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Companies That Hire for Remote Admin Jobs

companies that hire for remote admin jobs

So, you have decided to become a virtual assistant, but who exactly hires remote administrators?

Well, you’re in luck! There are business owners out there that are desperate for your help. If you are new to remote admin work, you might be tempted to only apply for positions advertised on job board sites, but there are so many other opportunities out there!

So here are 10 Companies That Hire for Remote Admin Jobs; let’s take a look!

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companies that hire for remote admin job

What is A Remote Administrator?

A remote administrator or virtual assistant is someone who assists a business virtually from anywhere in the world. Many businesses do not want to hire full-time staff so use virtual support instead to manage things such as social media, research, managing calendars, and customer service.

What Types Of Companies Hire Remote Administrators?

The good news is all business types hire virtual assistants, from start-ups to corporations. This can include financial firms, dentists, marketing firms, and even physical stores; there is a high demand for outsourcing work to a virtual assistant. Solopreneurs such as authors, life coaches, and even those with small e-commerce shops have a need to outsource work as well.

Remote Admin Wages

As a freelancer, you can set your own wages. Most remote admin workers set an hourly rate; for US workers, this is typically between $10-$15 an hour. If you have more experience, a great skill set, or work for a larger organization, wages can go up to $20-$30 an hour!

Where Can You Find Remote Administrator Jobs?

Now you know that all types of businesses looking for remote administrators; where can you find these jobs? There are many different ways to find these positions; here are some examples of where to begin your search.

Job Sharing Sites

This is one of the most common ways companies share their remote admin positions. It can be more difficult to get hired this way as positions are competitive, but it is an excellent place to start. Examples of job-sharing sites include LinkedIn, Upwork, and Bark.

companies that hire for remote admin jobs

Social Networking Groups

This is possible through any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can use these platforms to build your relationships with people and businesses, this can take time, but usually, the pay-out is worth it. You can also use the search function on many of these platforms to look for job opportunities or posts that relate to remote admin work.

Networking Events

This may seem like the most time-consuming option listed; however, it reaps the most benefits and can speed up the whole process. Networking events may be difficult to find, and you may find it anxiety-inducing to turn up alone and put yourself out there, but there is no faster way to build up a rapport with potential clients.

You can have a look for events near you at your local Chamber of Commerce or meetup.com.

Word of Mouth

You may want to work virtually, but one of the best ways to make connections with potential clients is in real life. By telling people what you do, you can extend your network and potential be referred to other people through your connections. It is a fast and free way to get clients!

Companies That Hire For Remote Admin Jobs

If going out and finding your own clients seems like a daunting task, then have a look at these ten companies that offer remote admin opportunities!


Vicky is a website that allows businesses to outsource phone call duties to remote admin workers. To qualify on Vicky, you must have a reliable computer, stable internet, good organization skills, plus the ability to type at 50 words per minute. You will also be expected to have a good attitude and telephone manners. The expected pay is approximately $10 per hour.

Connect Women

This is a website that helps to connect women entrepreneurs with remote admin workers. Jobs range from classic admin work, customer service, and editing. You will work directly with your client and will be paid monthly. The website is dedicated to Philippine remote workers, but it is open to anyone around the world; they also offer training to improve your skills.

company that hire for remote admin job

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a platform that specializes in pairing remote admin workers with small business owners. You will need good communication skills, the ability to multi-task, and be resourceful and trustworthy.

The platform prides itself on its competitive prices, and you can expect to be paid around $10-$12 per hour. If you can speak multiple languages, that is a huge plus on this site as they work globally. Additionally, you can expect 20-120 hours a month of work.


Delegate is a platform that aims to connect remote admin workers with entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource tasks associated with their businesses. To apply, you must be based in the US, have a college degree, and have five years of experience working for online businesses.

This may seem like a lot of requirements, but that is because virtual assistants get paid $16 an hour on Delegate. As a remote admin worker for Delegate, you will provide front office, back office, and personal support to entrepreneurs, so the tasks assigned to you can be very varied.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands offer administration assistant to individuals who need to outsource tasks as well as business owners looking to outsource tasks. The company considers itself the fasted and most affordable service in the US.

You will need strong communication skills and a reliable computer and internet connection to apply here. Wages are lower on this platform ranging from $3- $7 an hour, but you can set your own schedule, so it is an excellent option for those who have prior commitments.

99 Dollars Social

99 Dollars Social offer a social media geared service to businesses and entrepreneurs at a low price point. The business owner or entrepreneur is charged a fee from the platform on a monthly basis to maintain their social media presence.

You will be required to have a good knowledge of all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to complete one week of training before you take on the account, be creative, and have strong writing and proofreading skills. The hourly rate for this platform is $12.50.


Remote is an online job board that companies can post on to advertise remote worker positions. You can filter, specify criteria and search through positions to find the one that suits you the most. This allows you to search for remote admin jobs across multiple companies and for beginner positions. Wages range from $10-$15 per hour.

company that hire for remote admin jobs


Gabbyville specializes in virtual receptionists. You can expect to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and take detailed messages for companies in accounting, healthcare, construction, and even entertainment. They work in both English and Spanish, and pay ranges from $10-$15 an hour.

Zirtual Assistant

This platform links entrepreneurs and small business owners with college-educated, US-based remote admin workers. The clients are charged a monthly fee to use the service.

The application process for this platform is more intense than those previously listed, and applicants must have previous experience in an administration role; however, you can earn from $12 to $20 per hour depending on the client. Additionally, if you stay with Zirtual Assistant for over six months, you can earn a higher wage!

Virtual Gal Friday

Virtual Gal Friday was established in 1998 by Nancy Brown as a solo virtual assistant business. It has since expanded into a remote work platform with clients all across the US.

It offers benefits and guaranteed work to those who join, and wages depend on your skills but are typically from $5 up to $20 an hour; those working on larger projects have the potential to earn much more.

Red Flags

Working virtually can leave you open to potential scammers. So, here are some tips to make sure you do not get taken advantage of…

Never invest in a specific software for a client

Many scammers may promise you will be reimbursed for this payment, but a genuine client will supply all the tools you need to complete the task free of charge.

If the money seems too good to be true, it probably is

Obtaining a legit high-paying job as a beginner is very uncommon so if you want to proceed, do so with caution.

Shipping unknown packages

The items could be potentially illegal, and you may find yourself in trouble with the law.

Remote Jobs Still Need Resumes!

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Next, it’s time to get noticed with a great CV or resume, and online books are well worth reading! I particularly recommend CVs, Resumes, and LinkedIn, Marketing Yourself in the Age of Digital, the English for Academic CVs, Resumes, and Online Profiles, ane the excellent, Land Your Dream Job: Join the 2% Who Make it Past Resumé Screening.

It’s also worth checking out Optimize Your Resume, the Resume Formats book, Resume Writing: 10 Ridiculously Simple Tips, and How to Write an Amazing IT Resume to make sure your resume gets the job done!

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Final Thoughts

If you would like to create your own work schedule and work virtually, then becoming a remote admin worker may just be the position for you! Whether you are just beginning your remote admin journey or have many years of experience, there is a company out there that will suit you!

All the very best in getting a Remote Admin Job!

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