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Companies That Hire for Remote Accounting Jobs

Once upon a time, accounting jobs required you to commute to the office daily and work in a small cubicle alongside dozens of others doing the same thing. No longer!

Now, as technology has become more innovative and available, thousands of companies, small and large, understand that traditional workplaces are no longer always necessary nor even cost-efficient. Technological innovation has also meant that new, exciting industries have appeared almost overnight.

These new sectors require qualified and forward-thinking skilled individuals within the financial and accounting fields. And there are many interesting and progressive opportunities available through companies with remote accounting jobs.

companies that hire for remote accounting jobs

Advantages For Employers

Employees who work from home, of course, enjoy more flexibility and no long commutes to the office. They are bound to feel happier about this remote work-at-home set-up, but what about the employers?

Lower overhead costs, a larger talent pool, longer business days, higher productivity, and improved morale are just a few of the reasons companies may choose a remote work-from-home arrangement. You can take advantage of this new trend.

Which Types Of Companies Will Hire Me?

Many companies now have a wide global reach. Employees working in centralized offices are not always required. Instead, they can increasingly work remotely from the comfort of home. Some companies hire directly, while others outsource their hiring for remote accountants to recruiting and staffing specialists.

So, let’s take a look at a few examples to fire up your imagination and help you in deciding where to use your accounting skills next!

Highly skilled candidates…

Here are some companies in traditional finance and banking and also in healthcare, real estate, entertainment, tourism, and service industries. Whatever their product and goal, all these companies require highly skilled candidates for their accounting and financial needs.

companies that hire for remote accounting job

Traditional Finance And Banking

Citizens Bank

Founded in 1828 as a community bank, Citizens Bank is now the United States’ 13th-largest bank. It offers a wide range of traditional financial and banking services to varied clientele. Citizens Bank hires for remote jobs in accounting and finance, mortgage and real estate, and other associated areas.

It offers competitive salaries and great benefits to eligible associates. Some online remote accounting jobs offered by Citizens Bank have included Mortgage Loan Officer and Senior Conventional Underwriter.

Flagstar Bank

This bank offers customers full-service banking and has also become one of America’s largest mortgage loan providers. Flagstar Bank believes that “hard work is rewarding, and should be rewarded. It has many remote work possibilities in several career areas.

Accounting and finance, mortgage and real estate, customer service, business development, and project management. Some recent remote job postings with Flagstar Bank were Mortgage Loan Officer, Senior Conventional Underwriter, Team Lead Retail Processor, and Closer.

companies that hire for the remote accounting job

Lincoln Financial Group

They offer a range of financial services to individuals and businesses, including hybrid and 100% remote employment opportunities in career fields such as account management, accounting and finance, insurance, and IT.

Lincoln Financial hires for remote accounting jobs from skilled pools of experienced professionals, graduates, and students. Recently Lincoln Financial offered remote jobs, including Actuarial Analyst, Underwriting Director, National Accounts Group Underwriter, and Strategy and Analytics Manager.

Summit CPA Group

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, eighty percent of its clientele are small, out-of-state businesses. Summit CPA relies on qualified remote professionals to offer customized accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and Virtual CFO services. Positions include Senior Accountant, Audit Managers, Chief Financial Officer, and Tax Accountant.

United Health Group

This Group is a global healthcare company composed of United Healthcare, an insurance provider, and Optum. Offering information and technology-enabled health services. UnitedHealth Group hires for hybrid and 100% remote jobs in medical and healthcare finance and accounting.

The company offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees. Past listed remote jobs have included Consumer Protection Negotiator, Network Contract Manager, Associate Director of Network Pricing, and Revenue Cycle Associate Manager.

CVS Health

They are a leading provider of healthcare services and prescriptions. Responding to shifts in employment trends, CVS Health plans to combine in-office and remote work wherever possible. The company hires for remote account management and insurance positions.

CVS Health offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages for eligible associates. Remote jobs available can include Actuarial Consultant, Rebate Forecast Financial Advisor, Business Configuration Coordinator, and Growth Strategy Advisor.

the companies that hire for the remote accounting job

MGM Resorts International

This is a global entertainment company with national and international locations. MGM runs top-tier hotels and casinos, conference spaces, live entertainment, and a long list of culinary and nightlife venues around the world.

