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Companies That Hire for Online Teaching Jobs

Companies That Hire for Online Teaching Jobs

Are you a qualified teacher or instructor hoping to work from home?

In these confusing times, more and more schools and individual students are looking for alternatives to the traditional on-site education system. And for teachers, that can be a huge plus.

Online teaching reduces your travel time and other downtime and allows you to control your own environment for both prep and contact time. But finding employment as an online teacher can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why I’ve put together this list of companies that hire for online teaching jobs.

So, let’s go through it and find a great employer that allows you to teach from the comfort of your home.

companies that hire for online teaching jobs

Companies That Hire for Online Teaching Jobs


Kaplan has been an active education company for over 80 years and is committed to academic excellence. They work in four core areas: K-12 programs, online higher education programs, test prep, and professional training/certification.

This company needs staff of all kinds, from administrators to IT support to content creators. But they also have a great need for teachers and tutors. That means there are plenty of jobs available to you. In addition to standard K-12 content, they also deliver language programs in French, German, Spanish, and of course, English. Career development programs include accounting, finance, insurance, IT, and much more.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Scrum Master
  • MCAT prep instructor
  • Real Estate instructor
  • LSAT prep instructor

companies that hire for online teaching job


This company blends education and momentum into both a name and a philosophy. They offer a wide range of services like Kaplan, including K-12 programs, interventions, and assessments. In fact, they partner with over 8000 school districts nationwide to support schools that need assistance and extra instruction.

You might be a K-12 teacher or a specialist with expertise in literacy, math, or other core skills, or an assessment whiz. There’s room for you at Edmentum.

Curriculum development opportunities…

Aside from teaching opportunities, you may also find yourself interested in working with curriculum development. This can help you bring your experience and expertise to bear. And the best part is that most of the jobs on offer are remote so you can work from home or wherever you’re comfortable!

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Virtual English Language Arts teacher
  • Health Sciences CTE Virtual Teacher
  • Virtual teacher for Health & P.E.

Stride Learning

Much like Kaplan and Edmentum, Stride Learning is an education company that both produces educational content products and provides instruction.

And just like those two companies, Stride Learning has an extensive K-12 program that has been active for over 20 years. This program involves providing schools with both specially tailored curriculum and teachers as necessary.

But that’s not all they do…

In addition to normal K-12 instruction, Stride offers programs for certification and career development. This can include courses in technology, health, and medical science, business, finance, and many other fields. So if you have expertise in an of these, you could find employment as an instructor rather than or in addition to K-12 classroom teaching.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Virtual Special Education teacher
  • Elementary General Education teacher
  • Virtual Math Intervention teacher
  • Virtual ELA Intervention teacher


Anyone who has ever worked in education or just been educated will have come across Pearson at some point or other. Pearson was founded an incredible 178 years ago and is considered as one of the best companies that hire for online teaching jobs.

At present, it is still going strong or, in fact, going stronger than ever. They’ve expanded from a publishing house to become one of the biggest education companies in the world and now have over 20,000 employees.

Teach globally…

While many of them are writers, developers, sales, and management staff, they also employ a surprising number of teachers. Pearson is now offering instruction in K-12 programs as well as college-level courses.

Their courses are certified within the various (over 70) countries they work in, so they can hire teachers and provide instruction at a huge range of levels to students all over the globe.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Statistics tutor
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • English Substitute teacher
  • Tutor in Functional Skills

Elevate K-12

I’m excited to tell you about the next company that hires for online teaching jobs. Elevate K-12 does exactly what its name suggests. It elevates the level of education in schools across the country by providing virtual teachers to K-12 classrooms in real-time.

They use a combination of technology and instructor expertise to get much-needed teachers into classrooms that otherwise might have to go without. For school districts that have a hard time attracting teachers, this can be a godsend. It’s also one of the best modern ways to get highly skilled, highly specific expertise into classrooms.

Part-time or full-time…

For teachers, this is a pretty solid employer. You can find full-time or part-time positions that allow you to take on as much or as little work as you need. You can also find work as a tutor to make up even more hours outside of traditional school hours.

Recent online teaching jobs include:


  • Basic Coding tutor
  • American Sign Language teacher
  • Computer Science teacher
  • Reading / ELA tutor
  • Math (algebra) tutor

the companies that hire for online teaching jobs

Purdue Global University

Purdue University in Indiana is one of the biggest colleges in the United States. With Purdue global University, they’ve managed to grow even bigger and offer online courses to students from all over the world.

In fact, this institution offers 175 full college-level accredited courses and has more in the works. They plan to move more of the university’s curriculum online in the coming years. And for teachers, that means more jobs available. So rather than tutoring or K-12 teaching, you could find yourself working in the academic world teaching undergraduate, Master’s, or even Ph.D. level courses online.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Sociology: assistant professor
  • Geology: assistant professor
  • Nursing: Ph.D. advisory board

Walden University

Walden is an online university that offers courses to over 7000 students in 145 countries. Founded in 1978, they expanded into the online education world heavily in 2013, and things have taken off since then. Walden offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in a wide range of subjects.

