number goes up to one in five. Yet these smaller, isolated places are less likely to have access to decent mental care.

DotCom therapy recognizes the need for healthcare professionals everywhere and is dedicated to providing services to schools, communities, and families. Starting from humble roots in tiny Alaskan settlements, it’s now become a pioneer in the world of teletherapy. It’s a great company with which to continue your pediatric career in social care.

Jobs include:

  • School Psychologist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Mental Health Provider
  • School Speech-Language Pathologist

Open positions can be found here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Surely everyone has heard of Blue Cross Blue Shield? After all, it provides healthcare to more the 110 million people across America and Puerto Rico. This brand has been around since 1929 and has grown to be one of the largest insurance companies out there.

A role with Blue Cross Blue Shield comes with a whole host of employee benefits. Eligible staff members get a very competitive package, including paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, and medical coverage. If you’re looking for a company that knows how to take care of its staff, this could be the one for you.

Positions available include:

  • Consumer Service Associate
  • Nurse Care Manager
  • Licensed Utilization Review II/Sr
  • Registered Nurse

Open positions can be found here.



Humana is another insurance company committed to providing health and wellness solutions for its 16.6 million users. But it’s also committed to flexible working too. Humana recognizes that a rigid, structured way of working isn’t always the best.

That’s because it understands that a good employee is a happy employee. Staff at Humana have so much freedom when it comes to schedule and location. Plus, staff get a pretty awesome benefits package, too, with generous paid leave and tuition assistance.

Some roles available are:

  • Medicaid Field Manager
  • Counselor
  • Mental Health Technician

the companies that hire for online social work job

ProtoCall Services


Based out of Portland, Oregon, ProtoCall has been around since 1992. This behavioral health contact center offers a 24-hour hotline for those experiencing mental health issues. It also hosts a digital help platform designed to offer support to students struggling in college.

Do you want to make a difference? The ProtoCall services need you! And prepared to offer you handsome compensation for your time. A flexible schedule, student loan repayment assistance, and a matching 401K are just a few of the perks of a job with this company.

Some of the roles on offer:

  • Remote Crisis Counselor
  • Agile Product Owner
  • Sales Specialist

Open positions can be found here.



Betterhelp is one of the top companies that hire for online social work jobs. Especially because it is a 100% online organization. They provide therapists, social workers, and psychologists for people in need. And the best part is that all roles are fully customizable. You get to choose how much you work, where you work from, and even how much you charge.

This is more of a freelance working environment. But that doesn’t mean Betterlife doesn’t take care of its employees. You’ll have health, dental, and vision benefits, as well as help with handling billing and paperwork.

Jobs include:

  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Professional Counselor

Open positions can be found here.



AbleTo has a simple mission: make behavioral change therapy available to anyone who needs it. And the founder understands the importance of this as his ADHD wasn’t diagnosed until he was 37 years old. After diagnosis, he vowed to help prevent other people from suffering as he had for so many years.

Make a change… AbleTo has a huge team of specialists dedicated to helping those with mental health issues. They host both telephone and video-based sessions, ensuring the client can choose the method they are most comfortable with. And as neither of those options involves being face-to-face, it means that many of their employees can work remotely.

Positions may include:

  • Behavioral Coach
  • Licensed Therapist
  • Clinical Social Worker

Open positions can be found here.

company that hire for online social work jobs

Anthem Inc


Anthem Inc. is one of the largest health benefits companies in the United States. With more than 35,000 employees across all 50 states, it’s widely known as the country’s top not-for-profit healthcare organization. And good news! They have a huge range of online social work positions!

Anthem Inc. has seriously high standards. They’re well-trusted by their clients for a reason, so they expect great results from their employees. But, if you’re willing to put the work in, then it can be an awesome step up the ladder of your online social work career.

Some of the jobs available are:

  • Nurse Care Manager
  • Outpatient Primary Care Physician
  • Service Coordinator

Open positions can be found here.

Let’s Focus On School Psychology

With so many positions mentioned above, we couldn’t cover them all! So, we’ve decided to take a more in-depth look into psychological development in education.

Firstly, if you’re looking to improve your skills, we recommend reading up on School Psychology: Professional Issues and Practices, and of course, The School Psychologist’s Survival Guide, or even The Thriving School Psychologist: 4 Steps to Better Time Management, Lower Stress, and More, and School Psychology for the 21st Century.

Next, we also found these interesting reads such as the Introduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, or Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence, Educational Psychology, or Psychology for High School, and of course The School Psychology Supervisor’s Toolkit, and the Best Practices in School Psychology (4 Volumes).

Lastly, for help with your studies, you’ll need The School Psychologist’s Guide for the Praxis Exam, the PASS: Prepare, Assist, Survive, and Succeed: A Guide to PASSing the Praxis Exam in School Psychology, and for a great practical referencing tool is the Case Studies in School Psychology all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Many people are surprised to discover that social work can be done online. But the inclusion of online jobs in the industry has opened so many possibilities.

It’s taken social care to new heights, advancing the field in ways few could have imagined just a few short years ago. Not only is this great news for clients, but it’s also fantastic for employees as well!

OK, it takes a little getting used to. But once you’ve given it a try, you’re sure to love the newfound freedom that comes from working online.

So, happy job hunting, and thanks for caring, folks!

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