Recently listed remote accounting positions for MGM in the US include Accounting Services Associate, Accounting Services Director, Internal Auditor, and Fixed Assets Accounting Director. You must apply via the company website jobs page, though.

eXp Realty

This agent-owned realty brokerage is cloud-operated using the talents of “thousands of agents and staff across North America.” eXp Realty’s business model allows real estate agents and related professionals to collaborate. Offering remote accounting jobs in mortgages, finance, and business development.

Recent remote accounting jobs include Accounts Receivable Manager, Finance Director, Brokerage Operations, and Accounts Receivable Billing Coordinator.

Can I Send My Resume to a Work-From-Home Staffing And Recruiting Company?

I’ve looked at several companies in different sectors of the economy that hire directly for remote accounting jobs. Let’s now check out some of the country’s top recruiters and staffing companies that hire for remote accounting positions.

Aston Carter

Aston Carter is a large international recruitment and job-placement specialist offering a variety of flexible job opportunities across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Many of these opportunities are freelance remote jobs in accounting and finance.

Besides remote work opportunities with flexible hours, Aston Carter provides benefits to eligible associates. It has recently posted for remote positions such as Reinsurance Accountant, Accounts Payable Specialist, and Staff Accountant.


This is one of the largest staffing firms in the US and the second largest in the world. It provides its clients with temp, full-time, and remote professionals in over 38 countries. They offer opportunities for career growth and have posted flexible, remote finance and accounting jobs.

This includes several diverse sectors, such as engineering, healthcare, and IT. Recent remote accounting jobs include General Ledger Accountant, Director of Accounting, and Mortgage Originator.

the companies that hire for the remote accounting jobs

Robert Half International

Robert Half International is recognized as the “world’s first and largest specialized financial recruitment service.” Offering clients professional staffing and consulting services in many countries around the world. It focuses on financial and accounting recruitment in the technology, legal, creative, marketing, and administration sectors.

The company offers a comprehensive benefits package that can include medical coverage for eligible associates. Robert Half International has hired for remote accounting jobs such as Payroll Team Lead, Staff Accountant and Accounts Receivable Specialist, and Senior Accountant.

Accounting Principals

Accounting Principals is a recruitment agency that specializes in placing qualified professionals in accounting and finance positions around the United States. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company has over 70 offices across North America and also hires for remote accounting jobs.

Accounting Principals’ list of remote accounting jobs includes Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist and General Ledger Accountant, as well as roles in remote bookkeeping, payroll, cost accountancy, and financial analysis.

Supporting Strategies

This is a bookkeeping, accounting, and operational support firm with a team of professionals working remotely throughout the country. Supporting Strategies offers clients on-demand accounting services for small businesses. Services include accounts payable and expense management, payroll, budgeting, reporting, and analysis.

Often posted remote accounting jobs from Supporting Strategies include Bookkeeper, General Accountant, and Manager for Remote Accounting Services.

Licensing and Mobility Across States Lines

When researching positions in these and other companies, it’s important to keep in mind local CPA licensing regulations. In the past, with jobs being located often in local office environments, accountants needed only to pass licensing exams in the state in which they worked. Now it’s possible to work in accounting remotely in many states or locations at once.

When going ahead with your applications, you will need to be aware that rules on licensing can change from state to state. Most states have adopted what’s called mobility legislation. It’s an agreement between state boards that permits a licensed CPA to practice outside of his or her state without obtaining another license.

However, it’s best to research local licensing regulations for each state you wish to apply in.

Perhaps You Don’t Want To Work Remotely?

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, accounting and finance job options have changed and expanded dramatically in the last few years. In every sector of the economy, many companies are now hiring for remote accounting jobs.

More than just the traditional bookkeeper or tax auditor, a qualified accounting specialist who wants to work from home has all kinds of diverse opportunities available.

Some companies hire applicants directly, while others rely on staffing and recruitment specialists. Everything from full-time permanent positions to flexible and temporary part-time jobs is out there waiting to be filled by skilled candidates like you.

All the best in finding a Remote Accounting Job!

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