Since its beginning, Walden has been geared towards working adults gaining advanced degrees while still allowing them to work and stick to their normal schedules as much as possible. For that reason, they offer two different approaches to studying.

Self-study options…

Students can either follow traditional calendar-based courses with scheduled lectures to attend online. Or they can do most of their learning through self-study. That’s why they need both lecturers and academic tutors/assistants, and one or both of these roles may be just what you’re looking for.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Part-time faculty for Health & Education Promotion Ph.D. mentoring
  • Ph.D. Psychology Doctoral Committee
  • Mathematics faculty member

Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy represents a different sort of online teaching company. This is an IT education company specializing in teaching development skills, or the “full-stack” that web developers need to know.

Their courses are designed as intensive boot camps that teach theory and application simultaneously and give students immediate practical experience. They also offer preparatory courses for students who need to improve their skills before they can keep up with the intensity of a boot camp.

Skilled experts needed…

This company needs accredited and skilled experts to help provide instruction in everything from cyber security to coding to data analytics and a whole lot more. If this is your area of expertise, you will find lots of opportunities for both full-time and part-time teaching work from the comfort of home.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Cybersecurity lead instructor
  • Web Development instructor
  • Data Analytics mentor

the companies that hire for online teaching job

Bilingual Therapies

Here’s another company that has a real niche. Bilingual Therapies play a role in improving literacy and speech for bilingual students across the country. They do this by attracting and recruiting bilingual professionals who they can then match with schools or student populations that need the most care and attention.

Bilingual (or ESL) students struggle in school more than almost anyone as they have to navigate their way between two or more languages while still keeping up with a regular educations system.

Professional certifications are essential…

That’s where Bilingual Therapies comes in. They place professionals like speech therapists and pathologists with the students who really need their help. In this way, they can help students get on track and succeed in their normal academic lives.

While this isn’t for everyone, the positions they have can be intensely rewarding. You need professional certifications more than most positions, whether in speech pathology, education, or other areas.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Special Education teacher
  • Work-from-home Speech Therapist


Our last company for online teaching jobs is Study.com. This is an online education company, but what might not be so obvious is their unique way of providing educational content. Rather than live instruction, they use audio and video content to engage students and deliver instruction.

The range of topics available here is really impressive and extensive. And while most jobs with this company are for content development, there are quite a few video teaching jobs available, too.

Recent online teaching jobs include:

  • Physics online tutor
  • Math video creator
  • Chemistry online tutor

Other Ways to Find Online Teaching Jobs

Just because you want to work as an online teacher from the comfort of your own home, that doesn’t mean you have to work for a standard online education company. There are plenty of individual, one-off jobs out there that will allow you to teach from home. And if you want one, there can be hundreds of places to look. But here are some of the best options:


If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you should get yourself a profile pronto. This is the largest professional networking site in the world, and if you want to find jobs, it can help you do that. You can look through job postings for online teaching jobs here. But you can also make professional connections with past colleagues or employers who may be able to hook you up with great new opportunities.

Facebook for Jobs

It may be a surprise for many people, but Facebook has an extensive job board. It’s called Facebook for Jobs, and anyone with Facebook can use it. You can search for online teaching jobs through a huge collection of job postings. Just be aware that Facebook doesn’t do anything to screen these jobs or keep them up to date. You’ll also have to apply directly to the company or institution offering the position.

Google for Jobs

Google has also jumped into the job posting market and has even more postings than Facebook. That’s because Google for Jobs isn’t a job posting site at all. Instead, Google’s algorithms scrape the net to find current job postings everywhere.

The good news is that there are thousands of jobs out there. The bad news is that you may get too many returns and have a hard time choosing where to apply!

Additional Online Teaching Info And Advice

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Furthermore, we also found Online Teaching with Zoom, and Online Teaching at Its Best, or how about A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning, or The Online Teaching Survival Guide, as well as Small Teaching Online, and for adult learners Designing and Delivering Effective Online Instruction also available online in 2023.

Of course, if you’re not sure what kind of teacher you’d like to be, take a look at the various positions with my Childcare Teacher Job Description, Pre K Teacher Job Description, and Montessori Teacher Job Description, or how about my Teacher Job Description, and Teacher Assistant Job Description, and lastly my Special Education Teacher Interview Questions to help you decide.

Final Thoughts

If you want to teach online rather than in person, there are a surprising number of options for you. And they are increasing every day as the world continues to shift toward online education.

Whether you’re looking to work as a full-time K-12 teacher, a tutor, a college lecturer, or any type of specialist, there are jobs out there. And the best companies for online teaching offer competitive wages, benefits, and flexible hours as well as the opportunity to teach comfortably from your own home.

All the very best in finding an Online Teaching Job!

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