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Companies That Hire for Remote Health Coach Jobs

Companies That Hire for Remote Health Coach Jobs

The US has a growing population with ever-greater access to health care. With this trend, we see Remote Health Coaching becoming more popular and now possible as a career. People are increasingly making their health and wellness a priority and are looking to make lasting lifestyle changes at a personal level, wanting to live healthier, more active, and happy lives.

For many companies and organizations, employee health, wellness, and happiness are also now a priority. Several CDC studies point to improved productivity and job satisfaction because of employer-initiated wellness programs.

Large organizations may hire Remote Health coaches directly, while others use staffing solution companies or other health-related resources to offer programs for employees.

Therefore I decided to compile a list below of companies that hire for remote health coach jobs.

companies that hire for remote health coach jobs

What Does A Remote Health Coach Do?

A Health coach offers support and accountability to clients in making lasting holistic changes in their approach to well-being and leading healthy lifestyles.

Remote Health Coaches can now easily use various technology solutions to meet and consult with clients online. Working remotely gives both you and the client a lot of flexibility.

By discussing a client’s vision for wellness, a Health Coach determines current health conditions, specific motivations for making changes, and previous successes and challenges. With your clients’ needs and strengths in mind, you will build a personalized plan that fits your client’s day-to-day routine and assist them in reaching their goals.

Depending on the client’s needs, your plan will be designed to empower increased physical activity and mobility, manage chronic conditions, deal with stress, lose weight, eat healthier, or give up smoking or other unwanted habits.

Who Can Be a Health Coach?

Health Coaches come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including exercise trainers, physiologists, dietitians, public health, and nurses. And while formal training in these professions is not required, solid, quality training in coaching is recommended.

It takes practical knowledge, understanding technique, and superb communication skills to help clients succeed in their wellness goals. One certification program that will allow you to pursue credentials is available from National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). As with any profession, having the appropriate skills and know-how really will help your career in remote health coaching as well as your clients.

Where Can I Find a Job?

Simply go through the companies below to find some excellent career opportunities…


98point6 is a paid app for Android and Apple which gives access to a text-based virtual primary care clinic. U.S. board-certified physicians can diagnose, treat, prescribe, order labs, and follow up with patients 24/7 via the AI-powered, text-based mobile platform. Innovative collaboration and connection with Remote Coaches and other health professionals allow the 98point6 to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs include Behavior Change Coach, Primary Care.

company that hire for remote health coach jobs


Calm is a web development and application company. They develop various digital products that seek to enhance mental fitness, promote mindfulness and meditation, and help individuals with health issues like insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Their flagship app for Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation, with over 100 million downloads, has been awarded high marks by both Google and Apple.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs include Behavioral Health Coach.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a well-known leading healthcare company that operates several divisions, including drug prescription benefits, retail pharmacy, health insurance, and medical facilities and services. Various branches of the company require remote workers to serve its clients, including health coaches and other professionals.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs include Health Coach Consultant and Health Coach Nurse Consultant–Registered Nurse.

Fruit Street Health

In partnership with the CDC, Fruit Street Health offers a digital health and diabetes prevention program. The company’s diabetes prevention and weight-loss program include remote professionals who deliver live videoconferencing and telehealth forums.

The forums and coaching sessions cover a wide range of health and wellness topics to assist participants in controlling weight and reducing the chances of onset of type 2 diabetes.

Recent Jobs in Remote Health include Registered Dietitian Lifestyle Coach.

company that hire for remote health coach job

Hinge Health

The company offers in-home digital musculoskeletal (MSK) therapy programs. Its programs cover early stage prevention, acute and chronic pain management, and physical rehabilitation.

Hinge Health uses professional remote coaches and innovative software and equipment which measure strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. The coach tailors personal physical therapy exercise plans to the needs of clientele, helping them to experience a reduction in chronic pain, opioid use, and avoiding surgery.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs:

  • Digital Health Coach
  • Director of Health Coach Strategy
  • Digital Health Coach, Spanish Speaking


Kraken is a Cryptocurrency-exchange app with associates working remotely around the world at tech-based jobs. The company wants to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of its workforce. It needs remote health and wellness pros to design, implement and maintain a world-class company wellness program and make it possible to achieve its employee health goals.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs:

  • Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer
  • Nutritionist

Lyra Health

Lyra’s mission is to provide access to effective, high-quality mental health care for the employees of their client companies. Using its innovative digital care platform, Lyra works together with companies large and small, including Fortune 500 companies such as Morgan Stanley, Uber, Amgen, to promote emotional health at work and at home.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs include Emotional Wellness Coach.

Ontrak, Inc.

Ontrak, Inc. offers an evidence-based analytical approach, helping people with unaddressed behavioral health conditions as well as chronic disease to improve their health and reduce medical expenses.

Using cutting-edge predictive modeling services, the program identifies participants’ values, goals, needs, abilities, and barriers to wellness. With a focus on personalized therapist support and treatment, and remote coach-enabled care, the company endeavors to improve patient outcomes by promoting and reinforcing long-term holistic wellness.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs:

  • Bilingual Nutrition Specialist Coach
  • Bilingual Care Coach

the companies that hire for remote health coach job

Weight Watchers International

Weight Watchers is a very well-known brand that has moved beyond just identifying weight-loss concerns and dieting. The WW program is focused on encouraging healthy living and promoting overall well-being, which includes taking a holistic approach, and using recent protocol and techniques in behavioral economics, clinical research, nutrition, and exercise science.

The program offers many Remote Health Coach opportunities, including personalizing your own profile in their coach gallery pages.

Recent Remote Health Coach jobs:

  • Virtual Workshop Coach
  • Community Support

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An Opportunity To Help Change Lives

Remote work is increasing in every sector around the globe, especially the Healthcare and wellness industry. People still really like the personal touch and to know they are cared for and supported by real people with real skills.

If empowering people to live healthier lives is the type of job you are looking for, and you want to take advantage of the flexibility to work from home on your own terms, then a remote health coach job just might be the perfect career move.

We wish you all the best in your new remote healthcare career!

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